Reviews for My Friend Who Became My Girlfriend
Solaquil chapter 17 . 9/18
I really enjoyed the fic, hope too see more of it in the future :)
Mr. Mrs. MDF chapter 17 . 7/26
Good, Kodaka, please struggle even more. Sena having a haircut might be hard to picture, I just hope she doesn't, ever. Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to the next chapter.
Delirium1015 chapter 16 . 6/4
Just want to encourage you to keep writing this. I'm really enjoying it so far! Don't abandon this like most of your other stories please!

Aside from that, I really like your use of writing techniques!
ItsEizanAgain chapter 13 . 5/8
pfftt come on where are you now D:
Ai Mamoru chapter 16 . 5/2
Thanks for coming back to the story! Still like it
XiiiKakashi chapter 16 . 4/18
Yo keep this story updating. It's amazing my dude
Killer Words chapter 16 . 4/11
I only just got done with the anime and was left wanting more of this series, and you sir helped with that. Honestly your additions to the story help keep it fresh. I currently have a few questions though. Like if yazora didn't get her hair burnt, will she still cut it? Will sena cut hers? Will the marriage contract be brought up soon and if so, without the reveal of sora and taka, how will that effect the dynamic? What role will jun play in all this? Will the pairing change if she is well received? Please don't take so long to update again
Guest chapter 16 . 4/8
It's been a month D:
DDXIII chapter 16 . 4/10
Pls finish, Just when I have finished the series
jordanlink7856 chapter 1 . 3/16
Your wordplay is amazing.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/15
My god this gets you right in the feels
.cant wait for the next chapter
Setusna chapter 16 . 3/15
Praise this almighty author for coming back from the depths of hell after three years! Hear ye hear ye!
HiragaSaito16 chapter 16 . 3/13
Good thing you didn't drop it. As you said there is lots of hidden potential in the story.
But three years, man. That's a long long time you know? Well I hope you will update the story frequently from now on.
ItsEizanAgain chapter 16 . 3/11
Super Kamehameha chapter 16 . 3/9
and here I thought you dropped this. So glad you didn't :)
Fantastically written chapter. Loved that Jan at the LN ending.
The way you characterize Kodaka's inner thoughts is incredible if you ask me. I love it. I love this story. I'm inclined to reread from the beginning too.
Hope the next chapter comes soon!
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