Reviews for Power Rangers: The New Team
Michelle the Editor chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Name: Isaac Jackson

Age: 17

Personality: Antisocial, determined, rule-oriented. He is borderline obsessed with stopping the bad guys.

Bio: The youngest in a family of five, his father introduced him to martial arts, and Isaac proceeded to pursue every possible teacher he could find to train.

Outfit: T-shirts and jeans, sometimes a sweatervest, likes earth tones.

Animal Spirit: Osprey

Ranger Color: White

Weapons: Throwing hatchets

Why they want to become a Ranger: To stop the bad guys, plus he thinks he's qualified, possibly even the only one qualified.

Want to be paired: Yes, though it'll take some time for him to warm up to anybody.

Other info: He's Native American, and you can be as rough as you want with him - even kill him off if it makes the story better (though I would like a heads up if you decide to be that drastic).

While Animal-only teams are a slightly over-used theme, and I have no idea what your writing is like, I'm hopeful. Whether Isaac is accepted or not, happy writing!
Lieutenant Pisces chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
Name (first and last): Jose Carranzas

Age: 17

Personality: Quiet, stoic, somewhat anti-social, strategic, and silent.

Bio: He was raised in a family that was a filled with people that were office people that rarely interacted with co-workers. His father was always bullied when he was a child so he always told his son to stay away from everyone. His mother always tried to tell him that the only way to survive in the world was to make very few friends and he will be successful. However he figured that his parents feared for his safety so oftentimes he would sneak out of his house and just hang out on the roof and look at the stars. He would still stay away from all the people at school, but he would oftentimes sneak out of school and use parkour skills that he learned from a documentary he ordered online to reach the roof of the school and just stay there and look at the view alone.

Outfit: A dark green polo shirt, dark blue jeans, a black hoodie jacket, a dark green beanie, black rimmed glasses, black tennis shoes.

Animal spirit: Snake

Ranger Color: Green

Weapons: Twin Swords

Why they want to become a ranger: He wants to be a ranger to show that he can be a hero, and to prove to himself that he will not end up being shut ins from society like his parents.

Want to be paired: Yep

Other info: Pretty good at parkour, dark tan skin, sometimes sneaks off to a high place at night just to look at the stars or the lights in the city, and never takes off his beanie
LexysK23 chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Name: Tyler Jones

Age: 17

Personality: Fun loving comedian. Loves to help those in need.

Bio: Tight knit family.

Outfit: Black shirt with dark jeans. Black Nikes.

Animal Spirit: Wolf

Ranger Color: Black

Weapon: sword

Why they want to become a ranger: Its an oppurtunity to help others and the ones he loves.

Want to be paired: yes

Other info: he has hazel eyes, and light brown, messy hair.
youlitupmyworld chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Hey :) I dunno if you're still doing this, but if so, here's an OC

Name Alena Oakland

Age: 16

Personality: Determined, slow to trust, funny

Bio: Alena grew up with her dad, and knew nothing of her mother. She also has a brother, Dylan, who is two years older. She gets good grades, and tries her hardest in almost everything she does. She is a guitarist, but not one of those Taylor Swift guitarists. She plays hard rock, fast riffs, and loves to challenge herself with it. If she's got free time, she's playing guitar. She has brown hair, and bright green eyes.

Outfit: not really sure what you mean by this.. But I guess it could have an outline of their animal spirit somewhere, maybe on the shoulders.

Animal spirit: Lioness

Ranger Color: yellow

Weapons: bow & arrow

Why they want to become a ranger: she wants to help people, more than anything.

Want to be paired: hmm... If there is a guy that's also interested in music, him. if not, you can choose whoever

Other info: nope :)
RavenOfLiterature chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Name: Elizabeth Lopez

Age: 17

Personality: Clever, Nerdy, Quiet, Caring, Shy

Bio: Elizabeth comes from a strict family of lawyers. She has strict rules to follow and gets grounded if they are broken. She is very academic and loves Reading.

Outfit: Black skirt, purple all star converse, violet cardigan black tank top

Animal Spirit: Fox

Ranger Colour: Purple

Weapons: Night Daggers

Why: Wants to protect the Earth and make sure it has freedom it deserves

Want to be paired: Yes please

Other info: Her appearence is .
Keybladeauraofpie chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Name: Tia Lupen

Age: 16

Personality: Perky and Loony at times but can be serious when the time calls for it

Bio: Tia was born and was soon abandoned because her parent's didn't want her so she went in and out of Foster Families who all didn't wanter for her hyperactiveness

Outfit: A poofy Red skirt a pink t-shirt that looks like paint is splattered all over it and grey sneakers

Animal spirit: Lion

Ranger Color: Red

Weapons: Whip

Why they want to become a ranger: To prove herself to the world

Want to be paired: yes

Other info:
KnownAs-Eleanor chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
Name: MacKayla Madison

Age: 16

Personality: MacKayla can be stuck at times, due to the way her rich parents had raised her, but usually she is sweet and has a good heart.

Bio: Rich parents, three older brothers. (Haha! I hope that is what you mean. If not PM me)

Outfit: Usually a flowery yellow shirt and shorts (Wheb weather is nice) but will wear jeans.

Animal spirit: Horse

Ranger Color: Yellow

Weapons: Blaster

Why they wanted to become a ranger: Because she feels like she needs to help someone.

Want to be paired: Sure

Other info: No