Reviews for Sora D Moto
LOLLYPOP chapter 4 . 12/28/2011
Was to lazy to log in. anyways...AMAZING STORY! Have you ever thought of getting a beta? They help alot!

Epic chapter 3 . 12/27/2011
This story is awesome though this chap was short it was intresting

Also practice your puzzels im stil a little confused

Cant wait for update
Lei27 chapter 3 . 12/27/2011
Grammar and spelling need a little work, but other than that, good job. Alright, here's my OC:

Name: Emily Irene Knight

Preferred name: Ly (pronounced Lee/Lea)

Wanted poster name (i forgot what it's called..): Widow (as in the spider, the Black Widow)

Age: 15

Height: 5 foot 3

Appearance: Hair: Waist length ponytail and chin length bangs swept to the right, wavy, dirty gold blond with 4 inches of natural electric blue at the bottom

Eyes: Ashy gray-navy blue with yellow around the pupils

Body: Thin, but not too thin, fairly muscled (for a girl; mostly in the legs), medium-sized bust, lightly tanned skin, a few scattered scars. Has a red "Black Widow" hourglass tattoo on her stomach, four ear piercings (in each ear: three at the top, one in the lobe) a lip piercing, and a nose piercing

Clothing: She normally wears an electric blue 3/4 length sleeve shirt, a silver-white unbuttoned vest, dark blue jeans, black 2 inch heel ankle boots, black fingerless gloves, a black choker, and her thin, tan rounded rectangular glasses

Powers: ate the "hair hair" Devil Fruit, so she can now use her hair like a part of her body, make it grow longer or shorter, changer color, and even harden it. When fighting, she ties knives to the ends of her hair

Fighting style: Using her Devil Fruit powers, Ly grows her hair to extremely long lengths, and uses eight spider leg-like buches to lift herself, the rest of it to fight, along with using her sword.

Weapon: A sword with a silver-blue blade and an elegant pale silver guard with scattered sapphires

Why shes called Widow: When she got her powers, she became a vigilante, taking down evil pirates and corrupt military officers (captain or not). She only does it at night, and shortens her hair to shoulder legth and turns it black. She also changes into a black, red-lined, midriff, v-neck tanktop, black denim shorts, a black bandana on her head, sunglasses (to hide her eyes) and dark red sandals. She also puts in a silver ring in her lip, a black studs in her nose and ear lobes, and dark red hoops in the tops of her ears. Her fighting style and tattoo earned her the title Black Widow, Widow for short

Personality: Ly is a fun loving, mostly calm, perverse, cheerful, sometimes hot headed, tomboyish, outspoken, foul mouthed, mischievous, and kind prankster who loves adventure, is extremely loyal to her friends, and can be quite silly and child like (on the outside, that is). She loves to fight, sing, dance, read, explore, and write. She isn't very trusting at first, tending to come off as a snarky, cold, and mean spirited loner at first, but get to know her, and she'll show ya her true colors.

History: Ly was a fairly normal child with a younger twin and a little brother until last year, when she-litterally-stumbled upon the hair hair devil fruit and accidentally ate it. Afterwards, a corrupt military captain took control of her home island, and took the children of families who couldn't pay their taxes for labor purposes, Ly's siblings included. Ly avoided capture, and snuck off the island to go get stronger and to get help so that she could free her island, and her siblings, thus her current situation

Goal: to free her island and save her siblings, Melodia and James

Dream: To hear and record every story, folk tale, and legend out there, and for one of hers to be among the best

I think thats it, if ya need anything else, just PM me! :]

PsychopathicThoughts chapter 2 . 12/25/2011
YAY! It was awesome. Update
Hybrid-Entity chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
I have a question. Do the strawhat pirates appear in this story?
Lei27 chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
Interesting. Ocs needed huh? Kay! ...slight problem, though. What KIND of OCs are ya lookin' for? Crew members? Rivals? Devil Fruit users? What? I'll give ya my OC once you've answered my Q's.