Reviews for Packie's Christmas
crytex-spiner chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
what a brilliant story.. as soon as i read it i can actually "sit myself" in the middle of the situations, i can "see" two story irish style house with the fireplace in the living room. dark painted oak wood floors, stairs, doors, windows, and rocks concrete surrounding the fireplace. I even tried to close my ears with my hands when i begin to read those arguments between packie and his brothers.. and the thing that really thrill me, the thing that give me an idea out of nowhere is.. the wise, old-timer bartender.. what if he is the Santa Clause that packie waiting for? Santa clause that give him a great gift... a "family feel" gift..?

Pros: Detail story line, cool strong argument, very nice climax ending.

cons: probability missing time-line between packie walked out the house door(which is seems like in the morning) to he entered the bar(which is seems to be already evening).

keep up the great Job salmoncarppacio007.. looking forward for the next one...
Ready Or Notxx chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
AWW! This was so adorable! A great early Christmas present to all the Packie fans. I love how child-like you made Packie, which is, honestly, how I imagine him being at Christmas. x) And the whole Packie/Gerry thing... I squealed a nice fangirl squeal. x) Anyways, this is great. Also, please read the first chapter of my ShuffleFic called Mercy. It has plenty of Packie. x)