Reviews for A Show About Nonsense
Rusty Raccoon chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Personally, I think George should leave his hair as is.

I mentioned the situation to my Pegasus this morning as he flew me over our candy forest. The Candy Apples were coming along nicely btw.

She mentioned that if she were to start losing lose her mane that she'd rather I shave the rest of it off then cling to scraps as she put it. We both shared a laugh when we realized that Elaine once said something similar in an episode.

Unfortunately, our laughter was cut short when Jerry (using a jet pack) flew up to us and started ranting in Klingon about ponies. I reminded Jerry that my Pegasus is not a pony but that several of her friends are and to show some respect. Then it turned out that Jerry actually likes ponies, having learned from his unfortunate experience with Manya.

We shared a good laugh as the misunderstanding before it started raining lollipops and flew off into the distance singing the lollipop song (in Klingon of course :)).