Reviews for The Journey to Happiness
BooksAreMedicine chapter 44 . 2/22
Nice job capturing their reactions to the baby. I also liked the gifts you had them buy for each other, very fitting.
I could almost feel the warmth from this scene :)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 43 . 2/22
Very well written, so intimate with the hair and corset and kisses
BooksAreMedicine chapter 42 . 2/22
Awwwwww, that was lovely. You really painted a picture of the wedding and her dress. I also liked Niamh a lot, nice attention to the supporting cast
BooksAreMedicine chapter 41 . 2/22
Lady Grantham's letter was perfect.
I liked Granny's note and her gift. I always liked her, she didn't seem to single Tom out with her comments, she always has a quip but not personally directed at him.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 40 . 2/22
I loved the bit with Connor at the end, so touching. I liked too the gifts that each person sent them, very in character. I really liked Grandmamma's note, I wish you would write a scene where she meets them :)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 39 . 2/22
I liked how the pastor viewed the wedding problems with a practical solution. I liked the bit of tension with having to change clothes too.
The dinner scene was good, fights would have been out of character, especially with Mrs. Branson there though I do wonder how Lord Grantham would have behaved..
BooksAreMedicine chapter 38 . 2/22
Good job with the small talk, I always find it hard to write that.
I liked how you had Edith really bond too
BooksAreMedicine chapter 37 . 2/22
I loved how you solved the ring problem. It's such a nice solution. Good job too with the awkward conversation though I think if it had been just Edith, they would have been fine.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 35 . 2/18
I liked Madame White and how you take the time to develop your supporting characters. You got Mary right in the flat, she is a snob lol
BooksAreMedicine chapter 34 . 2/18
I love how the truth came out. I wish Granny would've come, that would have been highly entertaining for sure. You nailed Mary and Edith here with their reactions
BooksAreMedicine chapter 33 . 2/18
I like how well you fleshed out the relationship between Mrs. Branson and Sybil, it grew at just the right pace. I like how she and Tom can so clearly see the other's potential and skills :)
BooksAreMedicine chapter 32 . 2/18
I love how Tom was there for her, thanks for mentioning that line of his, it was a great line, Tom is the one who cares the most about her happiness, he did wait 6 years after all.
I am glad you described Sybil's feelings so well, the show skated over it
BooksAreMedicine chapter 31 . 2/18
I love her dress, it sounds so lovely. Their vows are great too, very fitting. I like the suspense about her family and Edith too
BooksAreMedicine chapter 30 . 2/18
The childhood stories were great, nice little background info there
BooksAreMedicine chapter 29 . 2/18
I like the taste of home they got, good plot element and character fleshing out
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