Reviews for 12 SGU Prompt Ficlets
kimmy4eytj chapter 1 . 12/24/2011
A nice variety of slice of life moments in the lives of Destiny's crew. Camile missing the row boat is so sad. I was heartbroken for her in that episode when she realized she had missing it. You've summarized the agony in her face so well.

Young's thoughts about Telford after he breaks the brainwashing and Telford suddenly realizing all the nasty things he's done; I can feel Young's sadness. You have quite a few Telford and Young snippets. It's a complicated relationship fraught with envy, want, jealousy, and snarkiness.

Eli is just so Eli. All young geekiness and wonder. Love Rush's tattoo and his comments; "Wouldn't you like to know." - Pure Rush. Poor Brody - I too would cringe with ketchup hooch.

TJ and the affair - *sigh* - so bittersweet and inevitable, their affair. I love Everett and TJ together. Thanks for sharing these snippets.