Reviews for Christmas with Kane and Yasuo
Anshu chapter 1 . 1/1/2012
Yasuo is so sweet and innocent but my fav is Kane. She has the sensibility and the practicality of being a responsible Kaiba. Yet she is also so fragile and sensitive in your grasp. She is also wise beyond her years, and you portrayed that fact beautifully. She is ahead academically and aspires to succeed. You’re right. You have matured in your writing. This one-shot holds the reader’s attention effortlessly. But that is not all; here you’ve shown an intense side of Seto Kaiba too. He is normally written as a man who believes more in taking and less in sharing. Still that effort on his part, to complete ‘his family’ and bridge the emotional gaps, reveals an unexpected side of him. It shows his character growth. I also enjoyed the subtle hints of Anzu.

Thank you Req! I just can’t get enough of your delectable writing. I also cannot thank you enough for it. This one-shot was most certainly worth the wait as it abounds with emotions, realism, and a sense of belongingness that you charted out in the initial parent story ‘The Importance of Family.’ Well done!