Reviews for Bond
Gunlord500 chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
A very sweet piece, Marius. I've been reading a lot of music-oriented fic today and this one fits right in. The camaraderie between the young (well, young for a dragon) flautist and the young mage is very well portrayed. I don't think the ending was too bad at all-it ends on kind of a smooth, quiet note, which was fitting IMO. Nice work :D
Undercover-Dark-Knight chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
I have to say, there's not much about this piece that I'd like to say that hasn't been said already.

It is an interesting use of present tense, but what really sets this piece apart is, as the others have said before, the little details. The description of the lighting, the facial expressions: I feel like someone who is there and not just a observer.

The only thing i can maybe think of is that the beginning moves a little slow for my tastes, but that's a personal thing and not really a critique.
Wyrmseeker chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
This is very nice, Marius. Your usage of Nils and Nino as a "pairing" appeals to me, and the fact that this fic is about friendship and not romance makes it different from my usual fare in a very refreshing way. And like ExposedWires said, the imagery and descriptions are very illustrative, painting a picture that's not only vivid, but unique and striking, especially with the attention you give to the lighting. It's some of the best imagery I've seen in a story (fanfic or otherwise) in quite some time. As for the ending, I don't think it's very lackluster. It served as a decent cap to the piece. Excellent work, and thank you!
False Narrative chapter 1 . 12/24/2011
Nice lil' one-shot here, Marius. I regret not taking the chance I had to get involved in the Secret Santa Exchange, but there's always next time, I suppose.

For being written in the present tense, I think you did a great job here. (I could never find myself able to do that, so I have to commend you on such a feat.)

You also add in a lot of vivid details that drew me in. I admittedly couldn't help but smirk a bit at what Nino did, with licking her fingers and wiping them on her skirt and all.

And characterization is spot-on as usual - not something I'm surprised at, though.

The ending was a little iffy to me, but not "bad," in my honest opinion. I don't really think you could have gone on after Nino going to bed, but I did like how Nils unknowingly lulled her to sleep with that melody of his.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one-shot and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

- ExposedWiresExposedVeins