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NeonLights90 chapter 43 . 7/4
I started reading this story maybe a month or so ago. I'm finally caught up and I cannot wait for more! You're an amazing writer! This is so different from the majority of fanfics out there. I swear it feels like I'm reading a book. I absolutely love it!
JPElles chapter 43 . 6/28
Fun stuff as usual.
texican chapter 43 . 5/23
Faberry needs to get it on already! It would be an amazing birthday event. Pretty pleeeezz. :) p
Maga-chan chapter 43 . 5/20
I'm a bit late, and I don't have much time so I probably won't everything I wanted to say, but I loved this chapter !

First of all, I love that you talked about the link between Santana and Quinn/Brittany and the way she can see their thoughts, it's really cool to learn more about their abilities (and let's be real, it's so cute to imagine her seeing all of Brittany's visions) ! The proposal was cute too, I liked the way they told it. And even though it's kinda sad, I also liked the talk about eternal life, because hey, that's kind of an important decision to make :P

Kurt and a wedding without a budget, I can't even imagine what he'd do x) It's nice that Burt talked to him though, poor little heartbroken thing. (And I kinda want Mercedes trying to wear green at the wedding, just to see Santana's face.)
Also, I'm glad we'll get to see the previous generations, this is probably gonna be fun :D (I laughed so hard when Quinn said "Does she want to push me off a cliff, too ?" xD)

Beside that, I have to agree with Baylor that Rachel and Quinn will probably be the next ones to get married, but I think it shouldn't happen too soon either... Especially considering they're still supposed to chase the Stars. Marriage doesn't exactly seem compatible...
(But Rachel is definitely in charge here, there's no denying that :p)

Now I'm looking forward to the wedding, not only because I absolutely love the idea of them getting married and wanna see what Kurt will pull off, but also because I still want to meet Mike after that ! :) (And maybe have a bit of Tina's arc with the curse, who knows ?)
Guest chapter 43 . 5/18
Mooooreee morrrrrreeee... Feeeeeeedddd meeee feeeeeeeeeeeddd meeee...
Guest chapter 43 . 5/17
just found this story and it's fantastic! can't wait for the next update
Guest chapter 43 . 5/17
i just found this story and read it in 3 days. you certainly have a knack for storytelling. i can't wait for the next chapter!
CarolineSC chapter 43 . 5/17
Great chapter!
badger2nole chapter 43 . 5/15
Great update, as always. Nice set up for bringing Sylvester into the story, and now I'm wondering if Quinn is going to have quite the special birthday! Thanks for continuing on with this wonderful story. It's amazing; truly.
BuRiChiFaN chapter 43 . 5/15
I'm really happy for San and Britt. They're going to live forever together! So Quinn and Rach next? Those two are just so cute. Quinn is whipped af lol. Happy chapter all around. Can't wait for the wedding.
Harley Quinn Davidson chapter 43 . 5/14
Love the story and can not wait for more.
Guest chapter 42 . 5/10
I really love this story, please update. Its almost 3 months since you last updated.
JPElles chapter 42 . 3/8
Great update. Some kind of fertility magic from a nymph or something and Rachel or Quinn becoming pregnant at some point would make sense here . Or maybe Britney and Santana. Not now but in the future. Plus it would really rile things up since it would stand in the way of the Prince Finn's already non existent paper thin legitimacy in trying to take the throne.
imaferrari chapter 42 . 3/2
I started reading this monster of a story a few weeks ago. What a wonderful job you have done. You have a terrific imagination and have written good, long chapters while weaving an interesting tale. Looks like you are averaging a chapter every 5 weeks. Considering the length of those chapters, kudos to you! I very much look forward to the next one!
BuRiChiFaN chapter 42 . 2/23
Rachel was so cute calling Quinn her wife in her head and Quinn could hear her! XD It's nice to know that it's now Rachel's turn to be Quinn's most important one. They 're so adorable discussing about starting a family and having children. I can imagine all the cute things with a very pregnant Rachel. Are there potions to have Quinn and Rachel's eggs mixed? You know to make the baby biologically theirs? I hope there is. I'm really loving this progress in their relationship. I can't wait for the sex of course LOL. XP

Quinn and Santana's bond is beautiful though. They're bestfriend goals tbh. They both have their own woman that they love so much but they still have each other's back. Also, lol at Quinn asking for sex advice. Santana's advice was nice though. And yay! I knew Brittany and San are marrying soon! Happy for them! I'm happy for Mercedes and Sam too btw! Love this chapter so much. Thanks!
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