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alguien22792 chapter 39 . 10/20/2014
Ahh damn :(
alguien22792 chapter 36 . 10/20/2014
Awww I love the ending!
aliceinanime chapter 30 . 3/31/2014
You have no idea how much I cry every time I read this part. I have read it countless times and know what is going to happen every time, yet I can't keep the tears from falling. It is so tragically beautiful. The letter he writes is so heartfelt and touching that I just can't control myself. The fact that we know that Arthur is going to disappear for Alfred, for his love, just makes it so admirable. I love this story so much. It brings out so many emotions. I will always remember this story in the fic, because this was the first fan fiction I ever read. I had no other angsty story to compare this to. It will always remain in my top 2 stories because of how much of an affect it had on me. (sorry for the long review, but you just don't understand how many feels i get from this story) I really enjoy reading the whole fan fiction! :)
Ripper26 chapter 32 . 3/28/2014
Did I mention that you have a talent for making me cry? This is absolutely heart-wrenching but I love it anyway.

'Worried by weak England sounded' I'm pretty sure that there should be a 'how' between by and weak.
Ripper26 chapter 31 . 3/28/2014
The second one was quite intriguing. Please tell me you're going to continue it. It sounds amazing.
Ripper26 chapter 30 . 3/28/2014
Crap. The entire thing got blurry halfway through the letter. This is a real tearjerker. Words can't even express this piece of art.
Ripper26 chapter 29 . 3/24/2014
In the part where it said 'Alfred came to the conclusion that neither of them in the clip were good cameraman', shouldn't 'cameraman' be 'cameramen' since the sentence is referring to two people? Of course, I could be wrong...

Anyway, this is very heartwarming and touching. I could only imagine Alfred's flabbergasted appearance when he saw the clip. It is just so cute!
Ripper26 chapter 28 . 3/24/2014
Wow... depressing... but still amazing. I feel like a knife is being stabbed through my heart with this. It really gets deep and digs into your mind and emotions. Absolutely fantastic
Ripper26 chapter 27 . 3/24/2014
So... there's a Devil!Alfred and a Human!Alfred? Anyway this is just so... how do I put this... thrilling. I actually feel pity for Arthur, going through something like the time he Alfred died the first time must be excruciatingly painful...

Is it just me or does Devil!Alfred like Arthur?
Ripper26 chapter 26 . 3/24/2014
I'm ecstatic that there's a sequel! I really liked We'll Meet Again and this fic just brings me to the brink of literally jumping out of joy. I can't wait to see what will happen next! Alfred won't die (again) will he?
Ripper26 chapter 25 . 3/24/2014
This is just so... sweet... and cute... to me that is. Arthur's devotion is just so... heartwarming... and touching... and just plain sweet. I find very cute that Alfred still somehow 'remembers' Arthur even though his memories of him are supposed to be erased. I really loved it! _
Ripper26 chapter 24 . 2/16/2014
Okay so... the angles threw angel!America down into hell when he was just a baby. Arthur and Francis saw him and argued. In the end, Arthur won the argument and kept America. Russia and Belarus in the end... you lost me.
Ripper26 chapter 23 . 2/16/2014
Aww, this is so cute Especially the mistletoe at the end! Thoug it sure as hell isn't Crhistmas here, you made me want to celebrate it months before it's even being thought about being celebrated!

Though in the beginning when you said 'it was Christmas day and the weather bone chilling cold' I think you should add a 'was' between 'weather' and 'bone' you know, to separate the noun from the adjective. Also I think adding a hyphen (-) between bone and chilling would make it a lot easier to understand as well
Atashi-sama chapter 18 . 2/14/2014
...does the "press play" mean, England is telling America all the stuff America told him? That he had the same sentiments as America?

Sorry, I'm not sure if I understood - I think I understand, but I want to make doubly sure that I did :)

Hmm...well, my opinion is, this fanfic is one of the mushiest and funniest chapters I've read. Mushy as in, I really can't believe America can manage to say all of that even after all the NGs he had to go through (even I can't, and you know how bad I get!) and when he was just saying all the stuff about England being his guardian, role model, etc., I'm pretty sure I was mentally bashing myself up because my cheeks were heating up pretty fast.

It's so cheesy! I can't believe you just wrote such a mushy chapter...

It's not that bad, actually. I kinda enjoyed it when I was trying to place myself in their shoes, because I felt so loved by America I was almost envious of England .

/Also, I have to say that my computer restarted around this point, and I wanted to bang my head on the table because writing a review takes a long time and a lot of analysing on my part, and it's almost like you losing your story except for me it's losing a review I very much hope to quickly post so you can read it and feel MOTIVATED and INSPIRED. Apparently, though, they actually had my message still here, so it's sort of...uh, saved, I suppose, in this box? Yeah, I don't get how this works but. This is really cool./

The thing I enjoyed most was really all the funny parts in this chapter. England deleting the mail and subsequently getting a call from America had me trying not to giggle (otherwise I would giggle in the middle of a debate between my sister and my brother on induced inflation, which is just awkward), and then he kept replaying America's words and when he went on he realised he didn't have to reply and that was just so funny! His disbelief was hilarious! And then he saw America, his thoughts went blank, and I thought the way you linked up complaints and thoughts was endearing.

I find this chapter really cute in its own way and I really enjoyed this. Thank you! :)
Atashi-sama chapter 17 . 2/14/2014
...I just realised, this was typed before we met and stuff happened. And that this was during the exam period. /looks accusingly at you/

Alright. So. First, let's start with the letter?

For me, it took me some time to evaluate this because I'm more used to video calls, e-mails, the like being the main mode of communication, and I had to think hard to when I had actually sent a letter to someone abroad (...when I was eight? Nine? Sometime when I was young, definitely), and I find that having such an experience helped.

I'm not sure why Alfred took so long to send a letter to Arthur, but I'm guessing that he was working hard on recovering, or that his health was quite bad and he didn't have the energy/strength to write a letter. Regardless, the fact remains he wrote a letter which would be his first communication with Arthur in three long years, and I can imagine the anticipation that comes with it. I always felt happy writing letters back to that person - but if it's to someone you love whom you hadn't seen in three years, it's likely that the excitement is greater, and the letter becomes so much more significant to him. And for Arthur, who received a letter - I can imagine that he would feel super relieved and happy.

It's interesting how the letter is majorly composed of Alfred's worry for Arthur, and I feel like most of it was phrased for Arthur's sake. The end part, especially, where Alfred started talking about heroes, nagging, and huge eyebrows - the entire thing seemed like Alfred being his usual cheerful self, and the keyword here is "usual". This might be over-reading but Alfred seems to be wanting to allay Arthur's worries...? He's being so usual, just like how I would expect healthy!Alfred to act, that it almost seems like nothing's wrong with him and that's a tactic to allay worries. So...yeah, over-reading possible, but this was something that I felt was quite cool.

The bad thing about the letter thing is probably the font. It feels typewritten, so the feeling of it being a "letter" is lost. But this is just 小问题 (I laugh so hard at this) so. Yeah.

Second, Cardverse.

I actually had experience with Cardverse, but my experience was limited to...tape-on dresses and fans. Haha okay, I know that's not considered experience at all, just slightly exposure to your quirkiness, so that's probably why this Cardverse was so different from what I expected. I expected tape-on dresses and fans.

I got Alfred shouting "Queen" while trying to find his queen.

...I should be raising an eyebrow here but I find this Alfred so squishable. And the way he shouts "Queen" right from the start, just reminds me of those dramas where people are all like, "(insert name)!" and "(insert other name)!".

Maybe that's not a good reference but I thought it made everything more hilarious.

Alfred seemed a bit childish here, wailing when his nose bleeds, that sort of thing, but that lends charm to his characterisation, I think. Alfred's already being formed as some ditzy king here, and Arthur really calls the shots - and he revels in his power, what a wonderfully royal and elegant person! :D

I think I'm liking how the contrast is turning out, and I'll look forward to more Cardverse, tape-on dresses and fans. Good job! :)
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