Reviews for When the Sleeper Stirs
Reiko Silveron chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Okay, first and foremost, this worked.

The pacing was steady, the characters you chose to introduce gave a vague impression, and you portrayed them well for day 1. At this point, like your protagonist implied, we know the faces portrayed but maybe we don't quite know them.

Again, they were all well presented. Debroye serves as a good protagonist, I think.

The fact that your opening chapter wasn't overlong, I think serves you well in that it gave an introduction for the story to come.

The only question perhaps would be where Arte says, "We's all got secrets." Perhaps that was intentional, but that was the only sign of a possible spelling or gramatical error I noticed. I can't think of anything else that stood out in a negative light, so...

Well done, and thank you for posting.