Reviews for As You Were
AnaBookWorm chapter 1 . 12/20/2016
Adored this one!
tyrion son of tywin chapter 1 . 8/14/2016
You're absolutely brilliant. I love all your Aro/Didyme stories and can only hope that there are loads more on the way.
I love the way you've captured Aro, delicately balancing between his insane tyrannical side and the more human side of him. Of course I love them both and I have never come across an author who has captured that dichotomy in his character better. So kudos for that.
As for your portrayal of Didyme, i have to say i agree with it completely. I simply cannot imagine her as anything different. She does after all share Aro's blood. The only thing that irks me about it is how dissatisfied she is with Marcus. Not that i dont understand it; it must be hard for her to admire him when she's grown up around someone as magnificent as Aro, but still.
Thank you so much for writing about Aro so superbly. He's my favourite character in the series and reading your portrayal of him is an absolute delight!
You're writing is wonderful and I hope there's loads more on the way!
Jessica314 chapter 1 . 11/20/2014
I just *loved* this one. This had exactly the right balance of regular narrative and poetic metaphor. And despite the fact that the characters are living in the shadows away from the season, it left me feeling decidedly Christmasy :)

What a wonderful AU possibility! For Didyme, I mean LOL! I'm still smiling, trying to comprehend Carlisle being the third member of the triumvirate hahah! That is just perfect! The only part I don't understand is where Aro said Sulpicia wanted an empire but he gave her a family. Will you explain that part to me? It sound intriguing but I'm not picturing it correctly, I guess.

I love the warm-yet-careful bonding between brother and sister - and wondering whether in this timeline, Aro ever considered murdering her or not- wondering if that was the other possibility he was alluding to at the end (though I'm sure it wasn't the one *she* was alluding to!) I have no problem with seeing Aro have problems at home (and at work, as it were), but it's a bit sad to see Didyme herself less than perfectly happy. I was acutally hoping she would lose the game, just so Aro could learn more about her.

Finally, I love how the tale concludes on a lighter note, with a little sibling-teasing- just a bit reminiscent of Edward and Alice, maybe. I almost thought she was going to stick out her tongue for a moment, but Didyme is too timeless for that.

Very nicely done! Possibly my favorite so far, in terms of style and semi-sad adorableness.
KingAroBC532 chapter 1 . 8/27/2013
Hi, I love all the stories you write but this is one of my all time favs., Your language is so poetic and so powerfull, its like watching a magic movie, so relaxing and also entertaining, and looking at the reviews you get it is really not enough appreciated, but then maybe too many readers are intimidated by your perfection to mix the words into just the right pictures and emotions, beautifull work, I hope you keep writing...Greetings King Aro :)
Hibiscus79 chapter 1 . 3/24/2012
Wonderful story. I love your Didyme and Aro, you created two very interesting characters. And I guess it must be funny, being someones younger sister for 3000 years. Anyway, I love the tension in the story, I love their little game and how they both are trying to win something.
487501635018605841 chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
I'm a horrible chess player, so I really don't know if you did it right :P it sounds pretty good to me.

Is Carlisle taking Marcus's place? Wow. Are lost more than just an old, experienced, gifted co-ruler. He has both Caius and Carlisle to deal with xD I'm surprised neither one of them tried to assassinate the other (I bet that, if it ever happens, it'd be because of having different views on something stupid like the decor.) seriously though , I'm curious. How on earth did that happen? I always thought that, if one of the ancients is to be replaced, a more reliable person would be chosen. Like Eleazar.

Still, I love the idea of Caius and Carlisle co-ruling and creating havoc within Volterra xD poor Aro! It's no wonder he's missing his sister!

Speaking of which; have I ever told you that I LOVE Aro/Didyme brother-sister bonding one-shots? That coupled with your amazing talent with words is probably beyond perfection, I'm honesty to impressed to tell :D

And stupid iPhone wouldn't let me re-read my review before sending it -.-" please excuse the number of stupid spelling/grammatical errors that'll probably make you cring several times as you read o.O

And happy new year :D
Merina Thropp chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Ok, so I love this :) of course. I think I'm cursed to love everything you write unconditionally, for all time, regardless of pairing/maturity/creepiness levels/anything else you care to add :3 haha.

I'm going to read this twice over, then go through it step by step in an attempt to write a truly worthy review. Bare with me. This is probably going to end up as a numbered collection of spectacular ramblings ;)

1. Ok, starting at the beginning, with your perfect, flawless, beautiful opening…

2. …right. I'm not going to even *try* to compliment your descriptions sufficiently. Words fail me, I give up XD

3. "My darling," he purred/"…blue jeans, sweetheart" - Oh help...those are pretty much the only affections we never hear him saying in the books/films, and it throws me every time! I always have to stop reading, close my eyes, cover my ears, and imagine Michael Sheen saying them at least twice to various characters in none-existent movie scenes before I can keep going...

4. Love the sibling-y, brother-ish-ness thoughts from Aro. It's rather terrifying how you've almost managed to make me 'aw' at him :P

(Brief, sort-of-related aside: My own siblings are currently testing their wind-up toy cars on various targets around the room. My feet, for example. This will not end well, I assure you -.-)

5. "She hated the insinuation that her mind, caught like a butterfly behind glass at sixteen, was not equal to his." - Such a good line. And so true.

6. "Of course. Nobody is quite that eager to welcome me back.” – Tell me if I’m completely misinterpreting this, but…at the very least, Sulpicia and Jane would be pretty eager, right? Maybe I’m just missing something XD I’ll have another re-read…

7. Love how you’ve got little Christmas touches here and there – I didn’t even consider doing that in my fanfic, despite this being, in fact, a *Christmas* fanfic exchange :3

8. “…a spindly divan that looked as if it was only seconds from a dusty death.” – Yay for giving inanimate objects character : ) that kind of writing is always the best! And poor divan : ( he lived a good life…

9. "I have an offer for you." She toyed with a statuette while she spoke, and when her fingers slowed, Aro noted that it was an ebony queen. – This, plus the next few lines of dialogue possibly my favourite part of the whole piece. It says so much about them both, and reads so well. I just want to fangirl squeal through it all.

10. Love the little aside about Aro not playing black for centuries. Very intriguing…I’m interested in why Didyme went for black…?

11. More wonderful, wonderful dialogue. ‘Unusual mercy of Caius and Carlisle’ made me snort like a steam engine, only devoid of the usual rustic charm and/or cuteness that comes with a steam engine, unless you’re riding one at Hollycombe steam fair, in which case the journey is pretty devoid of that too, as you’re busy choking to death with passengers from the putrid black smoke and yelling at each other over the scream of the ancient old engine…yeah...moving on…

12. Ooohhh, I want a Carlisle/Didyme oneshot, please :)

13. "Athenodora and Sulpicia are plotting her death while we speak." – pahahahahahaaa…wow, I’m all about the undignified laughter today…

14. “To make a point, he captured her queen with his own, his smile serene.” – Oh, oh, OH, that is genius! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes…chess parallels FTW!

15. "He has me. What else could he possibly need?" Her voice was bitter… - Aw, dang it, here we have the differences between your Didyme and mine coming through : ( because mine would so be *so* terribly smiling and satisfied with that line…

16. “Perhaps, if she thought that he needed her enough, she would return to him and to Volterra.” – Darn, more differences! I’m sensing your Aro has more of an unequal bond with Didyme; as in, she’s calling the shots more than he is, with their relationship. He’s a bit of a Marcus with her – “" would fracture his heart if she told him that Italy held no charms for her."/"Truth and loneliness lingered behind those words."/“…Aro said, and awaited her reassurance. It did not come.” – I can really understand where that conclusion of yours comes from, now; the one about Didyme ending up ‘ruling the empire’ eventually, from that formspring question.

17. "It's falling apart, you know. From within," he said, stumbling in just the right places to make the confession seem credible. No other details slipped out, and he waited to see what his sister would assume he was referring to—his bond with his mate and brothers, his rule, something else entirely…."I know," she said… "I can't change it." – Argh, more genius mystery-moments! You do this kind of thing so well…please, please, please would you tell me what they both thought the other was talking about? And what was Aro referring to?

18. Haha, Jane and Alec’s Yuletide cheer! Just like our formspring ramblings :D

19. Very true, Aro. The other outcome would have sucked. Like, really, *really* sucked. Though for Marcus more than you XP and your sister most of all, assuming that’s what you’re referring to…

20. Omigosh, you made him cute. You actually managed to make Aro cute. I. Have. No. Words...

21. Beautiful descriptive ending. And you made it flow to an effortless halt with the final line. Absolute perfection :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! And thank you for the very kind and flattering recommendation at the beginning :3 parents are yelling for me to go get my sister out of the bath, so I must dash and end this abruptly, but thank you, thank you, thank you again and Happy Christmas/New Year to you too!
Dani Jones chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Such an adorable moment between them; I do love watching them interact. :) Excellent work!


Dani Jones
sisterglitch chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
I tend to wonder more about your personal experience with brother-sister relationships than with chess. Aren't you an only child? Loved the interplay between these two. Loved the tiny details, gloves, wine glasses, that translated so well visually to give atmospshere. I felt I was sitting at the next table eavesdropping on fascinating strangers... (as I LOVE to do)

The chess game aspect of the story, by the way, was executed flawlessly. Well done. I would never have suspected you didn't play well.

wontusethisaccountagain chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
Well, that was quite different. In a good way, as it always is with you. But you so rarely write in current time that it threw me for a loop to see it here. Just when I think you can no longer, you surprise me! I like it, as always.

I got a little lost trying to keep track of everything that was changed in this AU. I don't suppose you would send me a list? I got just a bit confused.

Nonetheless, it was fascinating. I don't suppose you'd set another story or two in this AU? I would love to see Marcus and Didyme interact here, and I would also love to see Carlisle as well.

This was intriguing, and I greatly enjoyed it. Season's Greetings.