Reviews for I'll Drink To That
The Dark Eccentric chapter 1 . 11/19/2012
Been reading your Homestuck fics, (big fan of the series). My favorite pairing is John and Vriska and I very much agree with what you said at the beginning of "It Was Enoug" about the fact that while she may come off as evil, she is quite well developed and it was shown that she's not as bad as she was made out to be. Plus the stuff with Aradia and Terezi was fairly long time ago and Tavros...its Tavros...
Anyways, to this story. Normally I review quite infrequently, but as you can see from the previous paragraph I did have something to say. I reviewed this story in articular because I had a comment. A slight, possible mistake that I noticed. How would Roxy know about the Trolls romantic quadrants? Yuo had her mention them a few times. Other than that I had no negatove comments. I like your stories so far, so keep up the good work! I'm going to go read more.
Gerti chapter 1 . 4/18/2012
Do you know how many stories are on this site where even a vaguely canonical Roxy and Rose actually interact?

There is exactly one story.

You are the pioneer.

It is you.

I'm kind of flipping out right now though, I went through twelve pages of Roxy tag crap on ao3 and there wasn't a single non-lemon story about these two. So finding out that this particular goldmine of character interaction wasn't completely untapped came as a welcome relief. Finding out that this story was actually very well written pretty much made my day.

Anyway, loved the story hope to see more of your work ASALA.


(As Soon As Life Allows)
TacoSandwich chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
I enjoyed it very much~! :D I'd love to see one for Dave and Bro! -