Reviews for Our Father
Time Review chapter 1 . 4/1/2014
A very interesting take on the early years.

Poor Rudolf probably never learned of what happened to his father and thought his grandfather was actually nice, according to his reaction to the man's death in the anime.

I thought the naming of the dad was quite fitting as it was a part of Rudolf's name, and I have the manga (or what was released of the manga), so I knew exactly who Hanna Hanna was which was a fun fact. I don't know who Nyx is, but that could be my sloppy memory to anything that isn't Raven, or it could be in the continuation of the manga that I can't find, so whatever you say about it is possible fact for me, heh heh.

I find the "secret world of the Royal Family" actually very believable. After all, it's been discovered that behind the scenes of some "perfect" families is a lot of darkness and cruelty. Royalty are still human, thus, are not exempt from this makes for a more twisted story, too, which is more entertaining to some of us crazy readers.

Not that I'm crazy...

Raven. Is. Adorable! It's not very often I can find stories with Raven in his youth without them being silly or very...short. I almost reread every scene that he was mentioned just because I wanted to memorize it. I love his character, although I can't quite put his relationship with Prozen as a whole here in this story into their relationship in the anime, but there are pieces that can be transferred. Also, things change as they both grow up in their crazy world, so I can just put most of it down as "something happened."

I always assumed Raven grew up on the base or bases he trained at, but you've given me something new to consider...and you've made it fun to consider! How mean! Now I have to hope you have more stories with this Raven in it, cause he's so fun to read.

Speaking of which, you said there's a sequel. Even though you said it centralizes around OCs, you DID say it heavily involves Raven (and Prozen, but Raven's my favorite, so he's the only one that matters, hee hee), so I want to check it out if it's here.

I actually find that I like this Prozen. He has character, and the competition between Gerhardt and him is an interesting build-up of who he is. Again, I always imagined his upbringing to be different, but, again, you made it fun to consider otherwise. I don't think he'd be a boring character to read in your new story/stories.

I'm assuming the giant, spiky figure that's haunting them is Ambient. It's possible to be Shadow, but Ambient is the one who's covered in spikes and, with a master like Hiltz, he's probably keeping an eye on one or both of his "victims," especially with Prozen's researching of the ancient Zoids.

Aww, little Raven's afraid of the dark. An interesting addition to the little tyke's character. And he has no idea why, poor thing. Heh, although I bet once he saw that frightening figure in the window, his subconscious recognized it as the monster of his fears. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how he takes it, but he doesn't seem to be too traumatized by the second sighting, so I'm guessing he was able to work through it. It probably helped a lot that Prozen also saw it but wasn't afraid.

Not to be a problem, but there is one issue in the writing of this story that I feel, as a reviewer, that I should point out. Many times throughout the story you say "he" without making it clear which "he" you're speaking of. Some of it may just be my overthinking, but some of it does confuse me to the point where I just have to give up and move on and hope I got it right on who was being referenced.

An enjoyable read, and it makes me think of lots of different ideas (that, unfortunately, I can't ever seem to get on paper) in your universe, varying from what happened between the end of this story and the beginning of the anime to almost fanfiction of this story: being what-if's involving Van or Rudolf finding out this past or even one of those fun stories of someone de-aging...of course, the victim in this one would be Raven...he's so cute! I wanna see Van dealing with the cute little traumatized but feisty Raven. It doesn't quite feel right without the "clueless," fatherly Prozen with Raven, though. They're just a pair.

Heh. You're the first one to make me think that. They're so cute!

Time R.