Reviews for Destined
tentsubasa chapter 6 . 6/8/2012
*laughs* Oh goodness, silly boy. ) I'm glad they were able to get their parents' blessing though. )
Firaga Productions chapter 4 . 1/10/2012
Whaa-at? Where did THAT come from? Haha. My eyes must've like grown twice their usual size when I read that last bit. xD I'm now officially a MelxEriko shipper. Meliko? Erimel? Eh. Both stupid. xD Whatever. I'll get it next time c:
Firaga Productions chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
So I read the Motomiya and Izumi Tachikawa stories today. Great stuff. You're easy to read, and characters are believable. I love Hitomi, she makes my heart happy :)

As far as this goes, I like it! I like Eriko a lot. She's intense. Awesome. Can't wait to see where this goes :)