Reviews for That Summer
Gunner4Life chapter 18 . 11/3
Not sure how I feel about Mark and Addie, but if he's matured then I guess its ok. I love how you tied this up! 7 years later and they're still going strong and so SO happy! Less time together, but still so content and satisfied with what they have. And no regrets! Making plans for their future instead. Thank you so much for a wonderful story!
Gunner4Life chapter 17 . 11/2
Thank God you didn't stay with the song! I don't think I could have handled that. Not with these two. Not after everything they've been through. So glad they've finally said the words, that they finally understand how and what they feel for each other. And now they know what its like without the other, they'll fight much harder not to lose each other again. Sometimes that works out better in the long run, when you're more aware of what you stand to lose. Love how protective and supportive Addis is here, especially for Callie. Wonder what the relationship is like with Mark? I guess they're still friends of sorts. Just never will be that kind of friends. Thank God!
Gunner4Life chapter 16 . 11/2
Ugh! I was hoping Addie could at least push them towards sense, but these two are stubborn! So painful when maybe it could have been avoided. Then again, Arizona seemed quite intent on leaving. Even if they had talked, she probably would have left. She told Addie she had no intention of staying. But if they had talked, she would have known just what she was leaving behind, and what she was doing to Callie. It would have been her choice to leave anyway. She may have come back in the end, but it would have been her decision to leave in spite of knowing how Callie felt and what it would do to her. Maybe its better this way? I don't know anymore.
Gunner4Life chapter 15 . 11/2
I thought Arizona came so close to figuring it out on her own. But she didn't. She doesn't seem to know how she feels or what she feels. That's at least the third time he's said she's leaving after the harvest. How does she not put this together? Feel so bad for both women. I don't like it when they hurt, or hurt each other. And they're doing both right now. They really need to talk. But who has the courage to take that first step? Will Addie be able to push them to this?
Gunner4Life chapter 14 . 11/2
So much angst! Is Arizona thinking of walking away and not coming back? Maybe come back when she's found her reason for her loss? Can she? Cause I'm really curious now as to how she feels about Callie. Is this just a temporary thing for her? Does she know / understand the depth of her feelings for Callie? Cause I'm starting to wonder about that too. I'm understanding Callie's reluctance to bring this up to her. As long as they don't have that talk, she can try to pretend that Arizona will not crush her heart. Cause that's what's happening right now. Even Addie can see it coming, and Mark was such an a** here I'd be surprised if they can stay friends. Not just because of what he said about Arizona, but Callie's friendship doesn't seem that important to him either. My heart is simply hurting so much for Callie right now.
Gunner4Life chapter 13 . 11/2
I love to see them spending time together, and how they already seem addicted to each other. Callie is already wondering if she will stay, but will she ask? Has this occurred to Arizona yet? Will she just assume and stay? Bubble has to burst sooner rather than later. If Callie is staying only because this was George's home and she feels she has something to prove to make it run, would she be willing to leave?
Gunner4Life chapter 12 . 10/30
Ahhh...big obstacle here. Will Arizona stay? Will Callie be hoping Arizona will stay but afraid to ask? Will Arizona be hoping Callie will ask but afraid to ask as well? Again, they need to talk. Talk about where they hope this is headed. Are either afraid what will happen if the rest of the town finds out? Will they care? Will Callie be willing to leave if that is what it'll take for them to be together?
Gunner4Life chapter 11 . 10/30
Seems like they're having more sex now than they have in a very long time. Combined! While its great to see them connect so well physically, I like that they seem to slowly be building something. But they need to talk more about what they want. For themselves and for each other. They have accepted that they have feelings for each other, but what do they want?
Gunner4Life chapter 10 . 10/30
Finally they talk. Still some uncertainty but I think that's to be expected. They're so new, to each other and their sexuality. They need some time to be together and see where this takes them. But I wonder how the town will react when they find out. Will they be mostly homophobic or accepting? Where will that push them?
Gunner4Life chapter 9 . 10/30
They seem remarkably able to just flounder along. At leas they're spending time together still. But this needs to change for them to move forward. Hopefully, nothing sets them back again first! They need to talk, but neither seem able, or willing, to risk taking that step. Afraid to push for what they want. Afraid they'll push the other away instead.
Gunner4Life chapter 8 . 10/30
So glad they're at least back together. But they do need to talk. A lot. So much to talk about. How serious are they about each other. Will Arizona leave again? Callie and Mark and what did and did not happen. But this is a good start. They've accepted how they feel, and they can see some of what the other feels too.
Gunner4Life chapter 7 . 10/30
Just one line - I didn't sleep with him - could have soothed some issues. But they're both afraid of what they feel, and of rejection. Arizona has made it clear she thinks Callie is sleeping with Mark, but Callie can't see the hurt that has caused. She sees the anger but either doesn't understand why or is afraid to assume why. They really need to clear the air, but neither are willing to take that important step and be vulnerable. They both know they feel something for the other, and that something is going to happen. I just hope that the hurt will stop soon.
Gunner4Life chapter 6 . 10/30
This was a painful chapter to read. Miscommunication, but I think the root of the problem is that neither women understand what they're feeling or why. And the one that has some idea doesn't want to entertain the possibility. Mark would take advantage of a friend like that? He doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for Callie, just trying to get in her pants. Hopefully some things will be cleared up in the morning.
Gunner4Life chapter 5 . 10/30
A push from addie as their friendship blossoms. Is it too soon? But its done and they can't go backwards. Callie seems to be trying to prove a point. In the wrong way. It's not a step she's ever thought of before and is this her panicking? Arizona feeling the first stirrings of jealousy? Its going to force them forward but I wish it could be without them getting hurt. They're hurting each other right now and not understanding what's going on.
Gunner4Life chapter 4 . 10/30
Really good progress! Again, really like seeing them share their past and and lam on each other. So sad about the baby. I wondered if it was something like that. But it's really great to see them slowly building a friendship.
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