Reviews for Following the Crossroads of Destiny
Broken Angel01 chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
I finally had a chance to read this in full! It was a fun read and an interesting twist! Tim seems like a fun character, along with his digimon partner, and I enjoyed reading parts of what I had written from someone else's eyes. Both from another author and from the POV of an OC created by someone else.

There are so many ways both Following the Footsteps of Destiny and your own story can be interpreted, from the characters to the plot, to the overall feeling. Depending on what road you take and where you choose to lead a story there are so many different outcomes and so many different paths a story can take.

And I have to say it was really cool to read a story about just one of those many paths that can be interpreted from FTFOD. Someday I will have to get to reading your major story!

All of the characters were great and it was pretty awesome to see the Tamers crew in there too! And the reference to Frontier and Lucemon was also really cool as well.

I have to say it was a good read and you did a great job! Thanks for writing this!