Reviews for Fanficers Guide to the Galaxy: Cliches
ArrogantlyPessimistic chapter 35 . 11/11
This is a beautiful piece of shit, I love it :D I crack up every fucking time I re-read this :") I'll be waiting for the next cliche!
Tomas the Betrayer chapter 10 . 11/5
You know, Aiko Hanashi (or whatever your real pen name is), this creation of yours does seem like the sort of thing they warn us not to post in the 'Rules and Guidelines'. But it's here, we're here, and Tomas just couldn't help it for this chapter. Because you did make me chuckle with 'sounds stupid, sounds stupid, dumb title, bad summary...' Yes, we've all been there. For that, you deserve a review. Thanks for putting it into words. Pleasant dreams.
xxKhaleesixx chapter 35 . 10/30
This entire bitchfest is glorious.
ADriftingCloud chapter 1 . 9/25
You seriously don't know what 'curves in all the right places' mean. I'm pretty sure one wouldn't honestly be confused by this if they were older than 10. But I don't think you're younger than 10. So, you're either just trying to be funny, or you're just not very bright.

Oh yeah, and are you black?
imtheoneandonly chapter 35 . 8/30
I really liked this chapter.
Word eclipse chapter 35 . 8/25
Now, thanks to you, I can't get the Acatsuki out of my head. I've always found it one of the more... disturbing Naruto clichés. Although Pein's I-am-a-freaking-god attitude is a bit like a cat.

For this chapter, you have my deepest sympathies. I completely understand, I can't look at my childhood monstrosities without cringing.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/20
Sounds like the drama Boys over Flowers.
Littlebirdd chapter 35 . 8/19
You didn't notice the repeated use of "emerald" for the character's eyes. There are other adjectives! :P
SupremeEntity11 chapter 35 . 8/19
Well if course you are a basic bitch. :P I hope things go well/are going well at Harvard. I'm going to Virginia Tech myself.
Counting Sinful Stars chapter 35 . 8/19 offense really but...that was awful.
xXAmethystCrimsonXx chapter 35 . 8/19
Oh oh oh! I HAVE A CLICHE BITCHES! Okay is it just me but like is every sad angsty fic at one point has someone driving their car with the radio on and it just so HAPPENS to be a song that is describing the said characters emotions or the characters favorite song or whatever shit as long as the specific song that came on the radio that that specific time had a specific meaning that was somehow tied to the fic. Damn I say specific too much
leep23029 chapter 35 . 8/19
That was awful and hard to read for a first time self-insert. It so awkward and embarrassing I only read your harsh criticism lol. Well see you next chapter.
Shadow-Wolf-Hikaru chapter 35 . 8/19
Lol, I was wondering if you wrote that just to do more clichés. Fun fun, I still laughed while reading it.
insomniasucks chapter 35 . 8/19
Barryium chapter 35 . 8/19
Hahaha. I'm glad I deleted all evidence of my writing before the age of 17. I'd get an aneurysm reading them again. :)
Amusing, as always. ;)
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