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ZabuzasGirl chapter 1 . 11/16/2013
Update immediately, please!
Christine317 chapter 23 . 10/15/2013
Uhhhh...Is he like... Gonna... ummm...rape her?
Invisible51 chapter 23 . 10/5/2013
Woah, interesting chapter.
Mere chapter 23 . 9/27/2013
Oooooooooh... Dats not good.
(xD very professional review).
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 23 . 9/25/2013
Of all the times to post a new chapter, you do it now? How'd you know today was my birthday? My 21st, hence the champagne buzz that I assume will become apparent as I review. Ahem…

Okay, I didn't return to my review until after I finished it, mostly because I was gripped, though a bit of it was that I wasn't sure what was happening. Let's see, a character assassination involving Mia disguised as Tia… I can piece that together well enough, actually. This scheme, clearly Mia wants no part of it, but she's going through with it even though it requires her to be beaten to a pulp. That gives me the feeling that she's prone to the same sorts of moments of weakness that Tia is.

This was… short. That's a bit unusual for you. But it really cranked up the white-knuckle intensity. Congratulations on that.
Invisible51 chapter 22 . 8/8/2013
Great chapter. I love your story. it is the BEST! Please update.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 22 . 8/6/2013
Hmm, I don't like the looks of that note.

Rumor mill going… not to mention the record-scratch moment when she turns up… by the way, I enjoyed the appearance of all our beloved Radiator Springs residents at the beginning there. Their presence was like a breath of fresh air; I haven't seen them for so long, and I've missed them.

Oooh, squee, it's so nice to see Sally and Tia working things out! D'awww!

Mater? Oh, hell. He's going to innocently ruin everything, isn't he?

Oh. He doesn't. Okay then, that's nice.

Hmm? What? What just happened at the end there? "But then the race came… One last blow…" Is that foreshadowing for the next scene? …I certainly hope so, 'cause it doesn't make sense otherwise. Heh.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That explains why all your reviewers have been flocking over to me… Aw, thank you! You're so sweet! You're the greatest!

Well… I've done it. It took me longer than I expected, but I've reviewed every chapter of your story. So, seeing as you're in my debt now, could you—pfft, I'm kidding. You've done so much for me already, and it's my honest pleasure to return the favor. Keep up the good work.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 21 . 8/6/2013
Okay, I'm back again… again!

Predictable? Are you kidding me? I have a heart attack roughly twice a chapter. This is a spine-tingling thrill ride, is what it is. "Predictable". Pfft. Who told you that?

"See her as Tia, not a groupie." *sniffle* I think that's exactly what needed to be said. Only time will tell if it's heeded. "Oh my". Ohhhhhhh God, Lizzie's gonna go around and tell everybody. Ohhhhhhh crud.

Oooh, man, I can't figure out whose side Mia is on here. She's a swinger, is what she is. Spooky.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 20 . 8/5/2013
Okay, I'm doing a speed-run of this chapter, because I need to start going to bed at a reasonable hour. So, forgive me if this review is one of the more minimalist ones.

Chick doesn't have a "southern twang"… he's not southern at all…

Ooh, Marc and Tia gettin' kinda sexy… wow. Big scene from dear Marc's perspective, I like.

She's not a natural red? Worldview shattered. Oh no… Marc… leaving…? (single tear…)

Okay, done for tonight. I'm sorry I'm so inexplicably slow, I don't understand it either. But, only got two more.

I'm taking my driving test tomorrow, finally getting my license like a normal person would've done five years ago. Wish me luck.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 19 . 8/5/2013
Oh hey, I have a PM from you. I'll look at that later.

Gah, don't put the countdown to abortion there when you don't mean it. Now that she's changed her mind, it's such an ugly word.

Aw, makeup scene with the epic use of TWIN TELEPATHY! They know exactly what the other is thinking and where they are… some folks say that's true.

Props on a genuinely nightmarish nightmare! Wow! It was like the whole earth was genuinely out to get her… and you had to mention Cthulhu. Jeepers.

I was so jolted by that nightmare, I was actually on my guard for the entire rest of that scene… but it was harmless. Heh. *shudders* Okay, next scene…

"It was not summer anymore." Wow. That's surprisingly poignant… I got the shiveries just there… oh, man, is something going to go terribly wrong and the baby gonna get aborted anyway? I just can't shake that horrible feeling.

Wow, I didn't realize she had that big of an aversion to hospitals. Gah, you've just got no discretion at all about the vomit, now do ya?

Yes, yes, something important. Oh, please have the courage to say what's on your mind. You know, if she chickens out and doesn't admit that she wants to keep the baby… I can relate. I can relate all-encompassingly. "Make do." Ooh, I'm so friggin' tense…

You've used "somecar" a few times now… doesn't sound as good as "somepony". It's a bit distracting, you may want to leave it out… just my opinion.

And SALLY is here! Eurgh, things are gonna get ugly. And McQueen is oblivious. And… here it comes. Okay, Sally can't keep the child. She has no claim. McQueen might, but… hmm. And they're alone… You should see me right now, teeth clenched, eyes bugging out, all stiff… TENSION!

…Never have the words "exhaust pipe" seemed so profane. Ooh, Chick… oh, he's up to something. Is he your Big Bad? I always wrote him as "misunderstood". Which is weird, because I usually frown upon giving that kind of treatment to villains.

"Was Sally too mean? Was Lightning borderline evil?" Um… yes, and yes. But I don't see how you'd change it… I think it's just that the screaming starts too early. If you stalled it a little, maybe that'd work…

Why does it take me so long to review these things? Has it really been almost an hour since the last one? Damn.

And, um, where exactly is this foul language you warned against? Your "foul language" is pathetic, ya prude. ;P
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 18 . 8/5/2013
Okay, I'm back. Opening well, Mia actually believing the DJ line because she's a big ol' bimbo!

Oh ho ho, DJ bailed. Man, you're really good at having everything go wrong in new and unexpected ways.

Hmm, a Sally scene. I wonder where this is going. And, um… being that this is a Cars fic, what are fingers?

Hm, finally a mention of Chick… in a paragraph in the middle of the Sally scene that looks like it really doesn't belong there! What's that all about? I think you made a mistake, like you put that paragraph in the wrong scene somehow. You should check that.

Whoa, Sally wants Tia's baby. But it's Tia's baby! Can't Sally just have her own…? That's a powerful urge, to only want McQueen's first child. There's something primal, almost mythological, about that.

Hehe, DJ's seen quite a few horror flicks, I see. Ugh, scenes like this are so uncomfortable. Like a soap opera. "You know what you did!" You know if you have to say that, then whoever you're talking to is probably completely innocent…

Whoa indeed… haha, Mia is such an idiot, and when it doesn't make her laughable it makes her adorable. Making up with DJ, that was a good scene.

Aw, Minny! And the overall environment of the Mother 2 Mother place… I can almost feel and hear and smell it. You know, man?

Heehee, Holley undercover. And she can be because of a massive mindwipe! Awesome.

Eh, you mean to say "grudge match", not grunge match. Was Sally watching TV in her earlier scene? That would explain that out-of-place paragraph. Let me check… okay. She wasn't watching the race, but she was thinking about it… so, that paragraph is only SLIGHTLY out of place. My apologies for not being careful enough.

Yay yay yay yay YAY! She's finally made the decision… wait, why do I care? I knew it was happening. Saw it coming a mile away. Totally not crying tears of joy at all… BAAAAWWWW!

I've come up with a much more efficient method of reviewing while I read… instead of scrolling down to the bottom every time I have a thought and then scrolling back up to where I left off, I'm keeping a Word document open. It has expedited the process. Totally gonna finish this bugger before the night's over.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 17 . 8/3/2013
Okay, it's 11 at night, let's see if I can keep blazing through to the end before dozing off. Ahem.

Heehee! Tia is so hyper and happy and bubbly! This is a happy story now!

Aw man, the whole time it's just been an FWB rim. Laaaaame.

Cravings. Uh-oh. Full wall of "oh my gosh"es, that just made me laugh even though it's... you know, pretty sinister actually.

OH MY GOD, Tia lies! That's an EPIC lie right there! Hoo hoo hoo hoo...

Aw, Marc! I love that Tia was pondering forgiving him right BEFORE she found out he'd texted her. That is just so perfect.

Hmm, I see you apparently have knowledge of Spanish architecture. Those are some enriching details, I can really picture the place in my head.

Yes, exactly nothing. Nothing is awesome. Um, if used correctly, that is.

Wow, and I started humming that tune again when they arrived at the Mother 2 Mother place. The name of the song might be "McQueen and Sally" but in my mind it works well as a "Tia and Marc" theme. At least I think that's which track "McQueen and Sally" is...

Anyway... whoo. Yeah, it's late and I'm all zonked out. I guess I'll finish up another day.

And yeah, of course cars have lungs. Totally.
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 16 . 8/3/2013
Ooh, that's good. The "but it's going to be a long story", that one stands out a poignant moment.

How the hell do you make these scenes so *long*? You're like a professional. Okay, let's see what Flo's one thing to say is.

Oh, the whole chapter is one big AAAAWWWWW... well, until Flo starts telling that heartrending story. And then again after the story is done! AAAWWWWW!
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 15 . 8/3/2013
Uh-huh. Sure. "Two days before abortion". As if. You wouldn't do it.

...Would you? GAH! I don't even know!

You know, if I was writing this, every chapter would be 300 words. You make so much HAPPEN in such seemingly short events... it's "nuance". That's your strength. Your writing is as nuanced as a perfectly-crafted Swiss watch. I've got all the nuance of a sledgehammer to the face.

Anyway... this was magnificent. That simple "I know" gets such a bad response from Tia, but it doesn't end the way one expects it... she comes back.

But boy does he ever drop the bomb on her! Wow! All for a study. Cold... you are so very cold...
Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves chapter 14 . 8/3/2013
Cold wheels? Gah, three snorts in one night. My sinuses hurt.

"The air was awkward and uncomfortable like intimacy with a stranger. The one-night stand after the lust is over." Wow, that's quite the analogy. One might assume it to be true, though.

Oh, man, the revelation, like a knife. And Sally's reaction will be...

Surprisingly subdued, actually. How 'bout that.

Aw, Tia's so much more bright and chipper than she's been throughout this whole story. Two days did a lot to her.

Apollo? Aw, hell, she's never getting rid of it now. Not that that's at all surprising. Tee hee.

"Dialects"? Hmm, that's the second time I've spotted that word. A dialect is a variant of a language, like American English as opposed to English English. I'm not sure, but I think you mean to say "decibels", as in the measure of a sound's volume. Maybe? Look into it.

Ooh, EvilMia and SassyTia. I like.

Hehe, you know, the moment that Tia and Marc started going down that secret narrow road, I immediately started humming the music that plays when McQueen and Sally go on their first drive... such a wonderful composition... do you find it fitting?

Ha ha ha, Tia's little moment of paranoia. I'm surprised she didn't get as far as "and we can haunt the road TOGETHER!"

Awww, that really IS the best gift ever. "I know"? "I KNOW"? Gah! Twists and turns and... gah!

Okay, Mia's thinking about her plan... I was *just* about to ask how they can afford a maid. Let's see here... mm-hmm, got it. And WOW, did DJ and Mia fall apart fast. Took all of a sentence from each of them...

Pfft, took me a second to realize that even Mia's internal monologue uses Valley speak. That's funny. And she's found out the secret. Bada-boom!

"Termination"? I think not. Like you would do that. It's pretty apparent that it's not gonna happen.

...Um, right?

So hey, why *is* Chick's name on the story? Was it just to be deceptive? Pfft. Not cool.
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