Reviews for Country Girl at Heart: Part 3
Latina13 chapter 192 . 2/22
Oh goodness... I just loved parts 1,2&3 so much! Definitely took my time reading because I didn't want it to end. THAT GOOD lol I've read your others as well. You're a phenomenal writer. Thanks for gifting us with your talents :)
galovah chapter 27 . 2/10
This is truely such an awesome story, I love country girl at heart it is honestly one of the best calzona (fanfictions in general) fanfiction I've ever read! I love Everything about the story, there is not a single complaint because I love the stories to much:) You have to continue Writing! You're such a gifted writer, it would be a shame to throw all of that away
Guest chapter 192 . 2/10
Absolutely great.
I loved it, and I never read a book as fast as I read this.
Thanks for writing, you're awesome !
Guest chapter 183 . 2/9
Great, love it !
Guest chapter 172 . 2/6
You call it fluff, but I like it.
The fun making is good.
Guest chapter 170 . 2/5
Great fun !
Guest chapter 156 . 2/3
Love it !
Max chapter 191 . 2/1
There's no Seattle grace without Dr. torres
Max chapter 187 . 2/1
But oh so sexy
Max chapter 186 . 2/1
I never though it for a min
Max chapter 175 . 2/1
Why does Arizona always say my home instead of our home?
Max chapter 171 . 2/1
U have a way with words that is just beautiful . Never lose it
Max chapter 170 . 2/1
Way to go battleshiptorres
Max chapter 114 . 1/31
U come up with some funny stuff brings tears to my eyes lol dry boobs hum lol
Max chapter 112 . 1/30
I like the name too
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