Reviews for the way it was
Hugz Kissez chapter 1 . 12/30/2013
Eh. Ma. Gosh. So sad! But wonderful all the same! ;)
xmercurial chapter 1 . 4/7/2012
That was so beautifully done. I loved it. I think the mysteriousness of Claire and her possible link to Nikki's suicide is so fantastically written, I am so making this story a favorite! Keep up the great work. I hate CLAM anyway. ;)
lightning veins chapter 1 . 12/29/2011

i like how the format is written in days. because it shows how the characters and the plot progresses through time and all that shizz. and it reminds me of 'looking for alaska' by john green because that's very time-centric too. yeah. :)


also normally claire pisses me off unless she's having babies with derrick or something, but i felt soooo bad for her in this fic. because she's in that sucky position where you love this boy, except he doesn't fully love you back, and it's made even worse cause the girl he does love is buried six feet under. and DUDE. THAT LAST LINE. it kills me. i loved it in the summary, and now i love it even more. it basically sums up the entire oneshot into one sentence.

okay so you're amazing k cool bye

maraudings chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
ericka, why? whyyyyyyy?

it's so good, but so angsty. and normally i don't like nikki/cam, but i do in this.

also, i'm really hating on claire for some reason. the hate vibes are flowin'.

faved, by the way. i love me some angst.
carry me home tonight chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
i don't know if you're like my spirit animal or something, but i'm listening to the way it was and that 70s show is on... twins? i think so.

anyways, i dig angst. i dig claire angst. partially because i think claire is a mouse and doesn't deserve happiness (that was a little harsh but i do what i want). NIKKI IS MAH GURL. i was very sad she killed herself.

but i like this: She swears on her life that Cam mumbles against her mouth, "I love you, Nikki."

i'm actually such a terrible reviewer, sorry about that. so in short: i liked this. a lot. :)
d-name chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
so, like, i really want to curl in a ball and lay in the fetal position and be wrapped around in blankets and just rock back and forth in my muffled sobs of hysteria!


that my dear, was phenomenal. like, i really have no words to describe it. it was just... so good. like so good, it was great. and if i had to compare to sunny days, shopping trips, and pearl shakes... it'd be at least number two, you know? xD

the emotion, oh gosh, the emotion literally reeled me in like a fish and just dragged me along for the ride. from the first words to the last, i could not keep a straight face. the sadness that is Claire Lyons... i almost felt sorry for her. almost. i didn't because i'm such a jerk. haha, kidding.

the simplicity that is this story. what makes it really good? it was so short, so short that almost NOTHING could happen during this 700 plus one shot, but i was wrong. everything happened. someone got married, someone died, someone did it (lol), someone felt betrayed, felt jealous, felt perfect and pretty. it was so good. you didn't even need descriptions to draw this picture because Claire's point of view described it all.

my heart is still going in spirals right now, i'm shamelessly fan girling. seriously, in this friendship of ours, you be the writer and i'll just read and review, okay? LOL. it was just so amazing, why are you so talented, darn it? :D

and you used the word RENDEZVOUS! i love it because it's so classic and underrated, props to you for the creativity!


okay, i love this.

but i love you more!

even more than Jason.

ahh, i'm gonna sign in later to favorite this :)

HEARTS A BILLION, OKAY? yeah. i'm stopping now, i'm embarrassing myself. lol.
unsheltered chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
oh, my. i am immensely falling in love with your writing style. or at least, what i've read of your writing style so far. i love cam&nikki, and not a lot of people write them together. but this - holy - this was perfect. this was amazing. it was angst, and sad, and the plot was ... perfect.