Reviews for thoughts behind the english version of the musical
zedille chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
I haven't yet listened to all the songs in the English translation, and after reading your comments, I have even less desire to. I must commend you on your determination in sticking it out the whole way... I mean, every time I find a bad lyric, I think that's bad enough but then I find something even worse. Where does it end?

I just listened to Beau comme le soleil/Shining like the Sun, and it really does have "he's as tough as anyone" as a lyric. I mean, really, what is this, a cheerleader chant? That is my new Worst Lyric, replacing La Monture's description of Phoebus as "foursquare" and "Oh destiny". And a lot of the lyrics otherwise are painfully obvious/literal translations ("Moon" and "I'm a priest", I'm looking at you...)

To be fair, some of the changes you point out also exist in other versions and reflect changes made after the original French production: The short song right before Tu Vas Me Détruire is Frollo's only in the original French production, and is Quasimodo's everywhere else. Gringoire sings in Court of Miracles, and Je Reviens vers Toi goes before La Monture in most post-original productions.

In the Italian production, Gringoire also ends up a directly involved participant in Libérés, his lines at the end translate to "I, for all, request asylum / the right of asylum". And Gringoire definitely does speak for the sans-papiers even in the original French, I mean look at what he's saying at the end of l'Attaque à Notre-Dame. You could argue that Gringoire isn't addressing himself to anyone in-story here but directly to the audience, so he's still sticking to the narrator role. (I've thought about this too much, haven't I?)

though that would require that the translators of this actually have thought it through, which, let's face it, probably did not happen.
Christine chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
I actually really like English version, especially with Lavoie, Garou and Arena. Are you sure Frollo says Pig in Trial? To me it sounds Pagan.