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vanhellsing9000 chapter 9 . 9/3
Love this story its about time that those bitches got there comeuppance i am wondering though the way jade is moving with keitaro will you be changing the rating to an m and start doing lemons. Any hoo carnt wait for the next chapter to come out and i look forward to the bitches getting battered. Keep it up
oblivionknight7 chapter 9 . 9/2
Had to reread it all over again but this chapter was worth it.
LMvMf chapter 1 . 9/2
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Guest chapter 9 . 8/22
You know what I like ? Karma. And what leads to it.
mnementh2000 chapter 9 . 8/17
I like the direction you are going with this story, and how you are addressing many of the problems that could and would arise from the situation. Your solution from Kei to Jade was also a brilliant one - yet one that could so easily backfire on EVERYONE. We all know how bad things could have gone for them in the canon chapter where they went on their little 'date', and how bad two of the residents almost took it.

As for her age, the age of consent, and Jade, truthfully, the way I see things, Jade only allows her to express her wants, desires, and inmost thoughts without regard to morals, propriety, or social stigmas. It is still Shinobu, but without her shyness or filters. It is basically like handing over 5he keys to a child, and telling them to go have fun. Only, in this instance, said car is a full grown woman's body with all the confidence and push that you could want, as well as heightened libido that comes with it. A dangerous situation if not taught control.

As for the abuse in canon, I agree, it was a major sticking point. The author tried to play it off as humorous, but the fact is, it was physical abuse. It happens in real life, and destroys lives. Heh, would everyone find it as humorous if it was a gender switched situation, with a bunch of hormonal, emotionally driven and poor impulse control boys constantly beat on the lone girl in the dorm? The truth 8s, the Manga would have been cancelled before it got out of the gates. Although, by the last chapter, Motoko chasing Kei was more out of good natured fun, rather than with any malicious intent.
SomebodyLost chapter 9 . 8/11
In canon, Keitaro does help the girls become better people... Somewhat. He still flies off, which is tiring to see indeed.

Shinobu as the She-Hulk is awesome. The payback is cathartic. It's pretty easy to hate the other girls though, but then again canon makes it easy.

Why do I feel Kanako will backstab Shinobu?

I empathize with Haruka right now, haha. Adult, tired and dealing with kids and business... overworked lmao. She needs a vacation. Please give her a vacation and not disturb it.

How Keitaro is dealing with the knowledge is great, from what Kitsune said and what Jade/Shinobu said. I think telling Jade to make Shinobu ask him out is a great way to incentivise Shinobu and stall for time.

I don't mind age gap relationships, but my jam is secret relationships. This looks to be almost-doing that.

What frustrates me the most is Shinobu having a slooooooow character development, but that's the point. Can't wait for her to tell off the others as Shinobu.

Thanks for writing!
J4RRE77 chapter 1 . 8/9
You're treading on thin ice here, man...

Keitaro make look like a teenager, but he's 21 years old. Old enough to drink here in America. A thirteen year old like Shinobu dating a full-grown adult is gonna get a lot of negative attention...
Prustan chapter 9 . 8/8
Welcome back. Here's hoping that the next chapter isn't delayed so much.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/8
Another wonderful chapter. I'm glad that you liked my suggestions. Personally I think the Venom route would be the better one to go with, if you decide it fits with your story. The reason I say this is because, throughout this story I see Keitaro helping Shinobu and Jade come to accept each other. After all, Jade is Shinobu's repressed id. So I thought that Venom could symbolize Keitaro's repressed rage. Now Shinobu/Jade have to help Keitaro master both the symbiote and his emotions. Let me know what you think. Again great chapter and thanks for listening to all your readers input.
RandomCraziness chapter 9 . 8/7
Thank you for the new chapter.
Been forever.

Excellent characterization. There should be some bleed over from jade to Shinobu. Should be fairly quick especially with Jade egging her on.
Yami Ron chapter 9 . 8/7
OP OrionPax09 Overpowered! Keep up the awesome writing!
Rialga chapter 9 . 8/6
Definitely excited to see what exactly Kanako will be doing. Also, loved how you wrote the connection between Shinobu and Jade, with how they're separate yet still the same person. Excited to see her ask Keitaro out!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
AlexCephon chapter 9 . 8/6
Glad to see this isn't a dead fic.
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