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Suzii chapter 34 . 41m
Good work again! :D I knew you had referenced stuff from Earth to Echo! Haha!
PuppeteerOllie chapter 34 . 8/2
Getting better and better :)
Suzii chapter 33 . 7/23
I've been reading your fan fiction for ages and it's so brilliant! You are very talented and i'm so glad someone still writes fan fictions for my favourite movie and Joe and Alice etc. Keep going and doing what you are doing you are great! I'll keep reading no matter what :)
PuppeteerOllie chapter 33 . 7/22
Still reading and still loving
Guest chapter 31 . 6/15
SylviaHunterOfArtemis chapter 28 . 5/20
"I'm in my band (lol no duh). Joe said he'd be in it too."

"I totally didn't."

Lol people...
SylviaHunterOfArtemis chapter 25 . 5/18
Geeeeeeeeeeeeez ohm

Cary can not be a babysitter lol he'd burn the house down

SylviaHunterOfArtemis chapter 24 . 5/18
Lola un-last-named characters got their last names. At least Cary did.
PuppeteerOllie chapter 31 . 5/13
This was definitely worth the wait! Excellent, excellent work.
thewalkerinme chapter 30 . 4/28
I relate to Joe at the beginning; not even reading the letter before telling your parents about it haha Ps. Jack, he can't promise you that. . .
More like the 'mouth' of the enemy. I feel like they're just going to get torn to pieces. You could literally get so dark with this. Like, shit, I don't want it to be traumatizing or anything, really, knida, okay maybe a little, but in reality, I feel like someone could die doing this. But, I guess if you stick to the theme of the movie, kids don't die. Steven Spielberg wouldn't stand for it haha which I would totally support too because whatever way you go about it this is mint. But still, shit, this would break a lot of our hearts if you killed someone off, or something really terrible happened, oh, god, my heart is literally pounding from getting caught up in the thought of it all, ah, I'm so scared for them!
Fucking hell. God, this is really making my whole day. You mentioned the hole in Joe's bedroom wall. Ha! I love that! It'd be funny if his dad noticed a draft or something one day haha
Oh Alice you're so fucking gracious. I just, adore you. Box, thanks for letting me get all nostalgic every time I read this. Seriously, I can't even express the magnitude of how awesome I think this is.

Ahhhh! Her room is beautiful! There was a heart twizzler! I'm sobbing! I've never related to Alice so much! And the hunch back! That was so perfect! AHAHHAHHHAHA!

I swear to God, if the words on this fanfiction were grab-able, I would be hanging desperately off of every one of them, like some frantic rock climber.
Ah, they're so good to each other! They just click. Ahghg! I love it!
Meahha! He asked her?! Oh, my God. That was literally adorable. I had to stop for a moment to make sure I wouldn't cry because getting asked is literally the sweetest thing anyone could do! Even in my fic, consent is a super big theme. I don't know why the phrase "Your quiet strength" made me feel like I was about to burst open. This is so amazing! Seriously.
God! That's totally a thing isn't it! Like, in school we were taught what everyone else did wrong, but I've never been taught about what England did to fuck up in the war(s). And I'm pretty sure there was a lot of stuff.
Seriously, great job. This was my favourite chapter so far!
darkangelwp chapter 30 . 4/26
This is turning out so great!
Your last line is a freaking love line I tell you.

"Yes. Yes, we're about to rob a military base."
Gold, right there.
PuppeteerOllie chapter 30 . 4/25
Oh my god I'm pumped to read more! And thanks for adding the Joelice. Beautiful stuff :)
thewalkerinme chapter 29 . 4/2
Ahh, I started writing a giant review but it deleted itself, anyway, I'll just try to remember then continue where I left off!
Basically, amazing so far like always! I love the dreams, and Donny, and how you haven't forgotten anyone. Like they're all just still living away in your head. I'm starting to really not like Smartin's Pa. Or Carol. And Todd is just on a whole nother level of ass hole.
Rise is cool, and her call was great. I'm so interested with where you go with your plot.
Haha Cary is the bomb. I love him!
Fuck, it's like watching the movie.
Hehe, nice name... XD Abigail. coincidence, or intentional?
Butt-crack alert! Haha. I love how you do that, like you make the characters blunder and be awkward, it's so real, THIS IS THE SEQUEL! I TELL YOU!

"I'm quite secure in my manliness." This, is, my favourite quote in the world now.

Omg, I'm still giggling, especially with what Charles said after.
I can't stop.
I love how you've made Alice so much more open to the boys. When she moaned about how difficult it all was, she just did it, whereas in the movie while she didn't know them much, she would've kept her mouth shut and been too reserved to complain. It's subtle yet beautifully done.
Haha, no, Preston, Joe wouldn't like it if you gave her a heart attack. Haha, I love how the guys are all so comfortable around her, too.
Aw, Joe is such a gentleman. Haha, maybe he should take Rachel's advice about rolling with the punch for if Todd ever decides to show his face again.
I love how Rachel "inwardly winced" :D
MINT! Oh my god, you are amazing. Justin, this is so great. The references, ah, it's, so, beautiful!
"An empty space where the tall, curly haired kid would usually be standing." Awww, that's just super 8. Preston's always there. Ah. I love this. When I read this I feel like I'm 14 years old again, just marveling over the movie when it first came out. Super 8 will never die in my mind.
Ha, Cary.
Talking to Charles is kinda like standing in front of a train, huh? You portray that really well. He even has a yellow rain coat. God, that's so Charles, and his stripy top.
God, that mill gives me the chills.


Ah, that was so amazing! Well freaking done. That was so mint!
Guest chapter 29 . 4/1
Hey I really like the sequel! Cant wait till your next chapter :)
mrneb chapter 28 . 3/8
I'm enjoying your novelization a lot. I look forward to the next chapter.
Just one nitpick is that Louis Dainard drives a Buick Skylark, not a Ford Mustang (American car nuts notice these things...).
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