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Aerhyce chapter 10 . 4/17
"before replying in TEHSAME tongue"
Damn, that typo totally cracked me up and melted the drama.
TudorQueen1997 chapter 74 . 4/4
Love this story! Please update soon!
lilbobkat chapter 74 . 3/24
Just finished all 74 chapters and you did a great job! I see you haven't updated in awhile so I hope that you haven't given up on the story. I really want to read more. I know you will be moving away from the books soon, but you have done a great job building Gwen's characters and the interactions with everyone else. I hope that you continue! I want to find out more about the girl Bilbo found and if that is Jessie or not...thinking it is. Anyhow, I really enjoyed your story!
DragonViper2.0 chapter 59 . 2/26
Hey Sherrywine, I don't really review much, I guess I really should! And I felt that I need to review to this fanfic of yours. I was absolutely hooked on this, was reading it all the time whenever I could and I really love how you portray Eomer, he's probably one of my favourite Fanfic Eomers - but there is something that has been really nagging at me in these later chapters (I haven't read further than 59 - explain why in a bit) and that's the OC character Gwen.

I would of thought by now there would of been much character development, after learning how to fight and fire an arrow and everything she has experienced should of toughened her up a lot, but yet she is still acts like a brattish child and I found it to be rare that she doesn't cry about something in a chapter and I don't know, that just gets to me I suppose as I know no female at all that cries so much. Sure we cry, everyone cries but not as much as Gwen does and I think that is really unfair to the other characters because it puts them in a really difficult position all the time when they have better and bigger things to worry about she's being selfish and basically a brat and I don't know I just find that to be so irritating as she is literally still acting like a ten year old that has a temper tantrum whenever she doesn't get her way. At the start that's fair game, she's just been brought to another world and that is her character flaw, but that should be pretty much gone by now.

If I sound really mean I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be. I'm giving some criticism that's all, in the nicest way possible!
madwinter12 chapter 74 . 2/14
Patiently (or to be honest not so patiently) waiting for the promised update. I hope everything's going okay for you and that it gets better. I've read through this entire story TWICE because one day I went, "dammit if i don't have an update i might as well just reread it again," so i did, and i picked up on things i missed the first time and now i'm thinking about reading it again because wow i'm remembering how awesomely douche-y you made Eomer, which was a welcome change from other stories which write him as a prince charming. I especially like how you wrote about the age and experience difference between gwen and eomer, to me it came off as a more realistic spin on a late 20's guy (that is his age right) being involved with an 18 year old.
living-with-feels chapter 74 . 2/1
brilliant I love how you change the POV so we can know what's going on in his head (and realize he is not a asshole but just a (verry) slightly dumb when it comes to wommen...
update soon please :)
Nurseratchet chapter 74 . 1/14
Please update soon!
loleoRAWR chapter 74 . 12/19/2013
SUCH A WONDERFUL STORY! please update soon!
Hannah chapter 74 . 12/14/2013
It's brilliant! Next chapter please!
Guest chapter 74 . 12/9/2013
This is fantastic! please update soon?
Guest chapter 74 . 11/23/2013
This is fantastic! I seriously read all 74 chapters in a day
H.Chris.H chapter 74 . 11/1/2013
Now Eomer is being a little ridiculous. Time to go talk to his uncle. Luxury of love equals weak lol Awww Going to Grim for advice, is precious. Yeah I went there. All caught up now. *sigh* I guess I'll get back to updating my fic finally
H.Chris.H chapter 73 . 11/1/2013
Must be Jessie…the plot thickens.
H.Chris.H chapter 72 . 11/1/2013
ah…Pride goeth before the fall and I thought he had asked nicely.
H.Chris.H chapter 71 . 11/1/2013
The moment when he felt her looking at her, raised his eye questioningly and smiled…that's like Pride and Prejudice's Colin Firth's look when Lizzie turned the music page his sister was playing. You know…"The Look".
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