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Guest chapter 28 . 7/18/2017
If you aren't going to finish this ending I will, (Although I'm a crappy writer) mordicia past out after he barely escaped the pit. He opened his eyes once more to appear back at the time central. The time Lord was there to greet him. "Why am I back here even though I don't have the watch?" Mordicia questioned. "You finally did something right, all you had to do was fix your relationship with the mammal. The watch was never broken by the microwave, it was the broken relationship that broke my heart. By fixing it, I can get rid of the timer on your wing and you can leave back to your life." Said the time Lord. "But what would have happened if it reached zero? Asked the still puzzled avian. "I would've died obviously, since my heart was gone." Said the time Lord. Mordicia remembered his friend who was impaled. "Take me back I need to be with my friend" said the avian. "Im sorry but he's already dead." Said time Lord while he opened a portal showing Rigby in the hospital gathered around his friends and family, mordicia laying there next to him, lifeless. Don was crying and everyone was gloomy. "I can take you back, though, I guess I owe that re-do." Stated time Lord. He snapped his fingers and mordicia regained conscience in his hospital bed with Rigby awake beside him. "Dude... you were awsome" Rigbys words barely left his lips. "Thanks dude" the avian replied. Everyone was surprised and thankful for that. A couple of months later they left the hospital and returned to the park. Don made a deal with Benson so Rigby could get his job back. After some people explored the cave, the crystals were drilled out and the park sold them for millions of dollars. The spiders were found all dead and Doug nowhere to be seen. Mordicia sat on the couch next to his small companion. They were playing the video game mordicia bought a couple days ago. "Dude, I told you these graphics were cool." Said Rigby. Mordicia was just glad he had his *ahem* new romantic interest back. Mordicia put his arm around his companion and they played there game for a couple more hours. Mordicia often thought about who oz was and if that really was the end, but that was for another day. Meanwhile Doug tropes over rocks trying to find his way out in the dark. He slipped and fell to the ground holding his hands out and catching a leg. He looked up and saw death. "Your a long way from home aren't you?" (This my ending but i consider it uncannon if the writer ever finishes it.)
Guest chapter 28 . 7/17/2017
TailsTheCuteBabyFox chapter 28 . 12/5/2016
Oh my god! You have to finish this! It's amazing! PLEASE! Great plot line! We need an ending! :D
Silverstream5683 chapter 28 . 5/26/2016
No please don't be a dead fic. I want to see the ending aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This is such an amazing fanfiction I am sad to see its last upload date was so long ago. If you're out there author please consider finishing this.
wolf tail196 chapter 28 . 4/14/2016
I have a question are you considering writing more
andalitebandit-6 chapter 13 . 2/6/2016
Holy carp... HOLY CARP! That's amazing! It's amazing how you managed to use something from the show cannon to smoothly insert completely believable Morby in there! The hug makes total sense here. You are a genius. Ahem, on with the story then :D
Agoodreader chapter 28 . 7/28/2015
One piece of advance, don't read this story; Its not awful, far from it, its one of the best in this section but its unfinished. Your'll be left batty wondering what will become of this story.

There are a few issues around a couple of the points in the story, like the bit with Thomas. bits like this can be overlooked.
fudgedwalrus chapter 1 . 6/19/2015
Its been over a year, is everything ok? This is a great work of writing and would love to read on! :)
Gr8 one chapter 28 . 5/22/2015
Please tell me there's more of this story somewhere...
Ghostmaus chapter 28 . 9/28/2014
Simply brilliant, please take your time and care of yourself. This is a big project, write when you're ready, not when you're forced.
Mordcai chapter 28 . 7/5/2014
Should be a movie!
QuietDisconnect chapter 1 . 5/22/2014
I am begging to to update this soon. This story is so captivating. I can relate to a lot of Rigby's emotions in this, so this story is like my medicine. Please don't ever give up on this. I think it would be one of the few Morby fanfics on here with 20 or more chapters that would actually get completed. You have more positive reviews than anyone on here, so that should be inspiration enough. This story is simply amazing, and I can't wait to see an update.
nintendosegasonyguy chapter 28 . 3/12/2014
nintendosegasonyguy chapter 27 . 3/12/2014

So I just did a massive marathon of reading this whole story. It's KICKASS! I really wish more fanfic writers put as much time and effort into writing as you definitely do. The connections and extensions you make with both character and plotline from the show are ingenious and original beyond belief. I don't know how you've done it, but you've crafted an epic, a FABULOUS story. Not since "Triangles" has a Regular Show fanfic resonated with me as much, and I gotta say this one is much better. I'm glad you've taken the high route and not made this a sexual story (well, for the most part, lol). It's so interwoven with the source material that it's a wonder how this couldn't become a series movie.

I LOVE how you portray each character. Every character gets plenty of screen time, which I really appreciate. I like stories where Rigby is in love with Mordecai, and this proved to take that to a lot of amazing places. It all feels very natural and gradual. Any bit of romance between the two feels real. Mordecai's sexual progression through the story feels real, and it's interesting/good how it's found in other characters, not just Rigby. Benson and Pops are absolutely perfect, Benson especially when Mordecai yells at him about how he isn't being understanding towards the situation at all. I like how you portray Skips - how he's stuck in time and isn't so perfect after all. Thomas - not really how I would've imagined, and his introduction really seems out of the blue, but the stuff with him and Mordo while painting and while at the coffee shop are cool. Allan was a great idea - I like his character, his backstory, etc.

Doug, however, steals the award for most original portrayal, best original back story, best continuity with the main series, etc. I LOVE his character and what he does for this story. EVERY scene/interaction between him and Mordecai is priceless. Grade A stuff, man, seriously.

A lot of the strength in earlier chapters comes from Mordecai's strange, trippy interactions with other characters, once he gets the time limit. It really establishes a busy, tense, and deceptive world. The story feels like a fantasy, but not so far left that it doesn't feel like Regular Show. Enough weird happens in the real world this story takes place in that a lot of the dream and time stuff doesn't really feel so out of place. I've read a lot of fanfics where that balance has been lost and the story suffers. It's difficult for me to explain exactly where the boundary is, so I hope you sort of know what I mean. In the later chapters, it tips more in the fantasy favor, though. Early on, you can pick up many of the repeating motifs and themes, like the necessity to not waste time and the ability to fix problems. As we start focusing more on the dream stuff, however, some of the motifs and themes take a backseat to the action. It feels like they all but disappear. We don't get much of a sense of theme or motif when Mordecai is first trying to plunge through the ice, the second time when he gets the sword, and when Mordecai is in Rigby's dream, and once all these events start occurring one after another the tension in the previous chapters, in regards to running out of time and Mordecai's weird interactions with other characters, really starts to fade. But then, I didn't really like the violent dreams Mordecai had of Rigby, like when Margaret and Eileen are both found dead. The mirrors and such is another motif, but a difficult one to follow. When Mordecai first has the ice dream, it's weird when it says at the end how he's "finally beginning to understand".

Some of the relationship stuff with Margaret and Eilleen is a bit shaky at times, and I feel their parts are generally the weakest in the story. Eileen isn't mentioned a lot and when she is, she doesn't make too much sense. Like when Margaret tells Mordecai he left the amusement park in the nick of time because she and Allan had a falling out, and Mordecai immediately takes it as they had broken up. It's not clear initially if that's the case, so when she says yes to their date, I kinda took it as her whoring around before realizing it was an official breakup. But then that begs the question, when did Allan and Rigby have enough time to fool around or whatever? And why doesn't Rigby realize how similar Allan looks like Mordecai? He finds the black dye at some point, but doesn't really put 2 and 2 together. Eileen realized just how similar Allan and Mordecai looked before the even met (Margaret's sarcastic comment on her saying that just b/c they're both birds does not diminish the truth in her statement). Then when Mordecai is looking for Margaret at the coffee and all he finds is Eileen. They have a weird conversation - she has like a "fake" smile and it makes him think that "everyone knows something he doesn't". It's a weird moment, but I will admit that when putting it in context, this establishes a really busy and tense world I mentioned before.

I think Mordecai and Allan's fight was a bit too intense, especially with the former breaking the latter's arm. I don't really see why they HAD to fight, and they really seemed unnecessarily cruel of Mordecai as you'd established him up to that point.

There's lots more to talk about, but that's some of my critiques and ideas up to this point. Again, though, I'm friggin' loving it. I'm under the impression at one point you stopped the story. I'm glad I missed that, and have instead found the story just as you've seemingly been returning to it. PLEASe continue it! :D

Btw, I don't Ch.27. I take it you're trying to deliver some sort of hidden message? I see the capital letters, but they don't spell anything if you single them out and try to make them into a word.
yunor chapter 28 . 3/10/2014
simply amazing 3
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