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ReadingIsSexy15 chapter 5 . 1/29
Very Interesting
Shenny411 chapter 5 . 10/12/2013
This story is jampacked with awesomeness! The only complaint I have is it's not completed nor had it been update. Such a good story but abandoned. That makes me sad. Please continue this soon!
Guest chapter 5 . 10/8/2013
How had this story not been updated in over a year? It's so awesome! I sincerely hope you continue this soon.
nannygirl chapter 5 . 8/25/2013
Finally back to read this chapter and I apologize once again for taking so long to get to it! Like I said I was putting it off because I didn’t want it to ‘end’ but now that I’ve caught up I’m just excited for more and hope that more comes soon! :D This chapter was amazing brilliant and I was glued to my seat all the way through! Awesome details fabulous dialogue, just LOVED it!

Still loving these fashbacks and I really enjoyed most of the story taking place during it. It’s bittersweet with these characters who we know won’t see in the present chapters being in these flashback scenes but at the sme time I really like seeing them here and showing how important of a role they had and in a way keeping them in the story. they really are great characters I’m glad we get to see them more even if it was in the past. The first scene was brilliantly done, Sheldon’s opening line was so Sheldon I had to laugh. But Penny looking and calling for her parents who didn’t appear was so sad. I loved Sheldon being protective of her in that scene though and Father O’Connor in the background was great, loved that you didn’t forget about him. Oh and the part with the puppy and Eve was so great! Those two are quite a cute pair and my heart ached for both of them hiding there, so glad that Penny and Sheldon and Father O’Connor found them!

LOVED the next part! With Penny bathing Eve and her and Father O’Conner being so sweet and gentle with her while Sheldon was being well Sheldon. Lol Still sweet but in that special way of his, loved the way you kept him in character with these two new additions. Him concluding that Eve was mute—loved them picking out her name too, very well written—and Sheldon being sure that they named the dog too. A bittersweet moment when Sheldon thinks back to his childhood and his mom at the end there. A very nice way to end that scene.

Terrific next scene with them finding a clue that may or not be where Penny’s family is. Oh Poor Penny, the way she was so hopeful and at the same time worried when she saw what it was that the men had found in the trash. You did a great job at capturing her emotions there. And of course Penny would want to check on her family, she made a great point about how they had checked on Sheldon’s family now it was her turn. But Sheldon’s also got a good point. I really liked the way you wrote their argument, you could feel the tension between them but it didn’t turn into this overly dramatic thing, they still felt very much in character, especially when they shouted the others name. Good thing Father O’Conner stepped when he did. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t, nothing good I’m sure.

Awesome writing of the scene with Penny’s dream. You always do those dream scenes so well! They don’t feel too really but they’re not complete fantasy either, they feel like really dreams that you could imagine yourself having. Brilliant work there. I loved all the different pieces coming together to give Penny this important message that she and Sheldon needed to stick together, they were a team. I’m glad she got the message and followed it! Really loved the scene that followed with them getting ready to take off, and bring Eve and the pup along. It was very Sheldon like for him to be against taking the dog at first because it might bark and give them away but then Sheldon giving him a proper name ‘Pudding’ That was adorable and again so Sheldon like! Loved Penny’s reaction to the name too!

Fantastic stuff in the next scene too! We get to see how Cecilia and Frank came into the story and got to see them again too. Also got quite a bit of action in that scene with ‘them’ coming out after them. Wonderfully written scene there that was easily brought to life with your excellent writing skills! I liked hearing more about Frank and Cecilia, who they were and how they’d gotten there. They had dreams about Sheldon (and Penny) too! Very interesting. I really liked when we got to see the whole group together and they started talking about the dreams and Father O’Connor’s words about Father, all of that was so wonderfully written. Awesome closing of the scene too with Penny realizing that the dreams had all led them to Sheldon. LOVE how it ties in to the next little scene in the present.

The scene in the present may have been short but it was so fantastic! I LOVELOVE the way you tied in all that flashback to it! Those few paragraphs were so so powerful loved the way each word helped me imagine the scene more and more clearer. I could see Penny, Sheldon and Eve standing there with these new people and the mixed feeling that were felt by each other them. And then the big announcement of Sheldon being a prophet! Whoa! Did NOT see that coming! But it makes soo much sense now! Brilliantly Brilliant work there! And Penny’s reaction was awesome, very Penny and I couldn’t help but laugh. AWESOME way to end the chapter! Definitely has left me wanting more! So many more questions I have now and so many things I’m wondering about what the future has in store for the them all. I really do hope you continue this story in the near future! There’s still so much that needs to be told and answered1 But of course no rush, I can wait! :)

Fantabulous work once more! I so enjoyed reading this chapter! I can NOT wait to read more! Till then keep up the always wonderful work!
nannygirl chapter 4 . 7/19/2013
Another extremely excellent chapter! Not too much action in this one but it was still so wonderful and it had a lot of heart and emotions in this chapter, I know I teared up when reading some parts.

Even though I was still so curious to find out what was going to happen form the last chapter I very much enjoyed the way this chapter started off with the flashback. You always have great scenes in those flashbacks! More wonderful descriptions too of what Sheldon’s hometown not looks like not that *they* are here. It’s a heartbreaking sight. I really loved the way so much of that first scene was just describing the scene and getting into Penny’s head for awhile there—brilliantly done! Then we go inside Sheldon’s old home. I had really been hoping that maybe Sheldon’s family was alive so finding out that they were gone including is mother was so heartbreaking to read. The part with the letter tugged at my heartstrings and I really liked the way you described Penny comforting him, could see it and it again reminded me of parts from the show.

The next scene with them going to the church was a wonderfully written scene. And we also get to see how they met Father O’Conner—I thought that was really cool to see more of the pieces coming together. Of course it did remind me of what happened to him last chapter and that made me sad, but maybe we’ll still be able to see him in more flashbacks like this—and the same goes for the others as well :) I really liked the conversation with Father O’Conner and Sheldon though when Sheldon started describing his mother, hoping to hear good news about her…oh that was just so heartbreaking! Then Sheldon is led out to the graves and starts digging up his mother’s grave, another heartbreaking scene but again well written without going into too much detail. Good work!

The last scene in the flashback was terrifically done. I thought it was really nice to see a bit of a lighter scene in all of this. It was very sweet to see Sheldon thanking Penny for this and I liked how Penny isn’t sure why he’s thanking her but then understand completely when he explains it too her. His explanation also was very Sheldon like. The interaction with the two and Father O’Connor was great too, I liked that we got to see more interactions with them it helps us understand how important he was to both Sheldon and Penny. Great images there too with the three of them lying down and ready to go to bed. Though I have to admit that the line about how it was nice to be able to sleep in a house again made me feel a little sad for them too. :(

Final scene of the chapter going back into the present time was so very great! I really like the way you set it all up and with them entering the church ready for the worst, its’ sad that they have to enter everything—including a church—this way. And we soon find out that there are others in this church already. I really loved Sheldon being protective of both Penny and Eve. :) But now the question is are they good guys are bad guys? I’m not sure. I would like to think that they’re good guys but the way they seem to known about them maybe they’re not and I think it’s pretty hard to trust people in this time anyways huh? This Rose character sounds like a great addition to the story I’m only hoping she’ll play a positive role and not one that will get Sheldon, Penny, or Eve hurt.

Terrific work on this chapter once again! I very much enjoyed reading it! I’ll be back to read more soon! Til then keep up the fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 3 . 7/15/2013
Back to read more of this amazing story and I am so so so very sorry for not coming back and reading this chapter sooner! It was incredible and I if hadn’t felt bad before I clicked on it to read I really felt guilt once I had finished the chapter…it was just so good! I shouldn’t have waited so long to read it! I am so so very sorry!

The first scene with the flashback was wonderful! You write these flashbacks so well and I so love the way they give us more insight into what’s happened and what’s lead to the present time but at the same time you don’t give us all the answers, you keep up wondering and on our toes, and most importantly you keep up reading! I really love the way this story just grabs you and pulls you into it! Brilliant work there.

Going back to the flashback part, I felt so bad for Penny in the confused and almost frightened state but it seems to have worn off by now and she’s become a much stronger person. I knew she had it in her! That scene though was so intense, I could feel myself scooting closer to the screen while biting my nails. Wonderfully written details once again, the way you bring the scenes to life—any kid of scene—so amazes me. Oh I especially liked the part where we find out a little more why Sheldon picked Penny out of the rest of the guys.

Then we go back into the present time and if I thought the last scene was intense this scene was just…WOW. It was lost of action right from the get-go and the movements and actions were all written with such crisp details! Those demon things are scary and the way they had to be fought off…a incredibly written battle but I just wished it would have had a happier ending.

It looks like Penny and Sheldon lost some of the group and it was very sad to read. I was really liking these characters. And the sacrifice Cecilia made broke my heart—all of the other deaths/ sacrifices of their lives were sad but I think hers was the one that really got to me. Poor Eve, I’m sure Penny and Sheldon will take good care of her though. But still, such sadness. Of course in a time like that there’s not much time to mourn, they need to get out of there and fast. And it looks like Sheldon’s already got a new plan! The whole part in the jeep was written awesomely! The action and insist, Penny keeping her voice calm and soothing when talking to Eve, Sheldon still in command and I love the little detail of him still not driving. Reminds me of funny moments from the show and I’m sure not even an apocalypse could get him behind the wheel lol. Nicely done!

Now it looks like Sheldon’s new plan is being set into action and they are now heading to out Chicago for an airport interesting. Will they be flying out on a plane, will they have to fly the plane or will they be seeking shelter in the big building? I’m not sure but I know that I can’t wait to find out!

Awesome chapter once again! This story keeps getting better and better I really am enjoying reading it! I will be back to read more soon—if I’m not PLEASE feel free to remind me to get my but over here to do so! Till then keep up the terrific work!
SakiXX1 chapter 5 . 6/2/2013
I wonder why did Sheldon choose Penny out of all his friends? Is it because she has skills of a hunter and a survivor? What happened to the rest of their friends? Did they survive? So many questions unanswered! I can't wait for the next chapter!
nannygirl chapter 2 . 5/30/2013
Another wonderfully awesome chapter!

Again your descriptions of the actions and details of all the little things amaze me! I’m still loving the way that the characters are still in character but much different too. I liked how we got to see more of their old selves too in the flashback but then you had no problem in switching them back into what how they act now when the flashback was over. I also think there was a bit more humor in this one more of Sheldon’s comments that made me laugh and think of the old Sheldon. So good work on that!

The first scene with meeting another new character was terrific! Not sure if they can trust him, Dave informing them of his dream all of it was so very great and when he started to help them out I was very glad that they did trust him and accept his help. I think they are going to need all the help they can get in their situation and I think Dave makes a nice addition to these groups of characters. Oh and then we see Them. That whole part was awesomely written, I felt like my head was moving closer and closer to the computer screen as I read on the descriptions the the creature, getting ready to shot and then when it was defeat—wow. Just wow. Also thought that you did a nice job with adding the prayers in as they were being said by the priest.

I loved the flashback! That was fabulously done and gave us some answers to questions that we had. Of course there are still some left unanswered but I’m sure with time we’ll get to those :) The way this apocalypse happened was another wow moment. It didn’t feel over exaggerated or anything like that, it actually made me think for a moment there. I liked that Sheldon and the boys were asked to help. Though I’m really wondering what happened to the other boys right now, I do hope they’re okay. I also loved that Sheldon left behind a safe place for Penny to wait for him and the envelop and it’s contents were so Sheldon!

Loved when Sheldon came back and their little reunion. And of course the moments that followed with it just being the two of them, they learned more about each other and we’re seeing how this strong bond of theirs came to be. The scene with them talking to Howard was a nice touch, really enjoyed that part. This bit here though gave me chills “She let out a shuddering sigh and met his eyes. "They were demons, weren't they?" Sheldon's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Don't you call them that!" he hissed. "Not ever!" He reached out to grab onto her arms, gripping his fingers tightly around the pale flesh. "To give them such a name only lends them power. It gives them our fear and it takes from us—" He cut himself off, controlling his breathing until he regained his cool, detached composure. "It takes away our reason, Penny, our ability to fight back." That entire scene was so awesomely written and so intense but that part was the part that really stood out to me. That part and the end where they realize what this all is and how it’s just the beginning.
And then the end of the chapter…cliffhanger! And a big one at that! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Fabulous job on this chapter once again! I so very much enjoyed it! Will be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the wonderful work!
nannygirl chapter 1 . 5/26/2013
What a fantastically fabulous first chapter this was! I so loved it all! And I think it’s safe to say that I’m hooked and am ready to read more of it! By the way, sorry for talking so long to get to it but I’m here now and ready to review this brilliant piece of writing!

The first scene was terrific and I loved that it was a flashback scene—LOVE those—and with Penny and her father. Really loved the way you wrote that scene, descriptions, thoughts and all of that as they were hunting and Penny’s father was teaching her how to shoot a gun. I thought it was an excellent way to not only start the chapter but the story itself. Bravo!

Then we get into the present time—for the story—and I was in awe. I totally got caught up in the story and could see the sights ad hear the noises of all the things surrounding them. And the new characters that you’ve brought it are so great, they feel so real almost like they’re people we’ve already met before. Nice job! And of course Penny and Sheldon. LOVELOVELOVE the way that you write them. They are still so much alike form what we see in the show, I can easily imagine and hear their voices when I read but there’s something different about them both and I’m sure that relates much to the situation they are in right now.

I really love the idea of this sort of post-apocalyptic story but what I love more is how in character yes they’ve changed some but they had to and really your keeping the characters in character so it feels like a piece of fanfiction and not a whole new story with new characters and all. I just loved the interaction between Sheldon and Penny, the nicknames of Nebraska and East Texas—LOVE! And I know action scenes take a lot of work to write because there’s a certain image you create in your head and you have to write it so your readers can get that image too, well reading your actions scenes it was as if I was watching an action movie before me with all the effects—now that is great writing and very admirable!

Amazing first chapter once again! I so loved reading it! Will be back to read and review some more soon! Till then keep up the fabulous work!
jslee102 chapter 5 . 5/19/2013
So, brief hiatus might be a bad description at this point. Do you feel like you will ever come back to this story?
MamaB chapter 5 . 3/8/2013
Orion Rory Black chapter 5 . 3/2/2013
This is a great story! I can't wait for the rest! I hope the hiatus is not too long!
SharpestSatire chapter 5 . 1/12/2013
Arrrrggghhh. Please update! I knew I was risking frustration when I saw when this was last updated and it not being marked as complete. I was completely right. It's so interesting! AND THERE'S NO CHAPTER AFTER THIS ONE! *dies a little inside*

So... update soon? Or is this story 'dead' forever? :(
Rokimbo chapter 5 . 12/11/2012
You pulled me right in with this wonderful fic. Hopefully, your brief hiatus is almost over and you'll be posting more of this fantastic tale very soon. I'm looking forward to it!
Auraflower178 chapter 5 . 12/9/2012
This story is amazing! I've always been freaked out by apocalypse stories but I love this one. I hope you gain some inspiration and continue this story soon!
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