Reviews for Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above
NaomiK chapter 13 . 8/30/2019
I thought for a second there that she would ask Nat to look for John. I’m sure he’d want to.
NaomiK chapter 11 . 8/30/2019
I definitely didn’t expect that
NaomiK chapter 9 . 8/30/2019
Poor Torvald.
I kind of like Larry’s new girlfriend.
Alexandra is just being deliberately obtuse planning a duel on Halloween though.
NaomiK chapter 8 . 8/30/2019
Creative way to assassinate someone. I know I’m not the best reviewer and I don’t say very interesting things.. but let me just mention again that I’m always very impressed by your inventiveness and creativity. It has also improved a lot since the first book :)
NaomiK chapter 7 . 8/30/2019
A slightly disturbing relationship those Ozarker twins have..
NaomiK chapter 6 . 8/30/2019
They’re brilliant people. And I’m glad Alex is accepting her committees involvement ;)
NaomiK chapter 5 . 8/30/2019
Ahhh Janet Jackson. Hadn’t seen her in a while. That must have been deliberate. Silly Alex here, running after things without knowing what she’d do if she caught them.
NaomiK chapter 4 . 8/30/2019
This will be a fun re-read, it’s been so long I forgot most of it.
NaomiK chapter 3 . 8/30/2019
A harsh lesson. I wonder why Diana pulled that trick with the trace office.
NaomiK chapter 1 . 8/29/2019
This one has more reviews than the rest, but it could use a little more ;)
Another interesting look at Abraham.
alltheuntold chapter 39 . 8/13/2019
Excellent story! I'm curious about the Mary plot thread, and Alex's plan was very creative - but still an Alexandra plan! lol
Patrick Crimmins chapter 39 . 8/13/2019
You've created a really special thing with this series. Thank you so much.
HwaseungOz chapter 22 . 8/11/2019
This chapter makes me feel so bad for Alexandria. Rushing off half-cocked is clearly one of her tragic flaws, and she just keeps having emotional shocks she’s clearly not ready to deal with. I’m also frustrated at her, because I thought she really was doing better about talking through things with Anna, and was starting to show a little bit of restraint. Oh, Alex.
Guest chapter 32 . 8/10/2019
Amazing story but I hate the pattern you have Alex falling into this story... Continually falling straight towards danger, adults ineptly yelling at her not to do things she does anyways, everyone with a brain seeing trouble coming miles away, etc.
vacantvagrant chapter 39 . 6/6/2019
A book as imaginative and well-written as the others. I'm excited for the fifth one! Thanks again for writing.
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