Reviews for New Year's Party
Mimato love 4ever chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Omg! I can't stop laughing now. That's bcoz i'm in a good mood or this is really hilarious XD Matt and Yolie! omg i never thought about this pairing before. Kari x joe were also funny. I don't like them but i enjoyed coz it's a crack pairing. Well no one writes them like this i guess :p Not suprissed to see Sokeru coz i hav a liking for it and i'm currently reading a story about this couple. But i liked it. Michi is not a crack pairing i guess, atleast not for me :p Davis x izzy was funny too. I don't like yaoi but who cares if it's crack pairing in a hilarious fic. Besides i don't care much about izzy coz he's not my fav. I had fun reading this XD

Is it a oneshot or you're gonna continue this?