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Guest chapter 1 . 3/13/2013
walkswithwheels chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
I've always wanted to tell you what a great writer you are, but for some reason I never reviewed any of your fan fiction. I love the Department of heaven series, and wish it had more fans. I'm particularly interested Yggdra Union and its side games.

Poor Leon, stuck in the hospital. I have cerebral palsy (as my user name suggests) and it causes me to be in hospitals quite a bit, so I know right where he's coming from. Granted, I don't take it as badly as he does and I was always nice to everyone, but it can get very hard as the days drag by.

I also like Leon and Gulcasa together; they have a lot in common (aside from swearwords).

Hey, do you accept requests? I was thinking you could do a fan fiction for me. I really enjoyed the plot/characters from Blaze Union, but since I can't read Japanese, I can't understand the story. Judging from your other fictions on here, you seem to understand the story very well. I was thinking you could do something involving Garlot running into Bantreenu, the confrontation and her revealing herself, the duel, and Garlot's true name. I went to a fan fiction like this myself, but I can't really do a fan fiction if I don't know what the characters’ original emotions/reactions are supposed to be like. I just imagine the scene would be quite powerful to novelize, and I'm surprised no one has done it already.

Do you know any other sites that have Department of Heaven fan fiction? I know you can’t post links, but I have a pretty good search engine, so if you give me a name I should be able to find it.