Reviews for Harry Potter and the Wrath of Jashin
VinniVVicci chapter 6 . 49m
*pats* don't listen to them xupmzajjej , they dont know what they are taking about, this is a good fic
*angry mutters*
Htoje wuyrinv yofakxlc zajhakdj! Tof xake they say htah azouh cou an couk wiy. Gah, this really is gr8 so far
lunamoon531 chapter 2 . 3/13
OK, so, I didn't really think that i'd enjoy this much and had been avoiding reading it for a while but I can honestly say that this is turning out to be quite interesting and I find myself cursing my decision to not read this before.
truefictionaddict chapter 23 . 3/8
Are you still on hiatus for this story,please let me know?!
Lovethefanfix chapter 23 . 2/26
I'm sorry for your loss- but other than that, I'm happy to hear that you've been relatively well off.
Lovethefanfix chapter 22 . 2/26
Im very sorry to hear this, I hope you guys end up okay. :(
Lovethefanfix chapter 20 . 2/26
This is exactly as that one review from the 'read aloud' in the gryffindor common room said- THE UCHIHA DIDNT JUST DIE ALREADY! What's up with that?
Firefox chapter 23 . 1/25
I can't t believe you turned Harry in to a girl for that one section. XD please keep writing, love you fanfiction!
Firefox chapter 12 . 1/25
Harry should walk up to snake face and punch the shit out of him, and the bumbarta maximum his ass to hell!
Namikaze Uzumaki Potter chapter 23 . 1/20
please upload the next chapter.
shadewatcher chapter 23 . 12/26/2016
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaaaaaa! OMG that is too freaking hilarious! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Can't wait for more.
shadewatcher chapter 21 . 12/26/2016
LOL Poor Human just doesn't know when to shut up. XD LOVE IT!
shadewatcher chapter 15 . 12/26/2016
Duhh duh Dunn! Ouch that's gotta hurt.
shadewatcher chapter 14 . 12/26/2016
#cackles# love this. That last bit was Awesome and hilarious. The boys getting into a smackdown over beds. XD LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
shadewatcher chapter 9 . 12/26/2016
Uh oh, that doesn't sound good.
shadewatcher chapter 8 . 12/26/2016
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaaaaaa! Yeah that would have put an early end to the dark Lord pretty quickly. XD LOVE IT!
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