Reviews for The Hunter: Book One
Moonlion 94 chapter 102 . 9/19
I Can't Wait For The Next Chapter
Jimmy1201 chapter 102 . 9/18
Be careful with commas - "Meh, fans. Only need one big guy." made me think at first that maybe Ron was leaving Kim for Big Mike. Perhaps it reads better as "Meh, fans. Only need one, big guy." :)

Having Big Mike run the ball was great - I bet Justine would have liked to see him get a touchdown. I am convinced that Rufus is an extra-dimensional creature with a stomach that spans dimensions. Bigger on the inside just like Dr. Who's TARDIS. The memory machine episode nears - I am not looking forward to that. At least James Possible won't be trying to leave Ron out of Kim's memories right? Hmmm, nothing says it has to be Kim that forgets...
whitem chapter 102 . 9/18
I have a 'few' things here for ya...

First off, I really like those "Pig Skin" plays. They seem to be real hard to defend. And That Mike Little play reminded me of William 'The Refrigerator' Perry...

Next, I always wondered why Drakken never thought of taking Ginseng. Oh, wait... it's Drakken we're talking about...

Next, I remember that Mr. Dr. P. knows about Ron's windfall. (Gene told him, if I remember correctly) I'm a bit surprised he didn't try to steer Ron away from those thoughts of money problems...

Next, You're giving us good news about a couple of 'lesser' characters. That usually means something bad is coming up. Or am I watching too many movies?

And lastly, in reference to the last scene... yer mean. And that's all I'll say for now...

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter...
CajunBear73 chapter 102 . 9/17
What Ron feared, what was underlying all of nicer moments in his and Kim's lives seem to be about to fall...into something darker. Wonder if all his reflections like this told to a teammate will really prepare him for what 'Erik' has planned.

Closer still...

But on another note, doesn't Mikie playing fullback remind you of Godzilla stomping Tokyo?

Fanatic97 chapter 102 . 9/17
Wonder waht Rockwellers planning
Angelus-alvus chapter 101 . 9/11
very good chapter, dude. Sorry for the delay in reviewing.
pbow chapter 101 . 8/23
Mannn, I thought for sure that when Wade said Ron owed him for keeping Kim out of the loop of his training, that Ron would've offered Wade some cheese, just like he bribed Rufus with.
And what's all the fuss with claude and his monet?
Guest chapter 101 . 8/22
I Hope Kim Would Do Some Spying On Barkin Or Investigate The Boosters And I Hope Ron Doesn't Fail Those Entrance Exams

P.S Can't Wait For The Next Chapter
Mahler Avatar chapter 9 . 8/21
So now Kim and Ron have their chi bound together, and it's focused on their pendents. Somehow I see a big plot complication down the road concerning that...And while James and Eric continue to spin their nefarious plots, Brick clues Moni on how Bonnie is pulling the wires of the food chain like an expert puppeteer, while Barkin, MHS and the police turn a blind eye.

Wow, Sentinel, this AU is sounding more evil than anything I could come up with in BTS, but I'll just use that as inspiration, heh-heh...

Bobtrumpet chapter 101 . 8/20
. . . and the plot proceeds apace.

I can't wait to see what Ron does to the bad guys from "the ranch." I guess I'll have to wait, though, huh? Probably Book 2. And Barkin; ooh! I really can't wait to see him get his. I know, I'll have to wait for that, too.

I wish I could do the PDP; does it work on fan fiction writers?
whitem chapter 101 . 8/20
So many pieces of the puzzle being moved around and set up. I'm glad you're writing this and not me, 'cuz I'd be LOST trying to keep everything straight. But I really enjoy reading it!

So a little over 10 chapters to go... Something tells me major events are about to occur.

As always, I'm looking forward to the next installment!
Jimmy1201 chapter 101 . 8/19
Holy cow, ST - a "normal" work year has 2080 hours and you are up to 2200 already? Damn, do you sleep? I liked in this story where a lot of people have taken note of Kim & Shego's battle with Warmonga - that seems realistic. Lots of plot lines are still up in the air, I wonder if any will be resolved by the end of book one.
CajunBear73 chapter 101 . 8/19
Life moves along, the details of each moment gathering where they will before more of them moves along, leaving them behind. And so on...

Though Ron seems to be making plans for his future, and maybe Kim's, a fatalistic streak runs all through them. He figures on what will happen, not the when or how. But the Shadow (or Larry in this case) knows...insert evil laugh...

Fanatic97 chapter 101 . 8/19
Well this should get interesting
Mahler Avatar chapter 8 . 8/13
The plot advances, any many other plots as well. Ron's intensive training and his dark thoughts of how easily Kim would get over his demise, while Yori begins training Kim in the hope that a combo of her and Ron's chi will preclude anyone's demise.

Plots and counterplots between both Kim and Ron's 'rents, and now Sheldon has put that ol' gang of mine back together (The complete set of KP villains! Collect 'em all!) to hatch another plot to split up our favorite pair, while keeping their own noses clean. Yeah, good luck on that...

Now that all the basic players seem to be in place, let's see where all this leads. And it can't be good...

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