Reviews for The Hunter: Book One
Angelus-alvus chapter 92 . 2/25
Great chapter. I'm proud of Brick for haveing back up plans for his life. It's a smart move.
Also, nice cliffhanger.
whitem chapter 92 . 2/22
Hmm... pretty good chapter... Now tell me why I have a little voice telling me this fire may have been intentionally set?

And what was with that angel bit? Kinda threw me off as I hadn't seen that before. (Or possibly I forgot)

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter...
Moonlion 94 chapter 92 . 2/21
Good Luck Ron ?
Clocked Glydr chapter 54 . 2/20
One extra thing. Ive forgotten if u mention Han's age, but he says that "this is the first time i got shot done in ten years..." dang.
Clocked Glydr chapter 54 . 2/20
Oh I forgot to mention this bur I gave up on "Guest2987" and now using the name that i 100% ill use if I ever make my on account. Just on a him, I skipped to the last chapter and I saw u mention me...SCORE! Anyway to make this comment seem productive, why does Han use the Eric personal, instead of some other name? I mean, with all the preparation to the operation, I think Han wud be smarter than tht...UNLESS THERES A GREATER SCHEME! But yeah. I wonder how Han wud be able to...take advantage...on Kim. Drugs? Neutral Compliance Chips?
Clocked Glydr chapter 54 . 2/20
Dang...Stuff just got real. I noticed u updated recently, nice. Anyway that stuff bout Ron's role protecting Kim is a bit cryptic. On an off note, not that I dont enjoy this FF, but when are ya gonna end this one?
Cloacked Glydr chapter 53 . 2/20
So ur title of this FF is "The Hunter." I wonder the significance of it.
EchidnaPower chapter 92 . 2/18
Nice to have a little downtime...but I'm a bit confused...did we just eavesdrop on a conversation with God?
Guest chapter 92 . 2/17
poor kim and liz dont get any brown chicken brown cow lol. oh and why is mo and brick going to dc when they denver is the capital of colorado and where the athletic org for high schools would be or a reporter who would blow the lid off there gaming would be? just a thought
oh and what was with the devil just jumping in the story?
oh one more thing thanks for the snow day read
Jimmy1201 chapter 92 . 2/16
Lots of great advice in this chapter starting with "Ssshhh, less talk, more cuddle." continuing to the fireman's advice about not spending 100% on the emergencies and ending up with nothing left for the ones you love. "Our now singed semi hero lost his hold..." semi-hero? Really? Ron may be getting gentleman's Cs in some subjects, but I think he has a solid A in hero.
etyberz chapter 92 . 2/15
That Cliffhanger though! Good Chapter! Can't wait to see the next one!

Keep up the good work!
CajunBear73 chapter 92 . 2/15
Homecoming Dance, and Kim-giving-up-her-Virginity-to-Ron, Interruptus...James may be breathing a sigh of relief after that fire is put out...If he's not going to be at a funeral for Kim's boyfriend.

Many things flying around in conversation at the dance, but they all seem to be looking after each other. Loved Ron's warning to Junior about Bonnie, it may carry some weight down the road...

Meanwhile, someone bigger than all of us is beginning to lay the groundwork for things to come...

Now to see if Ron becomes a crispy-critter, or if he can rescue the little girl who went searching for that dog.

Fanatic97 chapter 92 . 2/15
and Ron's caught in a fire...hope he's got some REALLY good MMP stuff rready
RATTLEHEAD414 chapter 44 . 2/11
Your stories are awesome. I'am happy that you dont write kigo stories.
Guest 2987 chapter 33 . 1/28
Dang, you keep saying, "it shall be revealed in Book 2..." I STILL HAVE 59 (MROE OR LESS) CHAPTERS TO GO TOO. I really, really wanted the family to find out of Jame's condition, and that stroke thingie; I was sure that it would be revealed. But no, you had to pull a fake on us like in tht KP show w/ the Fearless ferret. Fake spiderman kiss scene. And now you have "Sergeant Zorro" That you say will be in book 2. I still have weeks to finish this tale, and maybe by then you can work on book two.
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