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Linkwonka88 chapter 110 . 9h
I loved this story will you continue it? Is Kim ever gonna find out that she was dating Ron or not and is Ron ever gonna reveal what has been going on with to anyone?
Jimmy1201 chapter 110 . 9/22
OK,, first Wade needs to have a casket sent to Ron's house just so he will shut up about it. Then Ron needs to dump Monique and Kim and find people who will be there for him when the going gets tough. I'm thinking he should take up with Bonnie and get a survivalist place in Montana. Maybe invite James and Anne. On the bright side, the soon to be former football players seem to be doing well.

Thanks for the update and the hard work. Jimmy
Uberscribbler chapter 110 . 9/21
What the hell! Okay, congrats to the Euro-scum for managing what the rogues gallery failed at on a consistent basis. They still need to die - not well, either - but respect here its due. I sincerely hope KP is getting her memories back soon because this is just PAINFUL! And the fact Monique is the one doing it (admittedly unconsciously) doesn't exactly help ones peace of mind any. One in fact feels very much like Georgia Superior Court Judge Bryan Durham Jr when he was attempting to conduct a preliminary hearing with murder defendant Denver Fenton Allen on 17 July 2016; look up the transcript (or watch the in-progress animation of the event using Rick and Morty from Adult Swim that's on YouTube).

That said...WHAT! THE! DING! DONG! HELL?

You really want to drive Ron over the edge and turn him suicidal, don't you? There's just no way that boy (and however emotionally mature he may present, he's still an adolescent) can't end up a tad twisted from these developments. And given his relative power levels, that's not a good scene.

So why am I suddenly envisioning a forthcoming scene involving KP and a huge heaping serving of crow, buzzard, and other assorted carrion birds? Or am I just hoping?

Neh, the author will make it right in the end. He's got a whole three more chapters to manage it, after all.
Randamwriter chapter 110 . 9/20
well damn man. i never expected this to happen. I wonder what are you doing with this plot move? i can't wait to see what is next but damn
Fanatic97 chapter 110 . 9/19
Way to fly off the hanbdle unessicarly Kim
Anon-451 chapter 110 . 9/19
Okay, now you have jumped the shark. If KP remembers what her and Ron had together, Ron may be able to forgive the first slap. But the second slap was done in hate. Ron can never forgive her for that. Ron has now lost everything, he has nothing left to live for, she has destroyed him. If Ron does not commit suicide, he should send all of his Team possible gear back to wade. Turn in all of his football gear, and tell Barkin to stuff it. Try to keep as low of profile as he can, until he graduates and then try to be a full time fire fighter. Grades, we don't need no stinking grades. Oh and by the way Japanese guy here is your sword back I don't need it any more.

Nothing would ever make up for the hate filled slap that KP gave to Ron. They are done as a team and done as lovers.

Bobtrumpet chapter 110 . 9/18
Dang cliffie!

Wow, Monique is the real b****, huh?

And nothing from the other bad guys? I don't know if I can keep this up, and I'm not writing the darn thing!

You better not take so long with the next chapter (and CB, that goes for your beta skills, too)! Don't make me come and find you ... :-)
KingRaptor582 chapter 110 . 9/18
Ron Stoppable has been framed by someone and I hope Kim get her memories back because her pride and ego getting Ron hurt and taking him to a dangerous place that he will not returned from.
CajunBear73 chapter 110 . 9/18
More of the lives of the MHS 'players' on display as this moves along.

Some things come to light with friends, a friend steers another because her pride got hurt (like Eric counted upon), and a friend puts his life on the line to save others and his 'best friend'...

When the day comes, and all of this comes to light, I hope Monique gets a detailed explanation from Anne Possible as to why the trumped up charges (well refuted) placed against Ron could not be discussed in public, due to legal sleight-of-hand by Martin Smarty, and why her reactions to and the agenda she mounted through Kim against Ron was unjustified.

Monique was played like a violin and she took Kim with her, right into the orchestra pit as she steered Kim into driving another planned spike into Ron's coffin.

Because someone knew how to play her. For shame.

whitem chapter 109 . 8/25
Good chapter here! I like how you're changing the episode around a bit to make everything work with your version of things.

I've noticed you took some scenes completely out. Which is fine. But you better not take out the key scene on the train, and you know what I'm talking about!

*whitem takes on a sheepish look* Sorry 'bout that. *ahem* Looking forward to the next chapter...
whitem chapter 108 . 8/25
I didn't realize I was behind a chapter...

Seems like things are moving along pretty good, and it looks like you're setting things up for more events to come later. Heck, at one point it even seemed like Kim was actually hitting on Ron!

Something tells me somebody might slip up and say something to Kim about her relationship with Ron.

Now on to the next chapter...
Angelus-alvus chapter 109 . 8/21
Another great chapter
Uberscribbler chapter 109 . 8/17
I really wish I could be mad with Monique here, but I can't. She should know better, but because she's so gloriously human, she doesn't. Everybody else is likewise (happily, if frustratingly) completely in-character; that means there's going to be confusion abounding amongst the principles, with select scum in the background laughing all the way to the graveyard.

Ought to be worth the wait! The author always is.
Jimmy1201 chapter 109 . 8/13
Talk about being fascinated by a train wreck, the current plot in this story have so many simultaneous trains screaming down the track that Grand Central Station couldn't contain them all. You got your "Kim forgets Ron", "Ron is framed and defamed", the continuous physical injuries to Ron and then just so the reader get the point, a real run away nuclear train. Two small quibbles - shouldn't Ron and Kim checked each other's jet packs and I thought that Drakken and Shego were going to help them out a little. Must have dreamed that.

Agonizingly great chapter as usual, thanks, Jimmy
Anon 451 chapter 109 . 8/13
You are going great so far. If you let Eric sleep with KP, Ron may have to give you a serious head butt with his helmet on.
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