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pattie103 chapter 115 . 6/30
Ugh, this story is way to long. There is so much pointless information, i can barley get trough it.. i'm done with it.
Anon451 chapter 115 . 6/28
That Ron has had his 40 days and 40 nights alone with his thoughts just trying to stay alive, I would put Ron's maturity level as that of a full adult. He has accepted the loss of Kim and is trying to move on. Even when Kim remembers if ever, I am not so sure that Ron will take her back. He may just give her some space and go after Eric and his crew, then perhaps Mr. Smarty. He will still have to deal with the Yono, but he and Hanna can handle that. KP will need to search her sole and make a tough choice. convince Ron that she really, really loves him or let it go. Tough call, but so is life.
romeosami7 chapter 111 . 6/26
the pain is not about waiting for another chapter, its about getting a chapter where nothing happens, they keep beating around the bush for eternity. this is getting frusttating man.
romeosami7 chapter 112 . 6/26
just get to the point, its stretched way too long.
romeosami7 chapter 114 . 6/26
Rons mom is a bitch. Your son has lost skin from his foot, you moron! ask him about his own welfare! stop putting Kim on pedestal.
romeosami7 chapter 115 . 6/26
Rons parents are to blame too. Who the fuck lets their kid go on mission alone, alone bc kim a godamn whore!
romeosami7 chapter 115 . 6/26
Ron is being everyone's bitch.
whitem chapter 115 . 6/25
STILL bugs the heck outa me when I'm reading the interaction between Kim and (shudder) Eric.

But, when (shudder) Eric took a pic of Kim's necklace and Monique asked about his phone, that sounds like something that should be remembered for later. (After all, I'm sure Monique has seen a cell phone with a camera before...)

As always, looking forward to the next 5 million words...
Angelus-alvus chapter 115 . 6/24
Hreat chapter. Why do I feel like something horrible will happen during this football game?
Uberscribbler chapter 115 . 6/24
I'm of mixed thoughts about this chapter. While its good to see Ron's settling into the new (if hopefully temporary) status quo, I'm left unsettled by his absolutist thinking. Is he going to be in any way receptive to Kim when she gets her memory back? I have serious doubts at this point.

Speaking of memory, does Kim remember the Euro-scum have Ron's communicator? She's acting about as scatterbrained as the stereotypical cheerleader right now, and its a tad embarrassing.

Idiot One is, well, still an idiot obviously. This military pretension of his is getting a bit much, and his veiled insinuation that Ron's going to die after the next game isn't remotely surprising. The author does give a fascinating if previously-unnoticed insight into the local culture the characters live in: the primacy and prevalence of football there. Ron's disinterest in it proves such a shock to Liz and Dave you'd think he declared he was an alien from Planet 9; the 'boosters' (who I trust are going to get their's in the end as well) aren't likely to understand it either, albeit for rather more mundane and twisted reasons.

Okay, standard praise now: kudos to the author and betas keeping the character's voices authentic and accurate. I truly wish Disney had managed this level of depth when the series was in production, but the format didn't allow for stuff like that. Still, it made a definite impact (I saw a recent interview with Christy Carlson Romano (the voice actress for KP herself) about how she was caught off-guard by how often she hears the Kim Possible theme as the ringtone of her fellow students at university) and provides the author with plenty of space to work with and fill in.

The fact not one piece of this colossus of text counters or dismisses any of the canon material makes it all the more impressive. So, thanks for that.

Next chapter soon please! Like, next week! I'm already suffering S103 withdrawl here!
Bobtrumpet chapter 115 . 6/24
First, I'm glad to hear the knee replacement went well. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

I'm curious to find out more about Ron's mystery, silvery "helper." Not to mention the last game.

I hope Monique likes crow, because she'll be eating it for a long time. Maybe Ron's cooking skills can make it palatable?

A well done chapter is now complete; anxiously awaiting the next!
Jimmy1201 chapter 115 . 6/23
Early in the story, I hated James with a passion. But then he surprised me and turned into one of the good guys. Now Kim is filling that slot. It is amazing how she shows nearly zero concern for Ron - even when Whiney tells her that the next time she abandons him to die, she should just shoot him in the head and not put him through the suffering, Kim for the next couple of minutes feels bad, the Ellis chews on her, then Rufus GROWLS at her, but fifteen minutes later, she is back to her happy, abnormal self, talking to Monique about getting a ride home from work.
This is Chapter 115, if I count correctly there are six chapters left, two for the football game and I'm guessing this book will end with Ron leaving for Japan. I am certainly hoping that Book 2 will see Kim choking down a lot of Karma Pie. I mean yes, she has forgotten about being in love with Ron and is being influenced by Eric, but damn, if this is how she treats friends then Ron might as well call down Ragnarok (or what ever) now and get it over with. Alas, I figure that Eric vs Ron won't happen until book 3.

Thanks for the update, I may be shaking my fist at characters in the story, but damn, it is still a good story. Jimmy
CajunBear73 chapter 115 . 6/23
Ron makes it back against all odds, and to the 'dismay' of "Eric" as he is held back from Kim...and Monique as he recovers.

Finding he's been pushed away even further by Eric's methods, Ron's probably going to be nothing more than a placeholder Kim never knew about until it's thrust upon her...someday when her life is dumped upon her...Eric's plan seems to be hitting on all cylinders right now. Ron's being pushed into a very lonely, dark corner as the football season comes to an end.

But what else can Ron do? His 'rents are the epitome of hands-off parenting, with a 'secret' chaser they wish to spring on him. Someday. Benign neglect for child rearing should be a sin...they should pay for, even if they wish to 'make up for it'...Someday...

Kim seems to be in cruise control regarding her fading Best Friend...But how much of this is Eric's/Han's results, or is Kimmie really acting on what she really felt deep down about the Ronster?

Someday...all will have to answer for what came down during the Senior Year they experienced.


Angelus-alvus chapter 114 . 5/22
Ron certainly deserves some rest after all this crap he's going through. Then again Eric will not let him rest...
Cloaked Glydr chapter 114 . 5/10
I remember reading from chapters 1-60 and became busy for a couple months/years. So as a break from studying I decided to recheck the kim possible fanfiction and saw yours in the list. So Im happy that this fanfic almost double in size since I last read it, and I checked out the last chapter...and find out that Eric/Han and KP are a couple now? [shudders]

So anyway now its 20 minutes after i started this review, and after skimming the previous chapters, i find out that Kim lost her memories of Ron somehow due to a machine (you just loving screwing with people's minds. First Mr Dr P, now Kim and my mind). And now she's doing missions with Eric :/ Not good.

Anyway despite the [gasp] non Kim/Ron thing going on right now, I'm so glad youre still continuing this fanfic. I love these super long chapters and after high school's done I'm gonna spend weeks rereading this fanfic all over again during the summer.
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