Reviews for The Hunter: Book One
Mahler Avatar chapter 13 . 11/10
Wow, exciting chapter as our MMM in training is surprised by Fukushima, but gains the upper hand by means of the Lotus Blade. Too bad Rufus wasn't around to say 'Bye Bye!' as Ron sliced him into thin slices of roast beef and rescuing Yori in the process. And then Ron gets even with the bullies that injured him and tried to have their way with Kim, then blames her for not putting out? Bad choice of words there, Jerome: you were lucky to escape with your life. Now on to the next few chapters to see how much trouble MrDrP will get himself into now...

Angelus-alvus chapter 103 . 10/28
Great chapters! I was very surprised at what Happened to Kim. So this is how "Eric" will approach her, huh...
chica13 chapter 103 . 10/18
Mannnn this memory stuff is freaking me out. I feel like Kim's gonna remember something in the wrong way, you know? Geez, you sure left use with a cliffhanger.
Randamwriter chapter 103 . 10/16
As always great chapter now I'm really just wondering how is everything going to play out in what's going to happen when Ronald abilities come into the light I cannot wait see you there come there
whitem chapter 103 . 10/16
Let's see... where shall I start?

It surprised me to see Dr. Langford was used in part of the plot against Kim. Here I thought he was a good guy.

And I'm also confused a little bit. The MRM was one of Drakken's pieces of tech?

And then you had to have someone from Wisconsin give Ron a ride and actually say "Go Badgers"? That game with Nebraska still hits a sore spot with me. Nnnrrgghh... And that was an interesting twist with Amos. (Almost surreal, anyone?)

Oh... now you've also given me a new Plot Bunny. *ouch* When Ron mentions something about when Death comes for him and the fact everyone gets his name wrong. *ouch* He bit me again!

And finally, I REALLY like how you have Kim connecting so quick with Ron. It's almost like a base memory for her that she belongs with him.

*whew* I'm looking forward to how you continue this Act of your long-winded play. *snicker*
pbow chapter 103 . 10/14
Um, go Badgers... and Packers! (I'm originally from the Cheese State, don't'cha know there hey!)
One thing bothers me, tho. How did Langford get Mr. Dr. P's cellphone number to call him at the hospital?
Oh oh OH! And why didn't Ron add a little ground beef to his Mac and Cheese? That's the way I like it, uh-huh uh-huh.
Yes, I'm still alive, tho I don't know how or why. I've been working 10 hour days, 6 days a week. It oesn't give me hardly any time to write.
Mahler Avatar chapter 12 . 10/13
Lots of plot advancement this chapter. As Ron continues his training, Master Umestsu gets Wade to help keep some deep dark secrets not only from Kim, but from even Ron himself. And any revelation to anyone of which could bring about his demise.

And it's cold COLD shower time for poor Ron as Kim gives him quite a peep show, and with Ann's full knowledge and blessing, while .P. does everything in his power to keep the two lovebirds apart. I foresee a lobotomy in that man's future...

Then it's deal time between Gemini and the younger man who wants to be given a free hand for not only a lethal option, but hopes to pit father against daughter for his own nefarious purposes. I can tell it's gonna be no holds barred once this scuzz gets warmed up. But for now it's off to Nana's for the summer...

Jimmy1201 chapter 103 . 10/12
"Keep Misses Fat butt busy while I put this thing back", "keep She-witch off me" and Shego didn't get angry? Ron must really have Shego cowed. Looks like this take on 'Clean Slate' is going to be more involved than the original plus the Evil From Europe finally seems to be moving. I don't think Jack Hench takes Shego seriously. I certainly hope that Ron shows him the error of his ways. Thanks for the update. Jimmy
CajunBear73 chapter 103 . 10/12
Rufus...may turn out to be the wisest adviser in this event. He sees something that seems so innocuous but could turn so tragic...Give that mole rat a lifetime coupon to Bueno Nacho!

Right now, Ron would fall on his sword over Kim stubbing her toe, he's so chicken-fries frantic over anything that he's 'supposed' to protect her from, that he has no objectivity whatsoever in this. Sensei advised Ron to protect Kim, and some mention was made of something cataclysmic yet to come, but he's stuck on stupid regarding protecting Kimmie.

But what's to come started after a careful moment was staged. In the time to come, I hope Drakken learns what Shego told him to fear, and Shego's hair turns white when a final confrontation with Ron occurs.

As for Erik/Hans and his bunch...I've got some ideas I want to 'contribute' to their fall from delusions of grandeur...

Moonlion 94 chapter 102 . 9/19
I Can't Wait For The Next Chapter
Jimmy1201 chapter 102 . 9/18
Be careful with commas - "Meh, fans. Only need one big guy." made me think at first that maybe Ron was leaving Kim for Big Mike. Perhaps it reads better as "Meh, fans. Only need one, big guy." :)

Having Big Mike run the ball was great - I bet Justine would have liked to see him get a touchdown. I am convinced that Rufus is an extra-dimensional creature with a stomach that spans dimensions. Bigger on the inside just like Dr. Who's TARDIS. The memory machine episode nears - I am not looking forward to that. At least James Possible won't be trying to leave Ron out of Kim's memories right? Hmmm, nothing says it has to be Kim that forgets...
whitem chapter 102 . 9/18
I have a 'few' things here for ya...

First off, I really like those "Pig Skin" plays. They seem to be real hard to defend. And That Mike Little play reminded me of William 'The Refrigerator' Perry...

Next, I always wondered why Drakken never thought of taking Ginseng. Oh, wait... it's Drakken we're talking about...

Next, I remember that Mr. Dr. P. knows about Ron's windfall. (Gene told him, if I remember correctly) I'm a bit surprised he didn't try to steer Ron away from those thoughts of money problems...

Next, You're giving us good news about a couple of 'lesser' characters. That usually means something bad is coming up. Or am I watching too many movies?

And lastly, in reference to the last scene... yer mean. And that's all I'll say for now...

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter...
CajunBear73 chapter 102 . 9/17
What Ron feared, what was underlying all of nicer moments in his and Kim's lives seem to be about to fall...into something darker. Wonder if all his reflections like this told to a teammate will really prepare him for what 'Erik' has planned.

Closer still...

But on another note, doesn't Mikie playing fullback remind you of Godzilla stomping Tokyo?

Fanatic97 chapter 102 . 9/17
Wonder waht Rockwellers planning
Angelus-alvus chapter 101 . 9/11
very good chapter, dude. Sorry for the delay in reviewing.
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