Reviews for The Hunter: Book One
Horned King II chapter 97 . 5/26
Yet again, a great chapter! :)
chica13 chapter 97 . 5/24
Ahhhhhh I hope Ron wins the boxing match. I think that would be so cool.
Angelus-alvus chapter 97 . 5/24
Nice chapter but I'm cruous. Is this story going to be religion centered in the future? I mean, while I have no issue reading such thing, it's just that the conversation between those two "souls" felt out of place given the story so far.
chica13 chapter 96 . 5/23
Honestly, even though I know it's not real, the thought of someone messing with SAT/ACT scores makes me sick to my stomach. And the fact that it's happening to Ron . . . it makes me wanna cry.
whitem chapter 97 . 5/21
Yay! I'm finally caught up again! Somehow I got behind on this by about three chapters. As always, this story continues to be great. (even the boring dialogue parts) Just kidding!

Anyways... I can tell your building up to a massive climax. The tests, the bad guys, and Kim and Ron trying to mate like monkeys. (Sorry Ron... how about bunnies? They're cute. At least they're not the 'Plot' kind of bunnies...)

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next installment.
CajunBear73 chapter 97 . 5/19
Barb got some of 'this is our way of telling you' thrown back in her face when she urged Ron to 'live his teen years', and other things he wouldn't have to put on hold if they would have just told him about his Naco Royalties...they are keeping a secret from him.

Plans against Ron, and Kim, in motion that lead to the dissolution of Team Possible, and maybe the end of Ron...Anne is onto something about Ron's dwindling abilities to dodge so much potential destruction that comes his way. Kim's comment about his luck running out also is telling.

Now can the feeling of 'downhill' be far behind, regarding Ron's life and Kim's feelings for Ron?


Jimmy1201 chapter 97 . 5/19
Anne's "maybe Ron's purpose in life is to die for you" - something about an ill-remembered dream? Curse these old brain cells, I guess I need to review 96 chapters and see what I am not remembering. But Anne's comment sort of set the mood for this chapter as we are reminded that there are Powers that have an interest in our heroes. And really, Mother Stoppable, get your husband to tell Ron about the money. First, Ron has pretty much shown that he has settled down on the straight and narrow path. Second, as tight as Ron is wound up, it would only reduce the story angst a little.
math123 chapter 97 . 5/18
Wow I hope they firuger out they stole Ron test scores.
Fanatic97 chapter 97 . 5/18
So now we got them both jobs :D

In less conviluted manner XD
Angelus-alvus chapter 96 . 5/12
So Hans and the gang are striking...I have this horrible feeling that Ron's parents are going to die...
great chapter
Horned King II chapter 96 . 5/10
Good chapter
ajw1970 chapter 96 . 5/10
oh forgot to review the last chapter so you get a 2 for one lol cool chapter here like how kp and mrs p talked last chap would have liked more or one chapter on it oh well looks like eric is about to pull out all the stops to get ron and bed kim good luck NOT oh and a question from last chapter what chapter dd ron and kim share the dream about him getting shot in the bowlers shirt the got as gifts?

pbow chapter 96 . 5/9
Nice chappie but...
I didn't think the ACTs or SATs could be messed with when the student is done with them, that it'd be almost impossible to since they're not left alone until they're sealed and sent to be graded.
Also, I haven't received any info about the fannies and, when I searched, couldn't find any, either. What are they listed under? I checked 'just in' and both the forum and communities. When I searched 'stories' for 'fannies' all I found was the previous years listings; Nothing from this year. What am I doing wrong?
Keep up the great writing and just to let you know, I like "Storm Chasers" better.
Moonlion 94 chapter 96 . 5/9
Man I Sure Hope That Hans's Plan To Stop Ron From Giong To College Back Fires And Not To Mention I Sure Hope The 4 That Went To Clarence Get Caught
Jimmy1201 chapter 96 . 5/9
The Evil from Europe are just playing now. I think that if they were smart, they would kill Ron with a sniper shot, take the money and run. (Oh wait - don't they already have the money?) But no, they are working extra hard to put extra angst on Kim and in being more complicated, they must certainly be increasing the risk of detection. I almost wonder if Ron's ninja instructors would consider this a pop quiz if/when they find out. The "pinky swear" between Ron and Curt was a great touch - shows that both men still haven't lost the boy in them. I wouldn't be too sure that Wade can't attack Jim and Tim just because they have Wade hacked. They might see Wade's attack coming, but could they stop it? Kim's relentless push for intimacy is actually terrifying because ST is talking about "Clean Slate" coming up. I can only trust that this time other people will be willing to tell Kim that "Yes Kim, you are dating Ron and in fact are hot to get intimate with him". I am really hoping that James doesn't pull the "omit Ron from the memory DVD" trick this time. I have sometimes thought that after Ron beats the Lawardians in "Graduation" that the NCAA would decide that his MMP makes him ineligible for college sports and his scholarships would be withdrawn.
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