Reviews for Ferelith
Agent-Emma-Coulson chapter 2 . 4/21/2013
i love this story so far
whoshallJudgeAngels chapter 4 . 4/20/2012
Iloveit-Iloveit-Iloveit! Thank you for finally updating!
missingfishes chapter 4 . 4/20/2012
Greta chapter! Can't wait for more :)
whoshallJudgeAngels chapter 3 . 2/21/2012
Yay! Updates! I really like how the story is turning out! I also like the fact that you mentioned Alice Trewhidden... weird old lady, huh? Or young, in this case...
missingfishes chapter 3 . 2/19/2012
Oh my, your chapters just get better and better! I love your style of writing. Is there going to be some mystery with the hair?
whoshallJudgeAngels chapter 1 . 2/18/2012
Okay, wait. Ferelith is 16 when she meets Aeron, right? Did she die (at 17), or go to Ingo? Please clear that question when you update.
whoshallJudgeAngels chapter 2 . 2/18/2012
Great story! It's really getting interesting now! Please update this soon! Aeron kind of reminds me a little bit of Faro. You should have some sort of chapter where Sapphire thinks about everyhting... once again, great story.
missingfishes chapter 2 . 1/23/2012
That was fantastic! I really liked the way you set it out, and it was really funny in places! Update soon?
bring me the pizza chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
It sounds realy interesting! keep writing! xx sapphy blue xx
missingfishes chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
*Gasp* Fantastic! Please update soon, I'm all intrigued now!