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Fortune Zyne chapter 16 . 5/28
This is a cute chapter! Well done!
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 16 . 5/12
Oh dear, this chapter was absolutely perfect. Brilliant and so very, very funny. Sauron was spot-on in every way, and it seemed like I was laughing at every other sentence. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter, and I am very eager to see where Sauron is going to start looking for minions.
My favorite dark lord was hilariously in character with that smug, arrogant, falsely sweet, sassy attitude that you write so well with him. I can totally imagine him being enamored of all our cool technology and deciding he likes smartphones and sports cars better than the medieval technology of Angband. And the thing about the ring-shaped doughnuts cracked me up. Sauron is also decidedly ambitious and smart, so it’s very believable that he’d see the reality that without Melkor here, he can be the ruling dark lord. I always imagined after he has his little meltdown at the beginning of the Second Age that Sauron would have had a moment of “Wait, Melkor’s gone, so that means *I’m* at the top now. Cool!”

Sauron’s ultimatum was also completely IC. It’s this attitude of Sauron’s that, for me, is one of the big differences between Sauron and Melkor. Sauron’s OK with people helping him or even remaining neutral for the most part (as Rohan basically was before Gandalf stirred Theoden up); he just doesn’t like people outright opposing him. But he’d much rather have minions and allies, or even neutral bystanders to take over when the time is right, then make enemies and destroy people, unlike Morgoth who generally likes to destroy anything and anyone. However, since I get the feeling from the previous chapters that Sauron dislikes Turin quite strongly, I think it’s still IC that Sauron would goad him a bit and is smugly delighted that Turin is opposing him, which gives him the accuse of killing him. And I think my favorite line of the whole chapter was Sauron’s “Opposing! Opposing! Definitely opposing!” Sauron is just enjoying this whole thing a little too much, I think :)

I had to laugh at Mim’s pathetic attempts at being invisible. For, as we know very well from LOTR, trying to use invisibility to hide from Sauron just doesn’t work out too well :P

I also laughed at Sauron’s “The point is, he might have been that stupid. I’ll drop by later to see.” I love Sauron’s casualness and dismissive attitude of Melkor. Melkor always struck me as being rather ditzy (he nearly got himself eaten by a giant spider for crying out loud, he can’t handle Barahir and his gang of *ten* outlaws, and Beren and Luthien steal a Silmaril right from underneath his nose without doing anything other than singing and dancing). That being the case, it’s always struck me that Sauron was the brains of the operation and that he spent a good deal of time secretly rolling his eyes at Melkor behind Melkor’s back with a “geesh, do I have to do all the work around here?” sort of attitude every time Melkor comes to him complaining about some problem that he wants Sauron to fix.

Haha, I enjoyed the appearance of Sauron!wolf. There seem to be very few fanfiction stories that make use of Sauron’s shapeshifting abilities and his affinity for wolves, so I liked seeing this canon detail. And I liked the dark humor of the detail that Elves taste good :) Poor Finrod…

The way Sauron handles the emergency situation and smooths the situation down with Chantal’s aunt and uncle was also IC. I loved the line “Normally Sauron would not have cared about getting the police involved, but normally Sauron had an army of orcs to back him up.” However, I couldn’t help but think of Numenor and the fact that Sauron is adept at still skillfully handling rough situations even when he doesn’t have his orc army, and I can totally imagine that type of flattering “damage control” Sauron works on them. And hmm, I’m very much wondering now what Sauron has done to Chantal, if she really is his mini-minion or just playacting, and if she is under his power, what he might use her to do.

And I fear Turin was also very much in character with that fiery temper of his. I found it completely believable that he’d be the first to attack Sauron, regardless of any threats, and to totally lose it after just a few taunts from Sauron. Turin’s impetuous temper is definitely his tragic flaw, and Sauron knows how to use people’s flaws against them.

Fantastic chapter! I'm looking forward to an update now that I'm *finally* caught up. Keep on writing. Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 15 . 5/12
Brilliant. This chapter was a great device to further the plot and to get to know the characters better at the same time. It was also a very funny chapter dotted with just enough serious moments that it didn’t descend into complete and utter silliness. There were so many great lines in it that made me chuckle and grin; it was one of the most fun chapters so far to read.

I think Androg was actually the best part of this chapter, which surprised me a little, but he was completely in character throughout. His rude, snarky commentary and the way he just cuts Chantal and Beleg off to get it over with and read the next question was perfect for his character. This could have been a very dark chapter, with the bits of Chantal’s past that are revealed and with the direct references to the more tragic bits of Turin’s story, but Androg provided the comic relief to keep it from getting *too* dark, which I think is good since this story has mainly been humor so far. I also liked it when Chantal and Beleg starting dishing out the sass back to Androg, especially with their answers for the “Make three ‘we’ statements” question. He and Beleg are so passive-aggressive with each other in this chapter, it’s hilarious. I loved Beleg’s answer about wanting to punch Androg and not having done it out of loyalty of Turin. And of course the brotherly friendship feels between Turin and Beleg, which of course just annoy Androg and Mim, was great too.

Heheh, it’s also kind of amusing just how bad Turin is at it, how blunt his answers are and how he doesn’t offer any sort of explanation, but this is perfectly in character for him. He handles this just about as poorly as he handles poor Finduilas’s affections. I like how takes a “battle stance” going into it; that gave a pretty good indication of Turin’s uncomfortableness with anything this open. It was also so Turin to just get up moodily in the middle and walk out on them. It was also in character that Beleg is able to handle it a bit more gracefully, and since he’s the one who’s least keen on Mim’s plan, it made sense that he’d be the one most eager for this thing to work. He was so sweet (to everyone by Androg, that is) that by the end of the chapter, I think I might have been falling for him, too :)

The quote at the beginning of this chapter was spot-on, and Chantal’s idea about “true hate’s kiss” was amusing, as that does sound like some sort of twisted Morgoth scheme. And oh dear, that awkward moment with the question about having a hunch on how you are going to die and the dark irony of Chantal knowing exactly how Turin will die. Which does bring up an interesting question? Are Turin and Beleg better off in this world and this reality, even with the curse? I wonder, if and when they figure out a way to get back to First Age Beleriand, if Chantal will try to stop them, knowing what she knows about the unpleasantness that awaits them. And I wonder if she will ever tell that what their canon future holds for them. That might make for an intriguing twist to the story.

And hmm, I wondered if Chantal had an idea what they were plotting about, considering the very non-subtle job Turin was doing with handling it. This might also make things interesting.

I think my favorite bit was the “what’s too serious to be joked about” exchange. Beleg’s answer in particular cracked me up, and I liked the humor that they are joking about the thing that’s supposed to be too serious to joke about. And of course, Androg’s quip was humorous, too. I also liked the ironic humor of Chantal wanting to tell Sauron to jump down a volcano, since volcanoes do play a rather large part in Sauron’s doom after all :)

You perfectly described the awkwardness of having to sit and stare into someone else’s eyes. Being someone myself who is uncomfortable with eye-contact, especially prolonged eye contact, I could feel Chantal’s pain. And the itchiness, ugh, that’s exactly what happens. The moment you have to sit still and concentrate, it feels like you just walked into a whole patch of poison ivy. That and the way time slows down so excruciatingly.

And ah! Amazing cliff-hanger. Not only am I delighted to see Sauron back, especially when he’s rocking the completely awkward timing, but I wonder if the kiss will actually work. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Keep on writing, and cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 14 . 5/10
Haha, even if this was really an intermediary chapter that did not progress the plot, it was a very amusing one. It was a fun chapter to read. One of my favorite types of humor is non modern characters trying to function in a modern world. That sort of humor just never gets old, and there were some good moments of that in this chapter :) Part of what I like about your humor is that it is rather droll; this isn’t one of those over-the-top Crack!fic type humor stories. There’s a solemnity to the characters, who are all wonderfully IC, that is very amusing juxtaposed with them being introduced to things like monster trucks and modern showers and discussing things like whether Elves have navels.

I had to laugh at Turin’s “Ta-da. He’s a freak.” I can also totally see young Turin being fascinatedly obsessed with trying to discover as many differences between Elves and Men as possible. Turin’s situation is rather interesting and unique as a human being raised by Elves and having very little contact with other humans. I liked seeing that little glimpse at Turin’s childhood and the mundane moments of his familial relationship with Beleg. It was kind of a silly, humorous moment, but it added a nice touch of depth to our understanding of their relationship.

It’s in character that Beleg is the one most concerned with hygiene in the group, even if the whole elven obsession with perfect hygiene is mostly a stereotype perpetrated by movie!Legolas and his ever-perfect hair. But Beleg does tend to be the most civilized and most mature member of the group :) I laughed when Turin was yelling about having shampoo in his eye; it is just funny to think of Turin yelping in the shower about getting shampoo in his eye. And it was amusing to see Beleg babying Turin and for Turin to get indignant over it, just like the typical teenager with an overprotective, pampering parent.

I think my favorite part of the chapter was Turin and Androg watching the monster truck show, however. Men are men, whatever world they may come from, apparently :P I liked Androg’s archaic-sounding “Let us watch this,” and the image of the two of them engrossed in the cheesy, testosterone-heavy show amused me greatly. And I liked Beleg’s attitude of totally not getting it and finding it a little obnoxious while Turin and Androg are fascinated.

Keep on writing!

-Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur chapter 13 . 5/10
Again, you’ve done a great job of capturing Mim’s unpleasant and belligerent perspective for this chapter. While Androg is more of an outright, outspoken jerk, Mim is a more subtle, sullen jerk; all his nasty-tempered little side thoughts and comments were quite in character, such as him hoping Chantal and Beleg hurt each other seriously and his constant stream of negativity towards Beleg, in addition to his happy “They’re fighting.” It’s also in line with his generally negative personality that he’d prefer collecting Chantal’s saliva to having to be kissed by her to stay real. His sneaky, backstabbing plan for Chantal was also believable for his treacherous character.

Hmm, since kisses are involved in the curse, I was wondering when they’d come up with “true love’s kiss” as a possible solution. I like that you are playing around with that traditional fairy tale curse cure thing and I wonder how that will work, who they would get to kiss them and such.

At first, I didn’t think Turin would agree to Mim’s alternate plan, but I think it’s in character that he would. Turin does have some sense of honor, but he unfortunately has trouble sticking to it, as is obvious from his escapades as a highwayman outlaw, and when his pride gets riled up, he seems to be willing to stoop pretty low. However, it was also very in character that he’d consult Beleg about the entire plan first. I also found it amusing how completely unsubtle he was about the whole thing – taking each of his companions aside to whisper to them right in front of Chantal. I wonder if she will catch on that something is up.

Beleg was also nicely in character again, that he’s the only one that doesn’t appear to be disgruntled and is looking at the situation calmly and trying to calm Turin down. I also had to grin when Beleg slapped Turin for talking with his mouth full :) Beleg and Chantal’s fighting match was kind of amusing and kind of cute, too – though I wonder if Beleg was really just satisfying his curiosity or if he was finding out if he’d be able to overpower her if they end up going with Mim’s plan.

Haha, the weird things we Tolkienites have been known to wonder :P I have lain awake at night thinking about Middle-earth related things that were probably equally random (a few months ago, I laid awake at night wondering what language Morgoth’s servants would have spoken, since Black Speech hadn’t been invented yet and the Orcish of LOTR is based heavily on Black Speech).

Hmm, Chantal brings up a point that I find quite interesting and true. I do think modern humans are considerably weaker than our ancestors. The fact that we aren’t even sure how Stonehenge was built at all with no modern technology shows that, I think. As we’ve become more and more separated from nature, I think we’ve lost a lot of our natural abilities, skills, and strengths, ones that people like Turin will still have. It’s an interesting point and it frustrates me when modern people act like our generation is the smartest and best, since, if anything, I suspect something much closer to the opposite is true. Which may be a tad pessimistic, but I suppose pessimism complements Mim’s perspective in this chapter :)

Keep on writing! Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
CrackinAndProudOfIt chapter 16 . 5/3
Yay! An update! And a brilliant one, too, might I add. :D I love your Sauron so much; I can totally imagine him just sauntering in and sitting down when everyone else is standing up... :) And his evil plan is, I fear, quite in-character. ;) The bit about the ring-shaped doughnuts is also perfect; I adored that.

Mim pretending to be invisible cracked me up, and Turin is rather flawless, too. :D Wonderful work all around on this! I'm excited (and slightly nervous ;P) to see what Sauron does next!

Elf from Downunder chapter 16 . 4/27
This was a fun chapter to read! Sauron's sass is just hilarious, and the thought that he would so casually take over the world just so he can drive fancy cars and eat an excessive amount of Boston cremes amuses me. :D I can only imagine the minions he will recruit will somehow scare the life out of Turin and the others ...

*holds stomach laughing* Oh! And when they all turned on Sauron and tackled him! And poor Mim, trying to pretend he is invisible ...

'"Opposing! Opposing! Definitely Opposing!"' Oh Sauron ... *bursts into laughter ... again*
Pip the Dark Lord of All chapter 4 . 3/14
Pip the Dark Lord of All chapter 3 . 3/14
Pip the Dark Lord of All chapter 2 . 3/14
Lol I love Sauron. Nice dialogue at the end.
Pip the Dark Lord of All chapter 1 . 3/14

This is the randomest thing ever...
NarusseRussandol chapter 1 . 3/8
I got to 'picnic' before having to take a breath :P
The Wayfaring Strangers chapter 15 . 2/20
Ummm. Wow. I didn't see that coming. Your characterization is still, excellent, though and I enjoyed getting to see Beleg's thoughts. This could get really, really, interesting.
Elf from Downunder chapter 15 . 2/18
This is an absolutely amazing chapter! I loved it so much - from Androg's witty comments here and there to you and Beleg's intriguing and funny answers to the questions. I had so much fun reading it! :D
I love how deep this story can get, yet the next paragraph something hilarious happens and I start laughing. This chapter had all of that in there, and it was so interesting reading about Beleg's replies which shows us so much about him, and your replies which made me sad for you sometimes and then insanely happy the next! My favorite part of this chapter? That kiss! Woot woot! ;)

... Typical Sauron, walking in. I can't wait to read what will happen next!
Nimrodel626 chapter 15 . 2/17
Oh. My. Goodness! That, that, that has got to be the most awkward situation that Sauron could walk into.

I sincerely hope that the father is just the character's father, but since he matches up the Galad Estel's Just My Luck's father... wow. I honestly cannot imagine that.

Update soon please, I must find out what happens!

May the Valar guide your pen,
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