Reviews for So Much For My Happy Ending
LisaDouglas chapter 12 . 2/5/2012
Lol I can just see Eunice's eyebrow pointing up ever so slightly as she asks William if they're reairing War of the Worlds! Lol! I like where she says "attacked where?"... Great point. Average people wouldn'tve had any idea what Pearl Harbor was at that time, some may've even been more inclined to say "What's a Pearl Harbor" rather than where? Hahaha "Don't join the Navy your father was in the Navy!" Love it! and 23rd Psalm, nice touch! That's so sweet! Oliver offers to pray for her! I always thought of him as a praying man, but in this instance its his life in danger not hers! Reminds me of what I wrote in my last chapter about Oliver going to war a little bit! I can't wait to see how Eunice reacts to Oliver's going off to war, and even better I'm really anticipating his meeting a certain Hungarian!
LisaDouglas chapter 11 . 1/22/2012
It's nice to see Eunice opening up to her friends, although like I said, I'm not sure I can see her in a bible study. Nonetheless it's always great to see people come to God and it's not impossible for anyone. I think this chapter reminds us of that. (Great choice in verse btw!).

I love how Oliver's at a friend's studying for a french exam it's so...him, do you know what I mean? I love it!

Now here's what I think I like best about the story: Eunice's tremendous growth as a person. It really jumped out at me this chapter. I don't know why she didn't see who Horace really was from the beginning. This whole time I've been wanting to jump in and set her straight about him, on the other hand if she'd gotten it about his drinking from the beginning there'd be no Oliver which would then mean no Oliver & Lisa and no GA and we can't have that now can we! But I digress, I'm glad that in her retelling of the slapping incident she is finally able to clearly and articulately convey exactly what the situation was and understand Horace's intentions and feelings without making any excuses, or just not seeing what was really in front of her!

I also love at the end how she's all: "I won't miss him (Oliver) talking about his silly dream he has about becoming a farmer." Classic. Very funny!

Anyway, glad she's getting some peace, some prayer and above all the word of God, great message! :)
LisaDouglas chapter 10 . 1/20/2012
Ahahhahaah! Oh no he didn't! He hit her? Over alcohol and a woman who looked like Mae West? I feel SO bad for Eunice in this chapter! At least she's going to be free now. For many, this new abusive trend might be a bad new beginning rather than a horrible end to an already messed up relationship.

The saddest part was when you said: "The love that Horace had once for Eunice was no longer there..." ahahah! *cries* So heartbreaking!

It was also sad when the kids came in and even sadder that he planned to divorce her first, I agree with Cynthia, "he's such a jerk." The only thing I wonder is how the kids are going to end their relationship with him. Knowing Oliver, I expected to see him reach out to protect his mother in some way. As always, I can't wait to read more soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 9 . 1/16/2012
I've been waiting for this: Sans Point! The conversation with Wallis was quite interesting. I like your making them childhood friends, it seems plausible. I would argue that this is one time where Wallis' advice should be taken whole-heartedly. Eunice really should consider divorce. I hear Reno's nice during the Sans Point time of year anyway so...she might as well get it over with. Maybe if she did her son wouldn't want to move to a farm and her grandson (Chuck) wouldn't be a lazy hippy, but I digress... I think my favorite part was:" Oliver kept talking about how beautiful the countryside was." I heard the fife playing!...But I feel sorry for the kid too, in this context adult Oliver's frustrations make a lot of sense! I hope he enjoys that book, all the power to him! "Honey is it just me or does the living room look different?"! Hhahahah. That was truly funny. I couldn't tell, at first if he was asking this because a. he was drunk b. he just wouldn't know or c. all of the above. But the even funnier part was about him driving his car into a tree! ROFL. There's actually a play that depicts this entire scene where the drunk absent husband returns home, only after four years, was this scene inspired by that? Eunice is so sweet at the end, but I can't wait to see when she'll finally come to her senses! Finally, I have to say I'm suprised she didn't say: "Horace we've got bigger problems our son wants to be a farmer!"
LisaDouglas chapter 8 . 1/13/2012
Wow. You captured such a wide range of emotion in this chapter. I can tell that the tone of the story is going to change after this chapter. The beginning was so cute! Who would've expected little Oliver to have been anything but well mannered? You did a good job in portraying her as a loving but distant Mother. I liked the "Horace has been work" line, nice save! The thing that really got me about the chapter was her tears at the happily ever after part. Immensely well written, that was just perfect. Horace is also changing, the "Eunice stop being so hysterical!" line sounded a lot more like Oliver's father as we see him portrayed in the pilot. As for the argument I wonder wether or not little Oliver heard it, and I would be willing to bet that he did! Hope there's more soon!
LisaDouglas chapter 7 . 1/13/2012
Now this was the kind of chapter that makes you really want to read more. For example, I can’t wait to see if Horace ever does get arrested! Does he operate a still by any chance? It was also great to hear your explanation of Oliver’s birth while his parent’s were on holiday at Saratoga. It was one of those things in the show that always warranted greater explanation. You show great insight here as to how Oliver would have likely been raised. And I love the part with the pink elephants! So funny, especially now that I know the history behind it. The poor man…and poor pregnant Eunice to have to deal with him! It’s pretty difficult to imagine Eunice young and pregnant, I have to say that. But it was nice to finally meet baby Oliver! I’d been waiting for that. I was pleasantly surprised that Horace was sober for his son’s birth and that he was so happy! I didn’t expect that at all. I loved the line: “I don’t want my child to be named after a fictional orphan and pickpocket.” ROFL, and plus, isn’t that what Haney’s mother should’ve said. The ending is cute too. I would expect Eunice to have been a good mother. More soon please!
LisaDouglas chapter 6 . 1/9/2012
This chapter was really interesting in that they seemed older right away, you know, like they weren’t silly stupid college kids, but mature, engaged people…Or at least Eunice did and Horace did for appearance sake. I’m sad for Eunice that she is marrying a guy with a drinking problem, but there’s nothing either you or I can do about that. Moreover, it’s sad that he’s going to war. Good thing to have brought up: Even though we don’t have a draft I think it’s something that a lot of young people, especially unmarried young women think about today: is my future spouse overseas? I like how you have Horace, even though he’s a drunk, being so sweet to Eunice and trying to comfort her a lot. I’m anxious to see how this dynamic will change overtime. Nonetheless it’s sad that he was drunk at the wedding reception and …after. Kind of funny that they had what I’m sure is only their first of many arguments about his drinking! What a foretelling of the future! Finally I love the way you end it. “Oh Horace, I love you so much. Can we…you know,” said Eunice blushing. “I know what you mean, dear and I’d love too, darling. After all what are honeymoons for?” Asked Horace…Gee! All of that sounds like something Oliver would say to Lisa! Ah, heredity!
LisaDouglas chapter 5 . 1/8/2012
I love how he shows up drunk! It seems like just the thing someone would accuse Oliver of doing! It’s funny that she says: “Please come back on Friday night, if you are sober then.” We both know that from here on out, she’s going to be saying a lot of that! I can just imagine her rolling her eyes…you know how she does…And I don’t think her plan to “talk” with him about it is going to do anybody any good! I love what you said at the end: “Eunice decided she would have a talk with Horace tomorrow, but would be as polite and proper as she could about it, and if that didn’t work she’d allow herself to get angry.” That’s an excellent statement. It demonstrates the beginnings of a transition in Eunice’s character that we see reflected throughout the show: her being so calm, proper and lady-like but allowing herself to get so angry with and about Oliver’s father, even though he’s gone! You’re showing this gives the story a highly realistic quality. After careful reflection on this story, I also have to say that it’s for sure probably one of the most unique and original I’ve read in a while!
LisaDouglas chapter 4 . 1/8/2012
Wow an "I love you" already?...I can't say I'm surprised. The kiss was very sweet. We can certainly see both Eunice and Horace swooning and beginning to fall in love! You have a lot of great lines in this chapter. For example: "Horace is such a dear." Ha! Not in a few years he won't be! Oh and " You are so dramatic." Yap just ask anybody, that's Eunice. Another one I especially appreciated: "I think you would be wonderful as one of the three witches!" Hahaha...Oliver might second that...Anyway I'm very much anticipating the next chapter...and the proposal!...Whenever that's coming, that is...
LisaDouglas chapter 3 . 1/6/2012
That was cute. I particularly liked the added detail that she had to get back to her dorm soon. Her school would've had a strict curfew. The formal-flirting was interesting as well! Can't wait to see how the next date goes!
LisaDouglas chapter 2 . 1/6/2012
Terrific chapter! I've read it a few times now actually. You really capture the feeling of the time and Eunice's feelings in a Jane Austen-like way! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and wonder how the romance will escalate! I can't wait to see how the relationship plays out. Will the whole story center on college? Will she get married before graduation?
LisaDouglas chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
You're off to a great start! It's hard to imagine Eunice as well...basically a giddy school girl! Lol. But I can't wait to see how this progresses and how she'll get Oliver's father to be interested in her, especially with the foreknowledge that the relationship won't end on a good note! Hoping for an update soon!