Reviews for Time That Was Lost
Black rabbit chapter 1 . 7/9/2012
I thought it was cute of neku being nice to shiki:) i didnt see it coming! Plz write more!
SilverWingedGentleman chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
Nicely done. The way you open the story provides a nice bit of contextualization before launching the reader into the story. Your characterization of Joshua, Shiki, and Eri is good although Neku seems a slight bit off. Although he is changed, it seems a bit strange for him to come out with his feelings for Shiki so openly.

There is one instance where I believe you are missing a word in Eri's dialogue but I cannot seem to find any other structural errors. Your diction and syntax for the flow of the piece is well designed though as it provides detail in simplistic ways.

Finally the piece wraps up nicely with Shiki's parting thoughts as we know what is to come. It has a relaxing feeling that leaves the reader with a sense of completion despite the fact that life will continue on.

I enjoyed your piece and hope to see more soon.

P.S. I also liked your quote from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. It brings back good memories.
AngelKnightKaoru chapter 1 . 1/7/2012
MAKE MORE CHAPPIES :3 , there's barely any NekuShi left in TWEWY, Yaoi is invading just like in KH and FF
Lord Forehead chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
Well... The first thing I want to say is that at the end I fangirled,which is weird because I'm a dude. Anyway, this piece was beautifully written in a style that is close to the original characters without seeming stolen. In other words, it sounds like a story square enix wrote themselves.

One tiny thing... At one point you dropped a quotes from one of the things Josh said. But it's a drop in the ocean so don't worry.

Also the ending was fitting. Often I see "Oh I've always loved you!" "Me too!" then a long kiss and then 'the end'. You toned it down while still making it, what's the word, believable.

Overall it's amazing, keep up the good work.