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AHealingRenaissance chapter 12 . 3/15
I love this one too! :D
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 10/13/2016
Ah, full circle, that was lovely. Very funny that Emmett lost Prancer to the wind, ran after him, popped him and that Alice already had another new one waiting. I enjoyed that scene. I really liked the car exchange. I loved that Edward got her a restored Chevy truck. He really does listen to her wants and needs. Or, he listened to Rose. Either way, I loved his choice, as it made her very happy. Edward was definitely quite happy with his new Vanquish. The dance was fun. The unexpected topic of all the boys that have wanted Bella through the years. Then Bella hoodwinking Alice into shopping with Sherry. At least Jasper gave her a renewed way of looking at it, which made her feel better about having to do so. Oh, too little of her letting him into her head. Way too little. Needed more of that, it was fabulous. Adored Grandma Swan and Elizabeth out on the balcony watching how very happy the two of them are. I very much enjoyed this story. From the first, through this sequel. Quite enjoyable. Very fun read. Thank you for sharing your imagination. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 10/13/2016
Very strange that Jacob came all that way, just to be an asshat. Against the alpha and elders orders, at that. Dick. Well, I am glad they now consider all of the Cullen's in that treaty. However, I do wonder what happens if they go back to Forks in a hundred years. Will they be waiting to pounce, ready to kill. *shivers* By then, the elders could be Sam and Jacob, if they've stopped their aging for a while. I hate shopping. I love that I can get everything online as far as that goes. Well, I don't mind grocery shopping. Target maybe once every six weeks for all the bath and personal products. Shopping a mall though, no thank you. You will only catch me in bed for Black Friday. More power to the shoppers out there. Knock yourselves out. I really liked that you had both Bella and Rose shopping together with Alice and Esme elsewhere. I loved the bonding they did. The light green dress for Bella and the deep rose for Rose, was a very nice change. Swapping shoes and stories. Loved that Bella set 'Tim/Jim' in his place, once again. I hope he doesn't run into Renée and mention that he just ran into her daughter. I love the name Phil and Renée have chosen for their son. That made me weepy. Bella can never speak to her mom again. She'll never meet her brother. I am happy that it lifts Renée's spirits though. That is good. At least Bella has Charlie. Hopefully, he will come to visit. And, at least he can talk to Sue about it and not be breaking any laws at all. Loved the Civil War chess set for Jasper. What a great idea. I also really like Rose and Bella car shopping together. Searching for a new car for Edward and Rose telling her that she should get another truck. One that goes faster. Fun scene.
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 10/13/2016
You are right, as far as Tanya. She didn't know that Edward was married and mated so, you can't blame the woman for trying once again. It would've made Bella feel awful when she learned that. Doesn't make Tanya any less slutty. It is quite remarkable that she has this shield to protect against the smells. However, shouldn't she acclimate herself, just in case? What if they want to fly someday and she has her shield up, something distracts her, just like at the party and she takes out the entire plane before Edward can stop her? Morbid? Yes. Practical? Absolutely. I really liked that she was able to protect all of them from the smell of blood. Well, the smell of everything. I really hope that she will be able to at least drop it enough that Edward can read her. I love when writers to that.
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 10/13/2016
Okay, the conversation Bella had with Jasper and Emmett was absolutely hilarious. "What the hell is a tampon? Do you eat it?" . . . so effing funny. I was very glad that they followed her when Jasper had a very bad feeling about this. I figured it would happen kind of like this but, you did throw me off with it exploding and Edward not being able to get there quick enough. I loved that Jasper grabbed her out, bloody and all, holding his breath and running back to the house. Emmett calming him when he accidentally took a breath. His idea to get Edward's venom that was in the syringe's, was brilliant. Alice seeing that everything will be fine. I also really liked that Charlie was there to see her, after the accident but, before the change. Understanding and happy that she has this opportunity. So happy he will cover up for them. Smart idea to have both Edward and Bella perish in the explosion. The wolves can suck it. They broke the damn treaty first . . . TWICE! So, if they can split hairs, so can the Cullen's. I really liked that she woke up so happy. And, early! Her shield protected her through the transition, that is why she wasn't screaming in agony. And, it clearly encompasses both Bella and Edward when she wants it to. That was evidenced in the fact that Edward didn't hear Tom and Sherry. That was fantastic that she didn't smell them either. As far as your preview . . . effing Tanya . . . grrrr.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 10/13/2016
I am elated that Charlie did figure it out, he just wanted the confirmation that Bella was not about to give him. Not wanting to betray her new family. It would also firmly place Charlie in danger for knowing the truth, if the Volturi exist in this tale. I really liked the wedding and their rushed 'I do's'. Very sweet. I loved him bringing her back up the aisle and them dancing alone to her lullaby. Very lovely scene. I very much loved your twist on their arrival at Isle Esme. With him carrying her in and having a look on his face like he wanted to devour her, yet not as food. Very sexy. Having them shower together was fantastic. He was fully different in this with no tentativeness at all. Love, love, loved that. Starting in the shower with admitting he has fantasies of her and washing her hair. The licking and fingering in the shower, was very unexpected and I loved that you wrote it that way. Him drying them off so quickly then taking her to the bedroom. No hesitation, just absolute love and caring. Very good first time. Having him standoffish for only a brief time. And, from the preview, we get no baby . . . hallelujah! Thank you. Amazing chapter and loved it all.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 10/13/2016
I can't believe those mongrels effing kidnapped her! Thank goodness that the neighbor saw this and called Charlie right away. Also thankfully, Emmett and Jasper were able to hold Edward back. This provocation was so bloody childish of the wolves. What did they think they would prove to Bella? Nothing! She and Edward are mated! There is nothing that can separate them, except death. And, we know that one would follow the other down that rabbit hole. Their imprinting is the very same thing. For them to toss it away because they are too narrow minded, is downright disgusting. It doesn't matter that the men live on the reservation, kidnapping is a Federal law. That includes any reservations in our fine USA. Therefore, yes, their asses would be hauled to prison for this, they are not protected. They are protected for misdemeanors and petty crimes. They are not protected from Federal offenses. I do feel sorry that Harry had a heart attack. I feel more sorry for Charlie, as these men were his friends. I do hope that Charlie figures it all out. It will allow him to keep in contact with Bella, when she is 'dead'. I have read two TwiFanFic's where Charlie 'mated' with Tanya when the Denali's came to the wedding. Therefore, Bella was allowed her father for the rest of time. As he chose the vampire life as well. Even helped in staging his own death in one of the fic's. Imagine how the Quileute's would feel about that. Especially since in your story, they are not close to Bella at all. Which, by the way, makes them interfering more preposterous. It would make sense if they were all close but, since there is no bond with Bella, why do they even care? They wouldn't. She has chosen this lifestyle and she is not 'one of their own'. I did really like it when Bella pointed out to the elders that it was them that broke the treaty, not once but, twice. And how they broke it. She isn't stupid and they are treating her as if she doesn't know anything. The other half of this was fun. Having Bella choose which shot went to which person, was funny. Hopefully, she won't have too much of a hangover headache the next morning.
ChristyWIX chapter 6 . 10/12/2016
Renèe was funny with her flash. Charlie even funnier with saying Bella was clumsy enough without the added flash. Tara is a piece of work. I do feel bad for Mike, she only wants him for something that will never happen. She'll be stuck in Forks for the rest of her life. She deserves that, that's for sure. It was nice of Jake to come to apologize. I still don't like him at all. At least he now knows how strong the mating bond is and has the comparison in imprinting. Edward effing with her truck, even if through Rose, was wrong. All he needed to do was all with her. I hope the explosion, no matter which vehicle, happens. That would seriously suck. Odd that it was from either her truck or the Volvo. I'm glad she told him can't just make decisions for the both of them without her.
ChristyWIX chapter 5 . 10/12/2016
Why would it take a vampire three hours to do Bella's hair? I would have thrown her out of that damn bathroom after a half an hour! Good for Jessica fighting for her man. Sicko was perving over it though. Gross. I like the progress that Bella and Edward are making in life and the bedroom. I'm sad that she wants him to make love to her while she's human. That brings the potential baby, boooooo. Jake was way out of line with what he said. Disgusting child/pup. Yes, there is no bond there, as she's not spent time with him, thankfully. I hope if the wolves do start shit that they lose. This is Bella's choice, not theirs. Regardless of the treaty. She wants to be turned and knows what she will become. That's a far cry from them killing a person and draining them dry. Not even remotely close. I'm thinking with this being romance/humor, that there won't be much drama at all. I'm glad all the men were there when Bella disappeared. That made me happy. I liked that Charlie put up a very small fight on the marriage but, chose to accept it. Yay!
ChristyWIX chapter 4 . 10/12/2016
That man just simply doesn't think sometimes. I am glad that everyone got on him about his April Fool's joke. I am surprised he didn't know about the nightmares she was still occasionally having. I guess some things are possible for them to not all know about. Laurent was a twist. In the others, all three nomads are dead. This one he gets to live and he rushed back to Irina. That was better than the wolves getting him. It was a perfect segue for Bella to initiate that well overdue conversation. Everything she said was valid and true. I am glad we saw that from his point of view, as it gave us his thoughts. We could read him seeing her logic, for the first time, and agreeing to it . . . WOO~HOO! I am quite surprised that Alice didn't bust right back out from behind the bushes to celebrate. Alas, she probably saw the proposal and stayed away. Very sweet scene. I really liked that they all pitched in and did the clean up and painting of Charlie's home. That was wonderful. I think he is really going to like that.
ChristyWIX chapter 3 . 10/12/2016
That was an interesting way for Alice to explain things. I never saw it that way before. All of those desires of Edward wanting Bella to experience 'human moments', could be he himself wanting to experience them himself. Seriously, I missed that in all my re-reads of THE books and throughout reading TwiFanFic since 2009. I have no idea how I've never put that together before. Thank you for that. I really enjoyed the manipulation of Tara and Mike with Tara eavesdropping on their conversation. Too funny and serves her right, LMAO. One thing I have never understood about all the same places as mentioned above with Bella's truck. Yes, it is old and doesn't look the best but, it is the engine that is terrible, not the vehicle. If Bella came on a Friday night to 'spend the night with Alice', and Rose ordered a brand new LS7 engine for her truck, she could have that engine swapped out in one night. With no help! That would take away the potential of the truck breaking down, as well as the speed it runs. I was surprised that she said yes to Edward so soon. I would've liked a mutual agreement for him to change her and getting married. Not at the same time, but at least agreed upon. Loved Renee in this chapter. Settling Bella's worries about marriage. Absolutely floved when Bella set Jim straight on his childish techniques. Very fun scene to read.
ChristyWIX chapter 2 . 10/12/2016
That sledding sure seemed very fun. Don't care if the Cullen's are telling Bella what happens if she befriends Jacob. It was always friendship and no more than that for her side of their relationship. With him, he always wanted more and manipulated the situations because he wanted her. Charlie wasn't too thrilled with the places that Edward was applying for college. Did he actually think that they would separate again? Not a chance, unless forced. I did like that they got further this time with his restraint. Her stopping him, simply because he would be mad at himself. It is good that he agreed to take the steps to be able to do more with her, physically. I like that Alice was still able to see the Black's, as Jacob has not changed yet. Otherwise, they would've all freaked that they suddenly couldn't 'see' Bella any longer.
ChristyWIX chapter 1 . 10/12/2016
I have to say I am way more concerned with Mike than Tara. Mike can do harm to Bella, as was shown here. Tara is merely an idiot who has no clue that Edward would never, ever want her. Delusional comes to mind. Just like Jessica. Which was funny when he called her Jennifer on purpose. Too funny. Ben was really sweet, as were his thoughts. I liked Alice seeing their future and that they will be happy. I did not like that Edward is still not wanting to change her for a ridiculous reason. When he does that, it tells me he doesn't love her enough to want her in his life forever. That she is merely a plaything to him. I know that is not what you are trying to do here. It is just how I feel when the Edward's refuse to change their Bella's. Changing her would be a far bigger commitment than marriage any day. I really liked that Carlisle asked Edward if he has given thought that she may resent him for not changing her. Go Carlisle. Everyone knows she should be changed. He is just being abstinent. I did like that they almost got a boob grope in this chapter. Progress.
featherdusterpixie chapter 12 . 7/25/2015
freaking brilliant!
Siriusmunchkin chapter 12 . 4/9/2015
Very much enjoyed the story. You write great characters and new and interesting stories. I am looking forward to reading more of them.
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