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Devil of Solitude chapter 29 . 5/24
Loved this story, one of the best ive read :)
crystal789 chapter 29 . 5/17
Beautiful! I loved itThank you for this wonderful story.
E-kingmoney18 chapter 29 . 9/28/2016
Fantastic story
Mocharaid chapter 29 . 4/29/2016
Awww, I'm so glad Ichigo and Rukia got a happy ending! I loved your story so much I read it in one sitting. I'm not usually a fan of AU's but yours is definitely an exception. 3

Do you have any other IchiRuki fics you'd recommend, preferably long ones? :D
TheQueenInDisguise chapter 29 . 4/4/2016
Hello dearie! Oh my gosh! I didn't even know that this story was updated, let alone completed. I didn't even get a prompt! Or i just didn't notice it or something is wrong. Anywaaaay, Wow. What can I say... how about we start with congratulations! To you and to your characters' story, it has been one hell of a ride. Though I've not been with this story since the very beginning, I'm proud to say that I've actually finished it but I'm more proud in the fact that you have! Yey! And as a reward here are my ramblings, hope you don't mind...

To be honest, I didn't really expected things to end this way, in fact i appreciate the fact that you decided not to drag the story long especially when you feel like you can't commit to it anymore? i mean, the last time I reviewed or we talked, you said that you'd be updating but that was months ago! Anyway, I don't want to assume your situation but honestly though, is this really how you had planned to end this story? Just curious. Not that I don't like it, or maybe it's just because I'm a bit sad that it ended, it's a mixed feeling thing. But you didn't expect it to get this popular so apart from your initial finale, you decided to continue and extend the story. In that part alone, I am very thankful, but was this what you had in mind as the ending when you decided to continue the story from the first finale? I'd really love it if you'd answer that. And if it turns out that you had a different ending in mind but just don't have the time to go with that phase (i know how that feels like) thank you for at least giving this one a decent end.


If you want my opinion on the ending, i was glad that they got their happily ever after. Although I wanted more action, like more twists and turns in the end, this turned out alright. But it was kinda frustrating at times, like how come Aizen kept returning to that stupid mansion hahaha everyone kept returning there and here I was like "crap guys. Just no." Honestly, haha i would have made a horrible main character because I would have ran away and have that bastard aizen find me, only then will I decide that it's time to end the shit hahahaaha in addition, i was really looking forward to seeing ichigo die. Okay, i know i wanted a happy ending but come on... that kind of ending is possible right? And it has been implied that there is that possibility. And in my head's version of the ending rukia would have to raise the baby alone but she couldn't, because she lost the baby after all the action. She loses everything and she goes crazy and is sent to the ivory tower again. Mute again. Nobody escapes that place. Ever. Hahaha. Tada! Oh my god... that is such a dark path i was going for. You know what, i like your version better, nevermind my twisted suggestion. Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah, I wish you'd have explored more in the other characters, if not put them in the epilogue then just make them contibute more to the story, like grimmjow's character, i really like how you wrote him, but there wasn't enough of him, imo. But then again, it is your story so you write whatever the hell you want to and you did. I hope i got to see a little bit more of sereitei at the end, like shirayuki and zangetsu, i really like how you portrayed them as well.

Woah, this is the longest I've written so far, hopefully you weren't offended by anything that I said and Please forgive my review, i read this on a plane and god i don't have the time to review my review so hopefully you get my point. Eitherway, i hope this isn't the last of your work in and of ichiruki. Like i've mentioned before, you are very talented and i love your writing style. I am looking forward to read more of your work in the future. Again, congratulations and have a fantastic life. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS TREASURE WITH US AND FOR PUTTING YOUR HEART AND SOUL IN IT. IT WAS REALLY A GREAT PLEASURE TO READ.
SomethingAncient chapter 29 . 4/1/2016
Huh, I didn't expect it to end that way. Well I'm glad you didn't drag the story out too much longer. And while I'm happy you addressed the evidence and made it clear that Aizen was a wanted criminal since the video of Ichigo's torture came out; it leaves what seems like a plot hole: If Aizen was wanted, how did he manage to act and move pawns as if he wasn't?

There is also the issue of Ichigo's initial imprisonment (Aizen would have had an easier time hiding Ulquiorra's death and hiring someone to kidnap Ichigo at a later date - he wasn't going to be missed by anyone, correct?) as well as no effort being made by the justice system to correct the wrongs committed against him and Rukia (the police massacre could have been completely avoided).

Maybe I'm forgetting something?

Anyway, if there is one loose end I was curious about, it was Orihime. How did she get contacted by Aizen and fooled into doing what she did? What happened to her afterward?

And I suppose knowing what Rangiku was up to would be something else to mention in epilogue fashion.

Anyway, aside from my opinion, this was an engaging and good read. Thanks for writing it. Have a good life (your a/n made it sound like this was your final contribution to ffnet) and God bless.
SomethingAncient chapter 25 . 3/31/2016
This is an amazing story, and in my opinion, draging it out beyond a logical conclusion would probably hurt it.

The media already questions Aizen since the footage of Ulquiorra's experiments and Rangiku makes a great witness. Aizen kidnapping Rukia was caught on camera and coincides with what Ichigo told Ukitake.

There is enough hard evidence and witness testimony (Rangiku never even broke the law and refused to help Aizen) to exonerate Rukia and have Aizen stripped of everything and thrown in jail.

So this story can probably support a week of further hiding before things start going south for Aizen, giving Ichigo and Rukia a proper and just trial. And Ichigo and Rukia are not dumb enough to ignore this for much longer.

Afterwards Ichigo could be placed under house arrest in the most probable case while Rukia is completely released from her sentence.

There is still a lot to potentially write about, but not much where things are going Aizen's way. He should have his accounts (and all his other money) frozen within the week and eventually handed over to Rukia.

I vote end the story soon, but make sure to tie up loose ends and write a few chapters of epilogue (up to Ichigo and Rukia's wedding maybe?).

Thanks for writing this.
SomethingAncient chapter 13 . 3/30/2016
I'm not sure there is anything to bash, although for criticism I'd say maybe lawyers should be visiting Ichigo since it's in the media that Ichigo is a victim of the man he killed?

Other than that, good things to say. I wasn't expecting Ichigo to be a meth addict so kudos on original plot points since it was done well. A very compelling story to read.
SomethingAncient chapter 8 . 3/30/2016
Really cool story, so cool I have neglected reviewing earlier chapters so I can continue the story more quickly. So it seems Aizen is the cause of both Ichigo and Rukia's troubles? Well, evil is called evil for a reason.
sephikus chapter 29 . 3/29/2016
That was great. The setting was an interesting change of pace, the inner demon part was masterfully done, and the zanpakutou spirits being their shrinks was a stroke of genius.
lovemydogs82 chapter 29 . 3/26/2016
Well I'm sad to see it end but I really enjoyed the HEA:) thanks for a great ride!
TheQueenInDisguise chapter 28 . 11/30/2015
Hello there! And as promised in my last review, I am back with a vengeance hahaha (just kidding lol) but first and foremost, I would like to apologize for my previous comment about Rangiku's death. haha so she lived, yey for her haha. I was quite embarrassed after my outburst on my previous review then right after I found out that she survived haha. But meh, alive or dead, it’s cool. Whatever gets the story moving forward is fine by me.

And focusing on the task at hand, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done on this amazing story! I love it so much so let me take this opportunity to thank you for the experience. I have no idea when you'll update again, (and hopefully you will, again, soon) but know that I will be waiting *winks* and will continue to support this story! Keep doing your best because us readers totally appreciate all the hard work and effort that you've given just to put together this treasure :)

And now, as annoying as I have been before (sorry about the comment on the TV hahaha as of now you still haven't replied to me, but that's cool, I don't think they'll have TV interaction again... or will they? Hmmm...) Aaanyway, off to my pointless nagging haha first, that scene where Rukia was taken from her room via plane was super awesome and for some reason it reminded me of the hunger games when Katniss was taken from the quarter quell (did I spell that right? hahaha) and then for some more weirdass reason whenever they spoke of the elevator I imagine the elevator from the library in Once Upon A Time hahaha with all its creepy secrets in the basement lol and Aizen be like rumple, all creepy and shit. Then instead of going "Hello, darling" he'll go "Hello dearie" hahaha... oh no, I'm getting lost.

Anyway, In the fight scene with Aizen I'm like, no Rukia, it's too dangerous. She reminds me of Soah (Bride of the water god), like stop trying to follow yo man. Damn gurl. You be like dead weight there wherever you are. And then she got hit and I'm like "Oh my god. I told you. I told you. Y U NO LISTEN!?" she should have ran off or something hahahaha I would lol, but then I would suck as a lover. Good for her for being brave. And that made a really caring Ichi so I don't mind. Though, I really felt bad for him in those chapters. Doing all that just to save her. So thank goodness she lived and now they're going to have a baby. A little demon baby. hahaha I can't freakin' wait. And it was all because they couldn't keep their hands to themselves (love the way you've written those btw, very hot and steamy but just right *winks*).

But now, they're going to stop running. Honestly, I thought you were going to stick with the story being in the asylum and everything developing from there, but going for juvenile runaways was good too. Hmm... what else? Just make it a happy ending at least? Or just end it. haha I mean, not end it now, but finish the story please? Don't abandon it like what some other authors do with their works (I feel a stab on my chest) hahaha I mean, again, your work is really good and I can't wait to read more. Though I don't review every chapter, I reviewed now because I hope that this long review would somehow get your attention and give you enough motivation to write. I know you say that reviews are your oxygen, and I know that feeling, especially when the review is long. I hope this helps. Though, this was made up of 90% of my random comments on your story, I think that most of the other important things I wanna say can be found on your other reviews. Sorry if I'm not a very good critic. Just passing by and enjoying your work. Hope you'll update soon!
TheQueenInDisguise chapter 14 . 11/28/2015
I knew she would die! You're right! She had to die but too bad, because I really liked her. But I'll just let it go. Anywaaaay, I finally reached the half of this really amazing story and I gotta say, OH MY GOD. This is some awesome shit. It's like meth. I'll tell you that. It's really cool! It's not boring because it is told from two different perspectives (well, most of the time of course) which I really love because I enjoy reading how the two unhinged patients think. I'm sorry it took me half the story before reviewing but hey, that's a good thing because I never really review until I've reached the last chapter (or sometimes I just favorite them shit, yes, I am one of those assholes who do that hahaaha) but your writing made me do it so great... thanks hahaha.

Aaand, since I'm already reviewing, here we go... I'm going to point out some of the things that really caught onto me. Like, one, I love how you stick with the character's routines. I mean, it's alright that you write them specifically over and over with some comments from the POV of the person experiencing it because it makes the scene feel real. I just wonder how they go to the bathroom. Like, do they have potty pots in their rooms? Haha am I so deranged and perverted that I think about those stuff? And um... moving on, I really like the asylum idea because I'm pretty crazy myself haha. Kidding! (Okay, half-kidding) but I do like it because it feels like prison (a special kind of prison) and it drives you off the edge when you're in places such as these. There are so many possibilities for a theme like that and (so far) I'm glad with what you are doing. And as I mentioned before I like that you write from two different people's POV. Even though the scenes would be the same, there would always be a different vibe to them. And yes, I love how you portrayed the characters, the romance and sarcasm and humor and even the action was very heart pounding. So even though the updates are short, they still contain a lot in them and I'm glad that you don't feel the need to elaborate so much details on the settings since the characters don't seem to care that much about their surroundings either haha.

But theeeen, I just remembered, this was what really forced me to review. I need to know... It's eating me inside... please tell me... how... that TV works. Because I know that this story is sci-fi-ish... sooo please explain to me how the TV works. Yes, I am more concerned with the TV rather than the contraption that made Ichigo insane hahaha. I mean, is there a cam there? Like a built in camera? So whenever they talk they're like chatting via some sort of webcam? But if there was... HOW WERE THEIR HANDS TOUCHING EACH OTHER ON THE SCREEN!? Hahaha I'm so sorry, I was laughing so hard because I kept saying "how is that possible?" because they can't be both touching the screens of their TVs while it looked like, to both of them that they're touching hands. Do you get it? I'm not flaming you, and I'm not saying that scene was bad, honestly I really like the idea and it's really sweet but it's these things that keep me up at night. You know? hahahaha I know this is fiction and you can practically tell me that it's magic TV and my doubts would just... poof!... Vanish. Plus, it's your story so I can't do anything about it. But still, I need verification. From you. If ever you read this. I'm so sorry. I love your story, I truly do. Oh god, but if you don't tell me how that TV works, I swear I might end up in the seretei asylum. hahahahaha

That was fun. I think this is one of the longest reviews I've ever written. Ever. I'll see you again at the finish line hahaha. I'm sorry for this if you hate me. Or if this review pissed you off because it's annoying or if it confused you, I don't really follow grammar rules when reviewing hahaha But do continue writing. Again, love this story :)
Guest chapter 28 . 10/29/2015
Achei que o Ichi ia surtar de novo '-' atualize logo, please
Wiggles chapter 28 . 10/10/2015
Read this in one day. I love this story!
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