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Guest chapter 1 . 9/29/2015
Hello. You know I think this fic deserves more favs than what it has already garnered. I mean the characters are very OOC but the plot was very well-thought out that really draws you in. It was intense and has depth that most fics don't have. Gawd I was very anxious for them to get their happy endings! Also I would like to especially mention that I love Yue in this story, I mean he is very endearing in his twisted kind of way. :)

I hope you would write more fics. There are lots of wrong spelling here and there but WTH i did not care one bit haha
Mita chapter 46 . 5/13/2015
Oh my goshhhhh i love love love ur storyyyy
This is one of my favorite ones, really interesting and unexpected
I've read it more than 3 times now
Can't wait to hear more about them
good luck with ur studies in china!
chasingleaves chapter 46 . 4/26/2015
Oh. My. God!

It's over T.T

Took me 7 hours to finish this and postponed my already overdue assignment DAMN.
Many many comments:
1) great job in pushing through with this! Can't imagine the discipline that must have taken to churn out chapters and not lose faith or passion. I'm sure you felt like stopping many times, but as a reader: I'm so glad you didnt?! I would have been disapppointed. Good job
2) great writing in the first...38 chapters? The transitioning from POV to POV was almost seamless - in that, you provided a motive for almost all the character's actions (yes, even meiling in her deranged self). The motives were made pretty clear, and each charater had distinct ones, so during the transition it wasn't too jarring!
3) on that note, the transitions in terms of "X months X years ago" might be a little of a put-off for some readers (didnt read the reviews)? Because it made things seem so... technical, though I do understand your need for clarity. Maybe defining incidents would have made everything more... fluid? Just a suggestion!
4) someone the writing in the last 8 or so chapters were more... jerky. Like, less fluidly in sentences and less focus on psches of characters. Things just HAPPENED - more like a "tell" instead of "show" method was employed. I felt. The difference was apparent to me at least!
5) the ending left me disappointed - just slightly. Not by the plot (so quaint and cute, their normalcy haha) but more like the style it was written in. Again, I suppose it was more of a "tell" instead of "show". But I do love your last line ;) Brings me back to the title - and things that link to the beginning makes me feel funny things *SOBBLES*
6) random note: writing about SS and their KID in one story, especially from their POV has always made me feel awkward - maybe coz I grew up with the SS pairing and their kids never get that old to be given a chance to develop a voice of their own. So reading Rae's POV was refreshing and strangely unawkward

It's been 10 odd years since my first SS fic - and I'm still reading them #guiltypleasures Thank you for making this worth my while! Though at the expense of an essay HAHAHA My choice, my consequences. hope to see your writing more Until then, back to college essays AHMAGAAD.

vampireza9612 chapter 46 . 4/1/2015
Simply amazing. This is one of the best stories I have ever read. Lovely work.
SSS chapter 42 . 2/16/2015
One of the best stories I've ever read for this fandom. Thank you so much for sharing with us your creativity and writing. I honestly think this should be made into a movie.
Hime Kimiko chapter 45 . 12/17/2014
I've been reading your story for a long time now, I also took a long break from and I'm finally back and have been dying to find out what's going to happen with a few of my favourites, especially this one. I'm writing this now before I read the epilogue, that it's been an amazing story. I laughed and cried so much with where you've taken everyone, my heart has been broken time and time again at the aches and pains of the relationships of the characters, and reawakened to the joys of hope and new beginnings as have many of the characters find themselves headed towards that and redemption. I hoping for a happy ending, but either way, it's been an incredible journey to follow this story, and as I can imagine in writing it. Thank you for a great and powerful story! :)

All the best.

apparentdaydreamer chapter 46 . 10/22/2014
Wow, I haven't read a story as heart wrenching as this in a while. Thank you for your very creative mind. Your story not only pulled me into a scary world with characters that you can hate and live at the same time, but also has unexpected twist and turns in the plot that make the story so much more exiting!

Some minor criticism: I believe some times you used the word 'fate' when you meant "faith" in the first few chapters. Haha that's all:)

But honestly, I grew to like all the characters you include, Especially Tomoyo and Eriol. You made them so essential to everything that happened... You made their love beautiful yet tragic. You made their past and present seem so bitter sweet.

Also, I love the into, and I like jumping back and forth through time ( although that can be confusing at times) and how it stopped once the past caught up with the present.

I'm gonna rave so much cos I haven't read such a well written story!

Thanks for the great story!
deadflo chapter 46 . 9/2/2014
I can't believe it's done! It was such a great story!
H.Kitty89 chapter 46 . 8/28/2014
I've been reading this story from the beginning. Loved every chapter and glad that it had a happy ending for Rhaya :)
dittoeevee8888 chapter 46 . 8/17/2014
Very interesting story - I enjoyed it very much! I'm very glad to see you had the guts to kill off so many characters - you even made me cry at Tomoyo's death. (I'm not necessarily pro-death, but sometimes I feel that authors are reluctant to kill off characters, definitely not the case with you!)

Also, I feel that there are a couple of loose ends that you didn't really cover - what happened to Yue? I also feel that Sakura's struggle over the events (eerily matches Syaoran, not sure if purposely done or not) aren't fully covered, it seems like it didn't bother her as much as I'd expect her to be - especially being turned into a monster. Also, mildly surprised at Takashi's treatment by the others - especially the fact that Syaoran didn't show any remorse to Chiharu...

There were some minor spelling errors throughout the story, but I'm glad to see that you continued it - was a very well throughout plot. It touched me to see the power of love/lack of love! :]
yingfa07 chapter 46 . 8/16/2014
LOVED IT! i'm going to reread it! :D

skyswear chapter 46 . 8/14/2014
you finally finished it oh my god thank you so much
Hatsuki chapter 46 . 8/14/2014
Wow! What a ride! Thanks for the story! 4 chapters in one day one extra long read yay!
So glad I stick to it from the very beginning.. Love the ending, everything is tied up nicely!
brendatorres113 chapter 42 . 5/12/2014
NOOOOOOO! You can't d his to me I was so hooked I want to know what happen please I beg you upload soooooooon! xc By the way awesome story xD
brendatorres113 chapter 30 . 5/11/2014
This is getting more exiting by the minute xD
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