Reviews for Uncertainty
katergator chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
Honey Badger don't give a shit!

SincerelyX O X O chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
Ugh. I so just want to kick Dick in the nuts. Asshole of the year award! It is so obvious that he's jealous of Star & BB's potential relationship. Or whatever they have because it's strong. I wish he was wasted enough to word-vomit... Then maybe he would've said so :) I'm pretty mad a Raven too, but I can imagine her running off if something like this were to really happen. That's sooo like her.

*Sad Face* Sometimes I look though Rob/Rae pairings and some are really good but idk... Just leaves a horrible God-awful taste in my mouth. Maybe it's because I really like Robin and favor Star way more that I can't see anyone else with MY Robbie-Poo *Cricket Sounds* I'll get over it :D

I'm sooo pro-Rob/Star but idc anymore. Dick better not interfere! I'm waiting for Star & Gar to have their moment

•Do ll i e.
mangx3 chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
Lmao! I knew it was a honey badger! The most vicious animals ever mwahaha. Okay, that's over with.

Ugh sooo good. So pissed at Dick. Blerrgghh. I can't organize my thoughts right now. I can't help but try to compare what just happened to what would happen if it was a robxstar incident. Hmm Tamaran instead of Azerath.. epic space journey? I'll leave the writing to you.

Waiting with bated breath for the next update! :)
SwampBandit chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
Wow Dick has some issues. Stupid boy. Well so much for any chances he might have had with Star (not that there were any). This Robin seems to be quite THE jerk, but we still really haven't heard his side. Though you did surprise me by having him have "jealousy" issues over Starfire and Beast Boy. That and blaming Starfire too and saying what he did. That was just bad.

Honey badger ha! only one of the meanest critters on earth, almost as mean if not meaner than a wolverine. Bird Boy would have been ripped to shreds by Gar had he stayed in that form. chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
for art, i troll deviantart. to find some good ones of it elsewhere, well, you're on your own.

dick is a douche! i knew it! my 'make dick angst for my amusement complex' is completely justified! yes!

damn it, now i'm gonna have to look for bbstar pics. hang on.


oh my god, you're right! there's almost none. i found, one? bbrae pics are popping up all over the place. bbrae chibi is most pleased.

oh well, hope to see dick angst more. (angst for me, monkey, angst) i know it's a troubling fixation, i just can't help my appetites... that came out wrong...

see more soon? excuse me as i look up honey badger. my guess would be because lethal, but eh, let's let wiki decide.
picimadar chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
hahahahaha honey badger! Well, Dick being a dick, nothing too new there. I'm liking where this is going. You might be the only person possible to make me believe in Star-Gar.

Also, in Teen Titans: Games, didn't they kill off Sarah? I was more than a little upset.

Looking forward to more, as always.
DrendeSalkash chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
that was a rough bit right at the end. guess Dick was being true to his name. im surprised that Gar didnt try to tear Dick limb from limb. its what i'd have done lol
Densharr chapter 7 . 1/9/2012
Heh, Ratel. Nice choice on that one, btw - I saw it once when looking up 'dangerous' animal morphs for B, but I could never find a chance to use it.

Minor autocorrect typo here - when Wally's talking about having to watch his thoughts, he uses the wrong word; he says 'sensor' instead of 'censor'.
xForeverLovex chapter 6 . 1/9/2012
Hi Kry :) Apologies for not reviewing earlier, afraid I've been ill in bed and reading them every night on my iPhone. I stay up every night waiting for you to post each new chapter! it's crazy. I think there's some part of my subconscious that's been shipping BBStar all this time. I'm OBSESSED with this story.

As usual, the characters are written fabulously. But more importantly HOW HAVE YOU TURNED ME INTO A BBSTAR FAN? I never thought I would add a BBStar story into my favourites, but there you go. It's fantastic! Really really love it.

It's an internal battle though, however much I want BB and Star to bloody get it on I desperately want Robin and Raven to break up and for Robin to steal her :( I'm sorry, I think it's my teenage shippage/stubbornness.

Raven's heartbreak is awful though, so sad. D: Silly insensitive Dick! You write her so accurately it's scary, I think you may be Amy Wolfram in disguise. But better.

Can't wait for the next chapter! And hope life/novel/everything is going well!

Oh, and I was going to ask, was Jade City in the comics or did you make it up? :D Just curious.
Akiza1 chapter 5 . 1/8/2012
I finally started reading this, I have been getting e-mails for it but have not had time, and I love it. After a little bit I find my self to like gar and star together. I am still not much of a fan of Raven and Robin, its just too weird for me. Still this is such good story I can not wight to read more!
Robin555 chapter 6 . 1/8/2012
Well, what to say? Good characters, as always, and the tension between them is the best part. Love Gar and Star's interaction. Of course, Dick here is not the same, but that's the given and that's okay. We are enjoying seeing a different possibility. Thanks! Also noted the drinking part and Star's alien physiology! Great. Thanks for writing this. Don't stop!
littlebumgorf chapter 6 . 1/8/2012
I've read all your stories on FFN and I love your writing, but I've never posted a review before nor do I know how to. So... um, yeah...

Kry, you're fantastic. I never thought that I would like a not-R/S story, but I sure like this one. I totally agree with the AN on 'Stolen,' and I like that you have portrayed the characters' personalities accurately. I cannot wait for the next update. :D
HyDrOmAtIc chapter 6 . 1/8/2012
That ending! Ah Dick, you idiot! The party scene was fun, poor BB getting cockblocked all over. I'm going to have to research that birthday cake kiss tradition, cause I didn't understand it but it sounds cool (touch the bottom of the cake? With your hand? I'm so confused!). Biggest cliffhanger yet though, so very excited for the next chapter! Thanks for writing!
S.M. Larsen chapter 6 . 1/8/2012
Ahhh this is so good, I love it. Poor Raven. Poor Dick. I love the cuteness of Star and Gar though ) (oops, I rhymed.)

Danielle chapter 6 . 1/7/2012
Okay I have to admit the story is growing on me. Starfire and Beastboy aren't so bad
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