Reviews for Return of the Whiner
Ithileon chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
YOU'RE ALIVE! AND THIS WAS HYSTERICAL! Am I the first reviewer? I am! There are just too many things I liked about this, but I'll list a few anyway:

Chad-3PO and Sid-2-D2

the easily amused LornaCat

Jackie-Wan . . . in the closet (I think I died at that point)

Ryan's little spiel: "I think we can all imagine, based on previous scenes we've heard here today, how Hobbes' subconscious dreaming mind might put those two things together. Let's just assume it had something to do with the Ewoks undressing the beautiful Princess Lisa so she can put on that cute little dress that she's wearing when she runs out and greets Erica Solo in the Ewok village."

"That's pretty close actually!" Hobbes said in a congratulatory tone. "All you're missing is -"

"Let's!" Ryan interrupted. "Just. Assume."

Lisa in (yet another) bikini

Joe the Lumberjack!

"...Annnd then you tore all the stormtroopers' heads off with your bare hands."

The adorable Erica/Lisa scenes at the end.

I've waited a long time for this to get posted, and I was not disappointed. Should I assume a sequel (or three) are on the way?