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AgentKalGibbs chapter 1 . 8/15/2014
Again, I lol'd so hard. Haha, when I said next time we should do it without the tiger, this isn't really what I had in mind" :D Love it!
dphillips76 chapter 1 . 7/27/2014
Triumph! Yay! Loved it!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
Guest chapter 1 . 12/17/2012
Love it
KristenABB chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
Just now discovered this gem. Definitely being added to my favorites. :-)
Trekkenbeck chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
You write masterfully! Why stop after only one chapter?
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
It's past 3am and this seems long and I'm getting tired. But I'm going to read anyway. And maybe finish in the morning?

and hold the muzzle between her dazed eyes as he walked them up the stairs and into the corner supply room - Are we sure Castle didn't set this up for shots and giggles?

"I told you," she huffs, "they're the good ones. You're not getting out of them with that paperclip you swear is somewhere in your back pocket." - Why are you so good at everything, Jessie?

"I wish you wouldn't," he murmurs, tilting closer. There's a small smear of blood on her skin at the center of the ever-swelling knot.

"Wouldn't what," she hisses.

"Pretend things are nothing when they're hurting you," he says. That was probably a little too direct, given the increased strength of the death rays emanating from her eyes. He finishes his inspection and shifts gears as quickly as possible. "Well. I guess it's not life-threatening. I wish we had ice." - I love your dialogue so much.

He gallantly scoots closer to prevent a fall, but his wrist tugs hard right as he moves, which is enough to topple her directly onto his lap. - Ugh just do it.

She won't stop shifting, trying to adjust herself to get him o – to get off of him. - LOL.

"Stop. Just stop for a second," he gets out.

He sees her jaw jut, sees her getting ready to snap something acerbic about wanting to get out of this situation as quickly as possible, but she must see it in his eyes because understanding suddenly ripples across her face. "Sorry," she murmurs. - I can't handle how much he wants her. So many fucking feelings.

He can't stop it, though, the way his mouth parts at the feather-light pressure of hers, the slick of his lips over hers, the unavoidable press of his tongue into her mouth. What he doesn't expect is the way her body softens and then arches under his, the breathy rumble that echoes in her throat, the slide of her tongue back against his. His upper body surges into hers, pushing her back against the radiator. She draws in a sharp breath, pulling the air from his mouth, as her back hits the sharp lines of metal. - How did you make that so goddamn hot?

She seems skeptical, again, like maybe getting them cuffed here and storing a potential escape mechanism in the only pocket he couldn't possibly twist to reach was some kind nefarious plot of his to trick her into groping his ass. - Hahaha that's what I think.

"Remember in Gathering Storm, when Derrick Storm killed that Russian mobster with nothing but a miniscule, pointy piece of metal?"

She blinks. "Honestly." - IT IS SO PERFECTLY THEM.

and her fingers are now sliding down his ass - So jealous.

Of course, this presses his throat onto her mouth, and she sucks in a surprised breath of air before her teeth scrape lightly along his jugular. There's this odd, low, untraceable groan that echoes through the room, and it takes him a moment to realize it's him. - Unfffffff.

"No, just – let me –" and then she's pulling back – why? – and rolling up onto her knees and pushing forward and straddling – straddling – his thighs, and oh, oh God, her chest is practically in his face and and then she's sinking down onto his lap and it is completely impossible that any of this is happening right now; he must have been the one who got banged in the head by the butt of a gun and he must have passed out and he must be having the best, most elaborate fantasy of his entire life. "There, now just lean forward a little and I can get it," she says, like she straddles him every day. - I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!

He tilts at her clumsily and his mouth meets hers and throws her off balance; her fist, still clenched around that paper clip, slams into his quad to catch herself, but it's not nearly enough to make him stop, not when she's kissing him back with a kind of feral hunger that's turning his insides to molten lava. He snakes his right hand under the hem of her shirt, skirts over the soft skin of her lower back, whorls patterns over her vertebrae, and he can't keep his other hand from pulling on the cuffs, continually testing, desperate to get more of her skin. She bites his lower lip and his hips jerk up involuntarily into her; she presses back down against him, leaning over him, and he can taste the smile on her lips. - HOT!

She stares at him like he's stupid. "Because we're stuck here, and God forbid any member of New York's finest walks in and catches us dry humping against the radiator like a couple of horny teenagers." - Hahahaha I especially love that first line.

"I met Norman Jessup for a drink near the Lower East Side once, and he tried to teach me." - LOVEEEEEE Jessup! (And that actor.)

He wonders if she's concussed, if there's some kind of brain damage that's making her predisposed to admit that he's right and to straddle him and stick her tongue in his mouth. - Shhhhhh. Just go with it.

She bobs her head, looking maybe fifteen percent convinced. This is at least three times as convinced as she usually looks when he comes up with a new idea, which only makes him more concerned about her almost-certain brain damage- Your words. SO GOOD!

"Yeah. Some disembodied voice screaming for help out a grimy window on the second story of a walkup. We're going to have to fight off streams of helpful New Yorkers." - LMAO that is so her. I used to think I had their voices but damn. You are awesome.

with a pen and pad of sticky notes - Stick notes on the window! Like in Speed when Keanu just wrote BOMB ON BUS. Short. To the point. TRAPPED INSIDE. WANT TO GET LAID. NOT HERE.

Call 212.347.5867 - My iPad asked me if I wanted to add this to my contacts. Sure. I can give Ryan a call.

"It's my secret code with Ryan and Esposito. For if one of us is in trouble." He doesn't see what's so weird about this. - Crying over this amazingness.

She stares at him for a beat. "You don't have a code with me," she says, narrowing her eyes skeptically.

"I tried. You told me that if I was in trouble, my code with you could be, 'Beckett, please come and save my sorry ass.'" - YOU ARE SO PERFECT!

He can't see them fall, but he pictures the dozens and dozens of yellow scraps of paper fluttering up and around on eddies of wind before floating down to the cement, every one a wish, a moment in potential, waiting to be realized - Ahhhhhhh love!

She doesn't jerk back, like he thinks she might, but her eyes flutter open, her pupils dilated, her irises clouded with a kind of quiet want that makes his heart stumble erratically against his sternum. She's the one who leans into him, her lips moving gently over his, the fingers of her cuffed hand threading through his, her free hand working its way under his shirt and smoothing up his abdomen, the slope of his chest, her teeth scraping over his lip, her tongue pressing languidly into his mouth. - I'm so jealous of them both right now.

He stays frozen for an instant before warmth fizzles through his body, and then he's responding without thinking, his tongue reaching out to hers, his hand finally leaving her hair and trailing down, over her throat, her collarbone, the soft swell of her breast, the smooth plane of her stomach. "Jesus, Beckett," he says, when she finally pulls away.

"Would you like to lodge a complaint?" she asks, her voice low and rough and throaty.

"No, no. A petition for continuance, maybe."

She quirks a smile at him. "You want to postpone?"

He sighs, runs his hand through her hair. "I really can't form coherent arguments after you've just kissed me senseless, you know."

She grins, languid and feline. "Believe me, Castle. When I've kissed you senseless, you won't be able to form coherent words."

He tries not to gawk. He fails. "I'm ready to find out," he says. -

By the time he hears the distant call of "Clear!" he's slumped back, boneless and exhausted, against the radiator. "Beckett! Castle!" echoes closer, and, somehow, bless her, Beckett's calling back and smoothing her hair and straightening her askew top and generally sitting up and looking like a presentable hostage. - Gasp. Did they do it? Or just some heavy petting?

"You two just do this for fun now?" - So perfectly Espo.

"Castle – you might want to button those top two buttons and think about getting that lipstick off your jaw." He turns on his heel and goes before either of them can respond. - Hahahahahaha.

Becket must hear it, too, but she leans forward and crashes her mouth hard and fast against his. "Well, then," she says as she pulls away. "Next time." - OMG. I love you so much.

Almost 4am and so worth it. You are so goddamn awesome.
tshlw chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Great job of next time.

"Castle – you might want to button those top two buttons and think about getting that lipstick off your jaw." This line was just perfect.

Hope you do a next time.
primadonna001 chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
best story ever. more of these please. THIS is exactly what should happen in season 5. plus rings and little castle babies of course.
siobhan.22 chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Good chapter
Capelthwaite chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
That was cute! Although I'm a little confused as to whether they are already together or not. Ending made it kind of seem as if they were in a new relationship. Awesome story though.
TrapperII chapter 1 . 3/19/2012
Fabulous! The sexual tension was perfectly executed; I loved reading how you had them tied up in knots. One of my favorite aspects is how Castle is completely undone by her - squeaking instead of being the least bit cool and collected. Very very nice.
CastleLover49 chapter 1 . 3/14/2012
"Police reports, Beckett. Good God, I would never do that to an actual book. Do you think I'm some kind of monster?"

Loved this line because I feel the same way! It's why I never borrow my books anymore. :)

Holy smokes! This was so stinking good! There are way too many moments that I loved for me to even begin to list them, but may I just put special emphasis on the adorable factor (and realistic factor) of Agent Manatee? I mean, honestly, I wish I had come up with it, but of course Castle would have "secret codes" with the boys! :) also loved that his notes condensed over time. Honestly, the banter was well written, as was the, um... interaction between our two leads. :) I was totally glued to this story. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Loved the kiss when they were walking up with the keys. Good stuff. :)

I'm just babbling now, but yes, I loved this fic a lot. Like crazy lots. Great job. :)

naybaybay chapter 1 . 3/14/2012
SO freaking GOOD! I can't even think of what to say about this, my mind is like... in a million pieces, sprawled all over the floor! Thanks for blowing it with your amazingness - I will send you the bill for a new one :p
actuallyido chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Contrary to popular opinion, Cuffed was actually one of my favourite episodes this season. Despite that, can we please replace that episode with this fic? Your writing is opening my mind to a whole world of possibilities, of what could be done to up the game with Castle and Beckett. This little story was so hot, had me gripped throughout, then it was really funny when Ryan and Espo found them, and finally, sweet.
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