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c3lia chapter 8 . 10/27/2013
So... first Richard calls her Cinderella when he thought that Lady Rosemount wouldnt let Mary go to the theatre unchaperoned... And now, Mary makes the same analogy (locking in the attic with the birds and mice the fairy godmother) :) :) :)
Mary DOES listen to Sir Richard!
c3lia chapter 2 . 10/27/2013
I like that even though Richard is this story's hero, you arent picturing him as perfect and that he was actually late to their meeting :)
And again: great, great last sentence about how Mary and Sir Richard are "two well-matched opponents"!
c3lia chapter 1 . 10/26/2013
oh my... I cant believe that I'm starting to read a Mary-Carlisle story 'cause I'm such a Matthew fan... But, obviously, your "Something Worth Having" (which is great, btw) influenced me... And so, here I am: reviewing this story because I just loved-loved-loved this last Richard's sentence about how he hadnt be the one who had brought up the subject of kissing...! :) GREAT! GREAT ending to a great 1st chapter!
Elizabeth chapter 34 . 8/18/2013
I love reading this story and go back sometimes to read some of its chapters again. I also like its sequels; A Lady in Paris and the Last Rose of Summer. I hope you add another sequel, such as Mary and Carlisle relationship during World War I as (this is a great story) I often check to see if you have.
foojules chapter 34 . 6/17/2013
Just wanted to come back and review now that I've finished (and am thoroughly enjoying Something Worth Having, which I'll get around to reviewing someday... :) ) I really love this AU, and I think you've done a convincing job of building Mary and Richard's relationship. They're both "strong and sharp" and whereas in canon this ultimately contributes to them falling apart, here it really strengthens their respect and regard for each other. I love how you've written their banter, and I think you've captured Mary's mix of prickliness and vulnerability, as well as Richard's balance of ambition and devotion to Mary, very well.

Anyway, loved the fic and I would read the hell out of a sequel!
foojules chapter 3 . 4/19/2013
I finally started reading this fic and can't think of enough nice things to say about it. Your writing, characterizations, dialogue - all just beautiful. Can't wait to read the rest!
Lady-Finwe chapter 34 . 4/16/2013
Awesome and cant wait to start reading the next instalment :)
Latona Enelra chapter 34 . 3/11/2013
Oh my God! It's over! Noo! I started reading this when it was probably one of the few Richard/Mary stories out there. I stopped reading for a while to wait until you finished it because I could not bear the thought of having to wait for an update every day. But the wait for me was worth it. I enjoyed this story immensely. You brought a ship to life for so many of us which we all knew would have been amazing had it been given a chance to sail. The way you described Richard and Mary's personalities was so in character and I could definetly see them acting this way. And your dialogue was magnificent and kept me entertained at all times. Though my favorite chapter was when they danced together at the cave the first time. Their love was one of a kind and they did have something better than everyone else around them. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Can't wait Til your next story!
Silvestria chapter 34 . 2/16/2013
Waaaah don't make me cry on the train, dammit! Oh, Lisa, thank you. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the fandom in such an accomplished, entertaining, literary, elegant novel. I feel so privileged to have been along for the ride and to have got to know you while you were writing it. It's the most marvellous story filled with everything that ticks my boxes (and I'm sure for other people too) and written with the added depths of historical research, themes, literary subtext. You've created a rich, absorbing Edwardian world from Downton Abbey that is totally in keeping with the show and characters but also expands on it and opens it up to new themes and ideas and alternative points of view. That is so refreshing and a sign of your interpretative talent and creativity.

The epilogue was a perfect ending - and I teared up thinking about who the girl in white was and the name and the lack of sentimentality over the baby from Mary and Richard over the birth(which obviously doesn't equal coldness), the way the family both was and was not reconciled and, of course, I'm just desperate to write next gen fanfic about Aurora Carlisle in the early 1930s! Such a pretty name and I love the reasons behind it. (Though I personally think Rose Carlisle wouldn't have been too bad either. :P)

I've laughed, I've cried, I've swooned; it's been a wonderful ride and I can't wait to read more from you, in the fandom or otherwise. :)
Silvestria chapter 33 . 2/16/2013
PERFECTION. Everything about this was perfect - cracking dialogue, beautiful romance, tango dancing... I feel kind of unable to leave a meaningful review because it was just all perfect!
Silvestria chapter 32 . 2/16/2013
Ahhh Kate Middleton reference actually worked and made me smile! And a perfect last line. Almost as heart-warming as the one we got in the show. :P What a journey it's been to get them to this point and I'm glad you gave Mary that scene with her father. He didn't change really, but there was the beginning of something and that's so important. Baby steps... (Pun intended.) I love the way you weave the colours, the strong and sharp through the story, tying it together especially at a moment like this when really everything is coming together.
iReginaM chapter 34 . 2/13/2013
Finally finished this story and I loved it. :)

I'm going to admit that I haven't seen a single episode of Downton Abbey but I was exposed to it and the character of Richard Carlisle on Tumblr. And I was intrigued because some people in the Richard Carlisle tag that I searched, or even some of the people I follow have stated that he is a "douche bag"

And I wanted to know why but I already have too many shows on my plate to watch and one of my dear friends told me that it didn't suit me (ill probably watch it soon). A quicker way for me to learn about this character was through fanfiction. So now I probably have a good sense about this character that goes beyond what people see in the actual series.

I saved reading this story for last because it was the longest. And after reading it, I now have a good sense about the themes of this series and what it is actually about. And that no one in Downton is necessarily good or bad.

I loved everything about this, from the relationship of Mary & Richard to having an idea, in terms of characterization, of all the characters.

Don't get me wrong, I know I should watch the show to compare and interpret it then and that there is some headcanon at play. But I just wanted to say that you've managed to convince me that Richard is in fact, not a "douche bag". And that your writing is just beautiful. I somehow have an idea without actually watching the show.
lovinglife89 chapter 34 . 2/9/2013
This was one of the best stories i've read. The characters, the storyline, the dialog, everything!

And you've now turned me onto Richard. Ish. PLEASE write more!
vladnyrki chapter 34 . 2/5/2013
It was just adorable! The dialogs were astounding, snippy and snarky and intelligent at the same time.
A perfect ending for a great fic... Well done, girl!
malamoo chapter 34 . 2/5/2013
Congrats on finishing your fic! I realized after the Christmas finale that I was a bigger Matthew/Mary fan than I realized because it made me really upset. Well, probably more angry than upset, because Mary wasn't going to have everything she deserves.

And that's what's so special about this fic. Everything is better with Richard ) I'm so glad that you've taken the time to finish it, at 34 chapters it's quite the feat to put out, chapter after chapter, such high quality work that's both captivating and true to character.

The ending was wonderful. I laughed about Robert being "wobert" and Aurora is such a pretty name! And the pram! You fulfilled my wish! I almost squealed when I read that passage, I've been waiting for that moment since he first imagined it many many chapters ago.

Thank you again for your dedication to this fic. It's been such a wonderful journey and your writing is an inspiration!
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