Reviews for Behind Closed Doors
Sprout76 chapter 49 . 8/24
Please,please update soon. Please don't leave us hanging for too long.
Jun-Shang88 chapter 49 . 8/23
nooooooooooo! I can't believe you left this with this kind of cliff! waaaahhh!
Jun-Shang88 chapter 45 . 8/23
ahhhh, this case was pretty good, mainly because Mai got to be the Big Boss! It was interesting to see that she tried to follow the knowledge and methods that Naru taught her and the rest of the group, but with her own input. It'd be very interesting if she took another case, but with another level of maturity and knowledge, more ready in every aspect. THX!
L0V3SICKF00L chapter 30 . 8/4
Guest chapter 49 . 7/12
This was an awesome and fantastic chapter. Please please update again soon! :)
okaysunshine chapter 49 . 7/1
sooooo good!I'm so happy that you wrote this and updated it! I want Naru and Mai to get their act together tho! Naru quit being a baby about the necklace! Mai quit freaking taking off the necklace! jeez Louise. I need an update, this is stressing me out.
Nightpanda123 chapter 49 . 6/23
I don't think I've reviewed here before but I have been following this story for a while, and I just wanna say that it's developed quite nicely! One of the few which I am actually excited about and checking in on everyday to see if there was a new chapter XD I'm a fervent Mai and Naru shipper but the cases are so interesting as well! I like the case where they caught Genes killer, not much has been written about that so great job! Update soon please!
sleonard chapter 49 . 6/23
I just recently discovered this treasure trove of cases that you've written here - so incredibly wonderful! I've happily binge read the whole set! Please, please, please continue!
SSTrans chapter 49 . 6/22
Thanks for the update. Poor Mai always the trouble catcher. I have a feeling Naru went to get Mai's necklace. I'm looking forward to see what will happen next. You are doing a great job keep it up.
blacklashesxoxo chapter 49 . 6/22
Great chapter. You're a wonderful writer. Keep up the good work.
Ghost loves japan 77 chapter 49 . 6/21
Yeks that must hurt. Um I wonder does Luella know? Great chapter can't wait to read more.
Kallen21 chapter 49 . 6/20
I can't wait for the next chapter
Sesshy's Rose chapter 49 . 6/20
Hmmm. Things are bound to be rocky with Naru involved lol
Fanficluver4life chapter 49 . 6/20
did Naru go back to find the necklace?
Was Mai attacked because she took off the necklace to show to Luella which made her vulnerable and more visible to the ghost at that moment?
Well i guess we'll find out in the next chapter or later
Anyways,this chapter was perfect!
I get super excited and a bit too hyper when I see you've updated!
Please update as soon as you can or when you can
Don't stress and stay amazingly awesome
Until next time
Peace ouuuuuuuut!ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
readwithcats chapter 49 . 6/20
I swear, I have the best luck ever. I followed this story just the other day and it has updated! Today!
Anyway, great chapter and I wonder what's going on with the necklace...
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