Reviews for Big Brother's Love
Gravityfallsgem chapter 1 . 12/3/2014
I wish I had an older brother like that but all I have is an annoying little brother and sister a so what bratty older sister
And a cute baby brother and the baby and my older sister are the only one I can tolerate ca you please make another ch or sequel where damiens spanks anabelle
Gravityfallsgem chapter 2 . 10/20/2014
Please make a sequel
Michlon chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
I actually love didn't me for my slow replies.I wish it was the summer already.I don't get review time anymore.

I likes the two antagonists you choose,Cartman and other character would fit the part Arabella is claustrophobic? I had no idea.T'would only be Cartman to take advantage of Arabella's new found claustrophobia.I can actually see her becoming paranoid. Well done on portraying her paranoid reaction indirectly.I can almost feel the intensity of it as if I were in her ,that pretty nasty of Craig to raise her hopes then drop masterminds of evil at a young ,I feel bad for can tell that she is totally living in fear of her ...not only hers,but my knight in shining armour comes to rescue her from the dark damsels in distress,Oh do know how to woo a gosh,I can totally see 'our dirty little secret' the girl who's position I wouldn't want to be in,I now want to be in Arabella's position.I'm gosh,this is what I love.A man in total asks once,and after that,the first things that escapes your mouth better be the answer he's looking looks after his woman..ummm,sister to be more gosh,Arabella just added fuel to fire by saying it wasn't the worst they've can't handle was just a punching bag for their again,whether you're a big girl or not,bullying isn't ,Damian has a temper worse than the Anti-christ's.

This reminds me of my brother and I.I have got so much love for that 's not even funny.I'd start crying if I explained to you how much I loved him.I've literally done it before.I'm so protective over ,when we were in a mixed school together,I saw some kid give my brother a hit.I gave them kid a hit across the behaved after bad I'm not there to protect him nowadays.

To be honest,I could totally picture Damian's room alike.I guess the only bit of colour in his life is 's so cool how opposites attract like had me at queensized of room for one more,eh,Damian? Damian,no doubt,is a smart like he's not the type to go straight head first into to admire an intelligent man. My gosh,I'm seeing a bit of a psychotic side to Damian 's true,watch out for the quiet 's he planning? Does he plan on branding a message into their skin? 4 in the morning? I'd say that people should be more worried about people like Damian out in the night rather than child ,how Arabella warns her brother of Pimps and goes into vivid detail about it is she said it any other way,it just wouldn't be Arabella.
queen of trash chapter 2 . 1/24/2012
Let me start off by saying that I'm the laziest reviewer ever! ' I've been meaning to review, and now I'm doing it at school XD

Jesus, Damien is really overprotective of his sister, and it seems that he'll go to any extreme to make things up to her. Even if it involves torturing and cutting up people! Man, Damien's a crazy bitch! Why does this remind me of the Drawn Together episode where they torture "annoying" cartoons? XD Oh yeah, I don't think I've told you what DT is :o

I love all your oc's dude, and I really think you should write more about them :D The ending with Damien and Arabella was cute :3

Keep it up, I'm looking forward to reading more from you~!
helinamica6577 chapter 2 . 1/22/2012
Well, it's official. I've read some Jamie fics and now I've read this and now I officially love ur OCs! Really cool story, love u for hurting Cartman, always hated him. I love Craig but he's an extreme asshole here, so the injuring of him doesn't bother me as much.
Mr.Dead chapter 2 . 1/21/2012
Oh my god, you sick twisted b!tch! I love this story! Everything definitely surpassed my expectations and it blew my mind how it kicked last chapter's ass. Though I encountered at the end you put "me room" instead of "my room." I just got through watching Wrong Turn series 1-4 and Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark so this really topped my gorefeast! Hopefully I don't get any nightmares because of this.

At one point in the story I searched "jugular" on google and when I found it was the vein neck I cringed in fear. I thought Damian was going to behead Craig! Though it wasn't that bad for me since he deserved it for back talking Damian like an idiot. I simply lost sympathy... and I wouldn't mind being Damian's human puppet.

The Arabella Damian moment at the end was really sweet so maybe that cleared all the gore out of my mind and I wont be having any nightmares. Overall this chapter was extremely well written, but it seemed a bit rushed(wish is one of my weakpoints). The characters were portrayed perfectly and Damian gave a shocking performance. I love it.

P.S. Sorry for using "Damian" instead of "Damien." Its too complicated.
Mr.Dead chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
This is really amazing and i'm so glad you are continuing the story. Every scene you created poured vivid images in my head. Your writing is really flawless and you didn't leave out a speck of emotion in this story, but why is it better than mine? xD

Arabella and Damien(or better known as Damian for me) have the most beautiful brother/sister bond in any fiction that I've read. They seem to be so intertwined, majority of their actions can be predictable. This is also the first chapter in history she's been seen without her scorpion sucker!

If Damian isn't at the peak of his sociopathic ways then I really can't wait to see what's in store for us next. I'm really interested into digging into Damian's mind because I've never seen any character like him before. I listened to Monster by Kanye West and In For The Kill by Laroux, those songs seemedbeing to fit this perfectly. Thanks for the shout-out!

P.S. There are a couple spelling errors in your Author's note.