Reviews for EWF Equestrian Wrestling Federation Episode 1
Dengar999 chapter 1 . 6/30/2014
Instead of doing chat/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries. You should do dialogue sentences like for example:
“Welcome everyone to tonight’s explosive evening of EWF,” Mickie said. “My name’s Mickie Foal and next to me is Brad Whoovesten."
“Pleasure’s all mine, minus the fact I have to sit next to you for the whole night,” Brad answered.
It goes on and on.

You should also describe each of the superstar/ponies on what they look like by their appearance and personality for us to know who are they.

Some Superstars should have their theme song named, known and described what theme song is playing for them. Like for example, what is Riley Colter’s theme song? We Fall we Stand by Earshot. I’m just giving an example. Or like other superstars like Serena or Morgan or more, their theme songs?

After the match of Morgan vs Riley you should have describe on what was Riley doing on his victory celebrating. Especially for Rojo and Amarilllo.

Male vs Female huh? Riley a newcomer and was famous during the independent circuits. Ow poor Riley, he’s bleeding after getting hit by the championship belt by Serena. Lol Morgan kick Riley to the flank ahaha. Riley vs Morgan, the match was kind of short. Hmm corkscrew flip is his finisher huh…? Ahaha the commentaries Brad and Mickie are arguing. Hahaha Serena is a greedy champion and she’s mean to Riley! Riley is just a newcomer, why do some veterans have to treat them newcomers like garbage? ‘Jealousy’ huh…? Ouch he just got beat up backstage. What a knockout at the last match! The championship girl failed. Very short match after that injury she got. A championship match next week? Wow!

Alright story, I'll give this a 5/10. I hope you plan to continue this with an new episode and I wonder if the main characters of MLP FiM like Rainbow Dash, Applejack, DJ P0N-3 and much more ponies like Luna will be there, or it's just OCs. MLP FiM and WWE for the win! And brohoof!
NoctourneOfShadows chapter 1 . 6/23/2012