Reviews for You Have No Right
Lilyubug chapter 1 . 5/16/2016
Adorable! It was a little short, but the length seemed to accentuate the story. Great Job!
Ms. Notebook chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
Words cannot express how pleased I am with this drabble... because it features my favourite exorcist, Tsubasa!

I had no idea that line stuck with you and that it would inspire this! It's quite lovely and introspective, giving a third person's pov on Rinne and Sakura's relationship.

I like how you describe that no matter what Sakura is always at Rinne's side and it causes interpretations like this... that Sakura might like Rinne in turn. Just the way you write Tsubasa's warring emotions is very touching.

It's kind of sad in a way, sometimes I feel like this around the guy I like. But then you have to realize, as Tsubasa does, that sometimes things aren't meant to be.

Most of all, I like how you finished off the drabble. It gives a lingering bittersweet feeling and it makes me, as a reader, yearn for a happier ending for Tsubasa :)

Thanks for writing!

-Ms. Notebook