Reviews for L is for Life
Anthraxx chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
"We aren't showering together you pervert! We're both males!"

"Well, I was thinking of using swimming shorts while we did it. What were you thinking of us doing Light?" L smirked and looked up at the boy who currently had a nosebleed he was trying to control.

THIS. I've just alksdjlaksd laughed my ass out xDDDD Is aksdjalksdjalksdjasdjasldas poor Light, she is so, so, so inocent... Or well, not so but u_u u know xD

I just askjdlasjdasl I fucking loved this! L is so, so bad with the poor Light u_u (yea, Light is a bitch but I'm from Light's team & I'll love Kira foreva' and ever ). Ok, now.. I loved this story, I've don't found any mistake or something (wait, I'm not English speaker and maybe this should be the reason xDDDD). I hope see more things like this 'coz I loveddd your way to write Sorry for my horrible English ;-; *hugs and hope to read you again soon*.