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Miss Hermione Holmes chapter 105 . 8/22
words cannot express how much i have enjoyed this story. truly. i have been reading it nonstop for the past few days and it has kept me going. if it works for you, i hope that you release the chapters you've half-written, but even if it doesn't, thank you for releasing a synopsis of the remaining plot.

again, thank you for writing such an amazing story (even if i'm 5 years late to the party)!
It'sMadUpstairs chapter 104 . 5/8
Hey, I've been jumping around this story before I sit down read from start to finish( just something I do with long stories), and I can't land in the chapter that explains what happens during the "unofficial 11th visit" by the British officer. Can you give me the chapter number or a brief explanation?
JessieBess chapter 105 . 5/4
I have often wondered what happened to this story. Thank you so much for at least sharing what you intended to write - that is so much better than just leaving it hanging. If you ever do have the time to finish I will happily read it.
tammyteresa64 chapter 105 . 4/25
Perfection. Thanks for writing this outline. I do hope one day you can flesh it out but if you can't this satisfies me and I am happy you didn't let Sybil die young. I am happy Liam and Claire got married and took the child. Love your writing - you did an exceptional job with this. I will re read it again one day. Doesn't sound like Matthew died and that makes me happy as well. Hope you are well and things in your life are good despite being busy.
Guest chapter 105 . 4/24
i cried thinking about old sybil and tom , you gave them the wondrfull life they desrved! thank you for this amazing so wondrfull wirten story!
archergwen chapter 105 . 4/24
Oh wow. What a fantastic ending, even shortened the emotions still landed. "Found time" - I could cry. Amazing story. Thanks for giving us what you have already. I hope to see it completed sometime, but life gets in the way (it's gotten in the way of mine!). Cheers, and best of luck on all your future ventures.
shana.rose chapter 105 . 4/24
Well I do hope you find the time to write it out properly, I do love the fact that you gave us an outline in case you can't. I absolutely LOVE the outline! Every is sooooo good! Painful at times but good! And the ending is so beautiful 3
foojules chapter 105 . 4/23
Man, this put a big ol' smile on my face. I love your characterization of these two so much and the way you've envisioned their story is perfect. There are disappointments and even tragedies (why can't they die in their sleep, the same night, holding hands? Huh?) but they still have a good, long life together. Of course, I hope you get around to writing and posting at least some of what you've outlined, but I really appreciate you sharing this story! Best of luck in any other writing/endeavors you're working on.
NomadDreamer chapter 105 . 4/23
Oh my goodness... First of all I'm so happy that you did finish this story, even in summary form. I love that Sybil became a doctor. I'm slightly disappointed that they never returned to Ireland, the war ended in 1923. I feel like Tom would have like to be involved in the establishment of independent Ireland. I was sad they never had a sibling for Sybbie, as I think they would have been adorable raising a whole brood of children together. Sadder still was the fact Sybil still dies too soon in this, but at least she outlived herself in the canon. Thoroughly enjoyed your imaginings, all 350,000 plus words. Thanks for a great read.
eliphya chapter 105 . 4/23
I'm really thankful that you wrote this outline for us. It's a coincidence that I recently reread this story and wondered how everything would turn out. I'm happy that I know now.

I hope that one day you may be able to publish another chapter but it's totally okay if you can't. Life is busy and writing fanfiction isn't and shouldn't be that high on the priority list.

I would really like to tell you again how wonderful your writing is. It's not just your writing style and how everything just flows into each other. But also how you give the characters a depth that makes them feel real and their struggles through this journey understandable.

The incorporation of history in this story is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't just demonstrate us the differences between British and Irish more clearly but also makes us understand Tom so much better. The wish for Ireland's independence has such an important weight on his character and you showcased that far better than the show ever did. It was also interesting to read how Tom's and Liam's ideas for the better future of their country were different in how to reach it. And even though from this outline it seemed as if Tom's passion for this cause has fizzled over the time, it's much more reasonable than what the show presented us because you actually had him engage with Ireland and made it look like he made an active decision not to partake in the cause anymore because it's dangerous and not happening the way he wants it to happen.

I really like how their lives turn out. I've never imagined them staying in England and because of what's happening in Ireland America seems like the best option for them. I'm all for Sybil becoming an important figure in medicine and managing to fight her way to the top against the odds. And I also love the idea of Tom switching to teaching.
It's a perfect story for them (even though I would have been alright without the 1962 part but this life is so much more than what the show gave her, and him too).

This story will always be one of my favorites, which I've already reread several times but it's always nice to come back to it. Thank you for writing this!
Cotton chapter 105 . 4/23
Lovely to get this and love how it all turned out for our wonderful trail blazing couple. Just adore this story, really do and hope you will somehow find the time to flesh it out one day. I know real life gets in the way! Wish other writers showed your decency and did a similar outline finishing their stories rather than just abandoning them. So not fair to their fans who have reviewed and encouraged.
Guest chapter 105 . 4/22
So grateful to you for giving us this outline. This is the best Downton story of all time and it was just eating your fans up not knowing how it all panned out. It has indeed been an epic journey, beautifully written and researched. Only gap I can see is what happened to cause Sybil to get Liam to arrange the Brigadiers shooting? I know she refused to tell Robert but surely us the readers can be told? It would be wonderful if you could find the time to flesh all this out one day but if you cant - thank you anyway for giving us such a wonderful experience. Am utterly in awe of your talent!
Ronandhermy chapter 105 . 4/22
It's fine, it's not like I'm crying. EXCEPT THAT I AM.

In truth, I am so glad that you've stuck with this story. You're the only story from Downton Abbey that I still read and it's because you're writing is just so good. You capture the characters perfectly and you've done them a far greater justice then the show. I cannot wait to see you flesh out this outline. But even if it doesn't happen (I know how real life assert itself) I am so thankful you gave us the outline so that we're not left wondering what would have happened. You've given us closer. And I, for one, and very thankful for it. Your story brightened up my day and made me feel things. I know words, at times can be inadequate, but they are all I have. So I must simply say; Thank You.
guest chapter 104 . 2/23
I just discovered this fic for the first time and I am so in love with everything you've done with these characters and this story. The writing is impeccable, the character development so on point, the historical accuracy impressive, and the emotions ring true throughout. I know you haven't updated since last May, but I hope you still plan on completing this fic. It's a gem that deserves to be finished.

If you'd ever want to put this up on AO3 please reply! I have a spare AO3 invite on my account and would love for this fic to reach even more readers.
Maryvonne chapter 104 . 11/17/2016
Hope you'll continue this!
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